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How do you know which paddle is the best choice for you when the market is filled with a number of paddles, crafted by various reputed brands, having numerous great qualities, and are absolutely loved by the buyers of each one of them? Well, it’s simple! You read a review about the paddle of your choice with us!

From paddles to tables, you get almost everything you need to know about Ping Pong right here at Ping Pong Beast.

Today, we have for you a detailed and personalized review of Stiga Titan Ping Pong paddle. Stiga is a world-renowned brand that never ceases to amaze Ping Pong lovers with its constant innovations and development in their range of products. Stiga Titan is one such product that has proven to be one of the best in the beginner’s range of products by Stiga. Check out the features of Stiga Titan to know more.

Did You Know?

Ping Pong stands second among the most popular racket sports in the world.

Features Of Stiga Titan

Crystal Technology

Stiga has always brought amazing innovative ideas to the market with its manufactures. The use of crystal technology for making paddles is one of those. Crystal technology is used in hardening the surface of the blade, which results in making the paddle light-weight as well as speed-inducing. Heavy paddles come good with control, but players trying to move ahead with serious playing need to have a good hold on the light weighted paddles as well, which help them play with speed and spin. The Stiga Titan is an effort to provide the players with the same.

Weight Balance

Weight balance is one of the many techniques Stiga uses to make the playing experience better for Ping Pong players. Weight balance in the paddle shifts the balance of the paddle to the very contact point of the ball, which leads in providing more speed and better control over that.

Rate Of Recovery

The rate of recovery is the time that every player needs to have (to recover) after every successful strike. Once a player hits the ball, he/she needs to have some amount of time to bring the paddle back to a neutral position. With a lightweight paddle-like Stiga Titan, this process becomes really easy, and the player gets a faster rate of recovery.

Balsa Technology

Stiga has made sure that every possible craftsmanship is added to Stiga Titan to make it best in all perspectives. Using Balsa technology, which is an ultra-lightweight center-ply, helps boost the speed of the paddle and the player’s reaction time as well.

ITTF Approved

If you are worried about whether your paddle is apt for playing in official tournaments, you need not, anymore. The Stiga Titan is equipped with a rubber which is completely approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. It has 2 mm inverted rubber sponge affixed to the 5-ply extra light blade that provides the best possible efficiency.

The paddle features an Italian composite handle which makes your grip smooth and comfortable. The whole thing weighs hardly 0.35 pounds which speaks for how easy it would be for you to handle.

Performance Rating

The Stiga Titan Ping Pong paddle is rated 80 for speed, 77 for the spin, and 82 for control. Considering the fact that this very paddle is crafted keeping in mind beginner level players, the rating is pretty apt.

Did You Know?

The best Ping Pong players in the world smash the ball at a speed that exceeds 100 mph.


For starters, all you need is a decent performing Ping Pong paddle, which is lightweight, good in control, and doesn’t really rip you off with its price. The Stiga Titan is available at less than $ 40, which is pretty cool. You can check the current price below.

Customer Reviews

So, now that you’ve got a fair idea on what all to expect from the Stiga Titan, you can check out what other people have said about the paddle. We have ourselves tried a hand on the paddle and so far we are happy with the performance. We did not really expect anything extraordinary with it, and so, the average speed and spin didn’t bother us. Considering the intention of the manufacturer of providing a decent paddle at a low cost, we have no complaints against it.

Check out what other buyers have reviewed about Stiga Titan.

”I’ve been playing for about 9 months now. I’ve got a few different bats but for one reason or another have not liked them. I got this and finally found the perfect bat for myself. It has a good grip but it’s not crazy. It allows you all the control and spins you need. I play 5 days a week for about an hour each day. I had a killer spin but the weight of those bats don’t work for me. This is light and I like it. I recommend this paddle to anyone starting out and people starting to become more advanced and wanting to improve their game by adding spin to their balls and perfecting your forehand and backhand.”

”This paddle is light and has very good control, for playing defense if you like. As others have said, it won’t break the bank and it’s more of a beginner’s paddle. Though it’s much more than that. I play 4 or 5 times a week and I decided to get something with more power. But you can’t beat the feel of this paddle as it’s good for offense and defense. I bought the Stiga Evolution paddle too, but I like this paddle more. This slightly lighter but feels like your playing without a paddle sometimes. The ball doesn’t explode off your paddle on defense, just good control.”

”I have just started actually getting into ping pong. I have never used any paddle other than the cheap ones at Walmart. I have only used this a few times so far, but for the price, I can say it is a million times better than those cheap paddles. Makes putting a spin on the ball much easier! Very lightweight and feels comfortable in the hand. The padding on the paddle is much better than the cheap paddles. It is much thicker. If the paddle starts to fall apart I will change my review but for now, I love it and have to give it the 5 stars.”

Did You Know?

China, Sweden, and South Korea are said to be world leaders in Ping Pong since the last few years.


Stiga Titan, as mentioned, is a great paddle for beginners as well as some intermediate level players who wish to refine their game. The fact that the paddle is really light in weight; it can be handled very easily by children as well. The paddle is affordable and overall, pretty durable. We would highly recommend it.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast to keep getting more of such interesting reviews on your favorite sport.

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