Stiga Supreme Paddle Review

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When it’s about a fierce and feisty sport like Ping Pong, the choice of the paddle can have a lot of effect on the game. To ensure that your game is going on the right track, you need to have a good look at the material and technology used to craft the paddle you are laying hands on. The right paddle can boost your game to a hundred, and likewise, a bad-quality paddle can make you lose a winning-game altogether. If Stiga is the brand of your choice, you can be 100% sure that you are going to get a good quality of paddle. But again, you’d have to see if the paddle you are choosing is meant for your level of playing or not. Stiga is known for crafting paddles as per the skill level of different players. Make sure you’ve had good research before you bring a paddle home.

For that matter, there’s no place better than Ping Pong Beast, where you can get both ours as well as some other buyers’ opinions on the very gear you want to know about. This article is solely dedicated to telling you about the Stiga Supreme Ping Pong paddle. The paddle is crafted basically for beginners and intermediate players, who wish to make their game better, learn skills, and refine their performance. To think of it, the paddle has got a pretty strong rating on the speed and spin, whilst a bit less for the control, you’d yourself have to try it out to know if it works for you.

Keep walking down the article to know our experience with it. Also, we have gathered some more reviews to make your job easier.

Did You Know?

The Penhold grip in Ping Pong is so-named because one grips the paddle in a way similar to the way one holds a writing instrument.

Features of Stiga Supreme

You only get a few paddles that come with the Shock Dispersion Technology. The Stiga Supreme has it, and with this it promises an amazing speed of 90, a spin of 92 and control 89, which, we find a little questionable, considering the fact that we neither found the speed nor the spin to be that much. The control was fine, we believe. Let’s check out the features of Stiga Supreme to know more.

Blade And Rubber

The Stiga Supreme comes with the Stiga ACS rubber, which results in making the overall speed and spin of the paddle up to the mark. It also has a 6-ply extra light blade with Tube and Crystal Tech technology and an inverted rubber. The fact that the paddle is ITTF approved is like the cherry on the top. The technology used in the blade makes the playing surface hard, which results in the high speed that the paddle guarantees.

The blade is also covered with a sponge of 2mm, which is pretty decent. This paddle basically, is crafted with an intension of helping the beginners reach the intermediate level and the intermediate to the pro-level.

Product Quality

Stiga has always been known for manufacturing top quality products. We might have issues from the seller’s side sometimes, but Stiga never compromises on bringing to the market only the products that are best in quality. With the innovative technologies that are used in the Stiga Supreme, we cannot deny that Stiga never fails to surprise its customers with something new every time. Also, you can be sure of the longevity and durability of Stiga products. The Stiga Supreme is no exception in that.


One of the things that make Stiga Supreme one of the trending paddles in the beginner’s range of paddles is the fact that it is extra-light. It hardly weighs 4.6 ounces, which is pretty apt for the newbies who are worried about straining their arm too much. If defending is your game, the paddle would act as a boon for you in giving you an edge with your opponents.

Did You Know?

The Shakehand grip gets its name for its similarity with the gripping way as one does a hands-shake.


Considering that Stiga Supreme is a beginner’s paddle, we’d expect it to be a bit cheap. And well, you do get Stiga Supreme at a pretty reasonable price. We got the paddle at about $50, which might be even less if you catch an offer online. Frankly, we expected the price to be a little less, but well, we did enjoy playing with the paddle, and it has lasted quite a good amount of time. So it was a win-win for us.

Customer Reviews

Well, here’s the fact. We enjoyed playing with the Stiga Supreme, but we’re afraid that the speed is not 90 as the manufacturer claims, and the spin is definitely not 92. If asked, we’d rate the speed to be about 60, and the spin would be a sure-shot 50. The paddle is a slow one, and the spin is just fine for beginners. If you’re acquainted with a paddle that’s good with speed and spin, you might not like it. But, that’s just what we got out of it. Let’s see what some other buyers have to say about the Stiga Supreme.

“The paddle has decent spin and speed for the price. I’ve used it for a couple of months as my main paddle for recreational purposes. It’s a good paddle for someone learning to play and looking a better paddle than the usual cheap ones. The quality is ok, but you have to take extra care. Accidental hit it against the table will create permanent dents on the sides.

Overall it is a good paddle for the price and I recommend it.”

“At this price point, there are much better paddles. This is good for beginners though.

Pros: good quality rubber, decent tackiness on it. Well-made and sturdy!

Cons: the rubber quality is not as good as some other racquets at the same price point. I played with this and felt good but picked up a friend’s Butterfly paddle and the tackiness of rubber and the head heavy weight distribution changed my game completely.

I would skip this paddle. Past the return window and will have to keep it hence.”

“My boys started taking table tennis lessons, and my husband and I started playing again too on our abandoned table.

We had the cheap rackets that came with the table, and I decided to get us 4 new rackets to see if they make a difference.

I was the one who got this one, and we all prefer it! It’s very light (all of us find that to be a plus), and we all become better players with it! A truly great racket!”

Did You Know?

The Seemiller grip in Ping Pong is named after the American champion Danny Seemiller, who used it.


We’ve always been a fan of Stiga. It never fails to amaze us. Only this time, we expected a bit more from the Stiga Supreme. Anyway, we have been playing with it for half a year now, and the paddle is shiny as new. It’s good for some fun matches.

If you are a complete beginner, you can try the paddle. That’s what we’d recommend.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast to keep getting amazing articles and reviews about your favorite sport.

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