Table Tennis Warm Ups – Must Do Before Any Game

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Every sport needs a little warm-up session before hopping into the actual game. Table Tennis is no exception. You need to flex your body, boost it up, pump some heat, and get it all set before going for a match. Interestingly, it’s also a brain-game like chess, only here the match goes almost like a fast forward version of chess. Also, it involves a lot of physical activity, unlike chess. Wondering if you can warm up the brain as well? Frankly, there’s nothing more you can do for your brain except playing and practicing regularly with the same dedication, and slowly gaining perfection in every grip, position, and serve. The more you practice, the faster they’ll become habits of yours, and soon, turn into reflexes. Your brain would function automatically with the speed of light in the actual game then. 

Getting back to the physical warm-up, keep reading this article to know more about it. 

Did You Know? 

It was E.C. Goode who, in 1901, came up with the modern version of the racket/paddle by affixing a sheet of pimpled rubber to the wooden blade.

Why Warm-Up? 

Table Tennis requires a lot of speed, fast reactions, agility and what not. Being lethargic before a game won’t do. It’s more like a brisk exercise that we do while playing Table Tennis. Warming up not only gives time to our body to get ready for the game but also helps our brain to strategize well before the match to provide us with maximum and quality output. Warming up before a Table Tennis game allows you to : 

  • Be Quick 

Table Tennis demands your body-mind coordination to be at the speed of light. Warm muscles are known to contract more and release with more force and rapidity. This way you can move faster than ever in a Table Tennis game. 

  • Avoid Injuries 

Warming up before a match makes your muscles flexible as the body temperature rises. This reduces the risk of muscle straining, and thus, you can play for as long as you wish, with no (or, very less) risk of getting hurt. You must remember your Gym-instructor asking you to warm up before working out. Well, this is why they do it! 

  • Increasing Range Of Motion

Warming up before a match gains an incredible amount of flexibility for you. It prepares all your joints and muscles to flex to their extreme limits and provide you with maximum motion-ranges. 

Did You Know? 

The Table Tennis Association was founded in Britain in 1921.

Types Of Warm-Ups:

You can do anything from a brisk walk to some quick-time cardio. The intention here is to make your mind, body and muscles prepared for the upcoming game. You can try any of these exercises to warm-up properly before your Table Tennis match- 

  • Heart-rate Elevation: 

Try anything, from a short run to some minutes of a brisk walk, or just some lunges; if you are comfortable, even some push-ups would do (only if you do it carefully, or you can strain your arms). Some yoga would also be a good choice. The intention here is to get that heart of yours pumping. 

  • Side-To-Side Movements: 

Try some table tennis shuffle steps before a match. It is a great way of warming up your body, also, it primes you up before the real game. A lateral shuffle helps your mind gain speed, helps to loosen your muscles up, and also acts as an awesome way of technique-training just before the match. 

  • Flexibility:

They say, there’s no right time to stretch. Whenever you do it, becomes the right time. True enough! Table Tennis is a game that very much demands flexibility. Stretch your body a bit, flex your arms and feet, touch the limits, do whatever that makes your body open and free. That’ll help you in your match for sure. Or, try some yoga maybe. Almost 4-5 minutes will do the job.


  • Lunge + Hamstring Stretches: 

Begin with a standing position and then take a long step forward with the right foot, lowering into a lunge position. Reach your arms to the front and slowly rest your fingertips on the ground. Then go on and lift your rear leg till its straight, rising straight from the hips. Continue keeping the fingers on the ground. Do the same for the left leg and repeat. This gives a nice stretch to your hamstrings, which in turn helps you be quick in your game with no leg injuries at all. 

  • Knee Lift + Butt Kicks: 

Yet another great method for a quick warm-up is having some knee lifts combined with buttock kicks. It’s pretty simple. These exercises come combined with slight jogging in one place. Keep jogging in your place and try kicking one leg straight to hip height and then towards the butt. Repeat it for the other leg. Do it for 20 seconds and get all warmed up. 

  • Skill Drill: 

It’s a simple before-match training session that also acts as a good warm-up practice. Bring your partner along and try to practice some of the skills that you wish to incorporate in your match. It’s just like revising before an examination. This way, you’ll get a little more confident about your techniques, as well as create some heat for your body. 

  • Cool Down: 

Having a HIIT short-time workout is also considered a great way to warm up. But again, neither this nor the above-mentioned exercises are alone going to work for you. When you know your heart rate has risen enough, you need to keep it down as well. You don’t want to get your body all tired before the match, do you? 

When your warm-up is done, take a short walk or do some relaxing stretches to lower that lob-dub of yours down. You’ll feel your mind clearing off by the end of this, and you’ll be perfectly ready for the match ahead. 

Did You Know? 

London, in 1926 hosted the first official World Championships.


Half of the winning lies in the warm-up itself. This is where we set an intention, this is where we set our mind and body in accordance with how we want this match to be, and this is where we ignite that flame in us that makes us thrilled enough to give our best in the match. Never forget to have your body warmed-up before a Table Tennis match. Maybe just for a few minutes, but always make it a practice to do so. Also, stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast to keep getting interesting facts and fills about your favorite sport.


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