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The late 60s laid the foundation of Stiga as a sports brand, and it has been growing as one of the most reliable brands in the world ever since. It is a global company with more than 100 branches touching the whole world. Apart from other sports gears, Stiga is also well known for its wide range of Ping Pong products. It comes to the top of the list whenever there’s a talk about the best brands for Ping Pong gears and equipment.

From the range of Ping Pong table varieties that Stiga manufactures, the Stiga Triumph table is one of the most trending ones in the beginner’s list. It is an entry-level table that comes at an affordable price with decent features.

Did You Know?

Ping Pong is known to be a calorie cutter and brain enhancer.

Features of Stiga Triumph

As mentioned, it is a beginner, or entry-level Ping Pong table that comes with some really good construction features like the QuickPay chassis that make the assembly of Stiga Triumph super easy, the 5/8” table-top (playing surface), which isn’t tournament level, but provides a playing-experience equally awesome. It also features 2” self-opening table legs along with 3” mag wheels. The Stiga Triumph comes with a net and posts set which makes it even more convenient when it comes to a complete Ping Pong experience. Let’s see what more features the Stiga Triumph has.


The Stiga Triumph features a 5/8” table-top which is tournament blue and comes with silkscreen striping that enhances the durability of the table.  A UV filing process ends up expertly sanding and finishing the whole thing. This ensures a leveled playing surface with a consistent and smooth finish. Though not certified by ITTF, the Stiga Triumph still comes constructed with the same kind of material used to craft tables for official tournaments.

Apron and Frame

A 2” apron surrounds the table surface making sure the support between the top and the frame remains through and through providing the perfect bounce while playing. The frame’s core is made up of 2” heavy-gauge steel legs that provide a really sturdy over-all structure to the Ping Pong table. The table comes with a set of plastic legs cap that prevents the floor from scratches. The 3” mag ball-bearing wheels affixed to the ends helps in rolling the table with ease. Two out of the four wheels feature a lock mechanism to lock the table legs while playing.


Getting the Ping Pong table into shape is one of the most tiresome things that every Ping Pong table buyer has to go through. The process includes hours of reading the manual, looking for screws, putting the structure up, one at a time, and some more. The assembly can take hours of your time. Luckily, with the Stiga Triumph’s QuickPlay feature this whole process comes down to the duration of a few minutes. You need hardly 15-20 minutes to get it all done. This saves a lot of time as well as labor. Even though the QuickPlay chassis is easy to work with, it is still a bit more difficult than InstaPlay one, which is even more seamless. Even after that, we didn’t really find the process of assembling as much pain. It was, rather quite easy and took very little time, considering the fact that we were two people engaged in the process.

Did You Know?

Forpheus, a Ping Pong robot is the “first robot table tennis tutor” in the world, certified by Guinness World Records.


Buying a Ping Pong table is as much difficult a decision as buying a car.  You need to do a lot of research, look out for other customers’ reviews, compare the prices, and then come to a conclusion on which one would suit your need the best. Stiga Triumph is one of the tables that you can rely on. Do not expect any out-of-the-world professional features from the table and you’ll see that this table is pretty much what a learner would require. You can get this almost-professional at a price range of $300-$400, which, considering the amazing features that it has is really less.

Customer Reviews

We got the Stiga Triumph table a month ago, and so far it has been standing well on our expectations. We did not put our hopes high knowing well that this one is a beginner/intermediate level table, but the experience we got was really good and up to the mark. We got it at an amazingly affordable price that adds up to the convenience that it promises. Here are some of the reviews we assembled from various websites selling Stiga Triumph. This might help you in your decision better.

“I will list the only con to this item first since that is what most people are interested in. If you want to use this table for single person practice, it is not so great. There is about a 5 to 6-inch gap between the net and the back surface when one side of the table is folded up. This lets the ball drop to the floor rather than being bounced back if you hit the ball fairly close to the net. I will be building a small box to fill in this gap to make this better.

Now for the positives: I absolutely love this table. I was able to completely assemble it in about 45 minutes with a basic ratchet, adjustable wrench, and electric screwdriver. The playing surface was very easy to adjust so that both sides mate perfectly. There is a slight crown on the playing surface but it is very small and will probably self-correct after being in the down position. The table folds and unfolds incredibly easily with one person. I was able to completely assembled the table by myself but I am 6’2″ tall and about 200 pounds. Anyone smaller you definitely need two people. The table was very well packaged for shipping and there are no blemishes in mine whatsoever. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment with family and friends, especially with the upcoming holidays, using this table.”

“My kids assembled it together, so it is not hard to put together, the only help they asked was helping hold the table-top piece to put in supporting sockets, the table-top is heavy. The whole family started to enjoy playing table tennis, it is pretty fun. The quality of the table is good. I can see us using it for a long time.”

Did You Know?

The ITTF states (concerning coaching) that it will take 15 years of serious training to touch the levels of the North American Ping Pong Olympic Team.


We’ve had a really nice experience with the Stiga Triumph. We have tried other Stiga products as well and the feel we got with this one is very typically similar to the others- easy, convenient, affordable, and comfortable. Our only concern was that if too much fury is showered on the table, it may not last long enough. Considering the fact that it is a beginner level table, we played accordingly. So far it does what it promises. We would definitely recommend the Stiga Triumph to you if you wish to refine your skills. 

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