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Since 1944, STIGA Table Tennis, a Sweden based, world-renowned Ping Pong (or, Table Tennis) essentials producing brand has been offering Ping Pong products to players of all levels internationally. With them, you’ll find everything, from Ping Pong blades, Ping Pong rubbers, and ready-made paddles, to Ping Pong tables, clothing, shoes, balls, and other accessories.  

So, when it comes to choosing a table, Stiga is one of the best that you can have. Stiga XTR, with amazing reviews in a number of e-commerce websites, is regarded to be widely popular among the Ping Pong players in the present day. If you are as much a Ping Pong enthusiast as we are, you must also be dying to know all the good(s) and bad(s) about the Stiga XTR which you must have stumbled upon in your quest for a decent Ping Pong table. Well, your search ends here. We have brought to you a thorough analysis of the Stiga XTR table. 

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Did You Know? 

The name table tennis (replacing Ping Pong) was adopted in 1921–22 when the old Ping-Pong Association formed in 1902 was revived

About Stiga XTR: 

The STIGA XTR is among the most popular outdoor Ping Pong tables in the world. With its newest, ever-evolving, and innovative composite construction which offers an apt quality surface, that is very unlikely to get any negative reviews from its customers. We got amazing reviews from people that we know and hence, we decided to try it ourselves, and not to brag, this has been one of our favorites ever since we brought it home.


Getting to the very base of Stiga XTR, you get a 9 X 5 (regulation size), with a weight of 166 lbs, a decent thickness of 6 mm aluminum composite surface, and an amazing assembly time of around 10 mins. 

Let’s get into a little more detail of it. 

Table-top Surface: 

Whenever we wish to get an outdoor Ping Pong table, we want it to last for long. Climate, dust, rust, everything then becomes a matter of worry. But with the Stiga XTR table, you need to have to bother about all these. The Stiga XTR, as mentioned above has a 6 mm thick table-top crafted from aluminum and plastic composite that is supported by a 38 mm tubular steel apron. This ensures that the Ping Pong ball bounces evenly over the whole table. Also, this formula is water and dust resistant erasing all the worries about wearing out of the table any time soon then you expected it to. 

The only drawback here is the fact that the tabletop is not thick enough, providing limited bounce to the ball. It is perfect for newbies and recreational people but might not be the best choice for pro players. 

Powerful and Durable Frame: 

The undercarriage of the Stiga XTR table is pretty strong and durable considering the low price. It has a set of 32mm welded steel legs to keep the Ping Pong table sturdy. These legs come with a self-opening feature which means that these get deployed automatically every time you unfold the table. On the end of each leg is an adjustable height leveler so that you make sure your Ping Pong table is always leveled, no matter where your table is set up. 

Four 3 inch wheels are affixed to each half of the Ping Pong table to provide mobility and flexibility. Also, while playing you can lock the wheels to prevent the table from swaying away in the midst of your match. 

Foldable Structure: 

With each half of the table having its own caster beams, you can easily fold and store the Stiga XTR table when it’s not in use. When you fold down both the sides, the overall structure comes down to a minimum frame of W: 60” D: 23” H: 64”, which takes minimum space in your home or club when you are not using it.

Adding to this is the amazing 2-player to multi-player shift. A well-made playback board that it comes with can roll away easily from the table for variety on the ricochet. 


Like some other Stiga tables, the XTR also comes with a net and post set. It is a typical 72-inch exterior-grade net along with a post set that allows you to adjust the tension as well. The posts are an easy threaded clamp system which can be easily taken off when not in use. 

Did You Know?

The first world Ping Pong championships were held in 1926, in London. From then until 1939 the sport was dominated by players from central Europe specifically.


The Stiga XTR table is quite affordable with a limited price range of $400 – $700. Click on the link below to know the exact price. One can easily spend this amount and drink upon the unlimited benefits of the table. The quality is no less than any professional table and the reliability of the brand makes the XTR as total steal-deal. 

Customer Reviews: 

Most of the websites selling the Stiga XTR table are almost flooded with amazing reviews for this product. Ping Pong enthusiasts from all around the world have posted their valuable comments in the favour of the table. Let’s have a look at some. 

“Good outdoor ping pong table. Bought this for the backyard (New York weather). Our backyard is limited in size and also used to shoot basketball so the folding feature and rolling wheels are very hand and make the table easy to move away. I like the fact that one side can easily fold for playback practice.” 

“What a great purchase! 20% off on Prime Day. They said this would arrive “95% assembled,” but I had my doubts when a single flat heavy box arrived. But they were right! I assembled this myself, and it took about 15 minutes (would have taken half that with someone helping). Assembly was easy.” 

Did You Know? 

The ITTF, in 2005 announced that doubles Ping Pong only was featured as a part of team events in the 2008 Olympics.


Having read all the mixed reactions from a number of XTR users all around the world and trying it out ourselves, we agreed upon one thing that this table might not be as much an attraction to the professional players, but if you are a beginner and wish to practice your skills and advance to the pro level, this table is perfect for you. 

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