Stiga STS 420 Review

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Stiga is the market leader when it comes to Ping Pong equipment. It manufactures amazing gears that are loved by many. The Stiga STS 420 is one such exceptionally great Ping Pong table in their list. It’s basically a high-end indoor table featuring a thick 1-inch table-top. The table fits right between mid-tier and premium price. It provides a tournament level performance at a very decent price. The quality that it comes in makes it one of the choicest of Ping Pong tables for indoor-loving intermediate players.

Did You Know?

A modern table is 2.74 m long, 1.5 m wide and 76 cm high.

Features of Stiga STS 420

The Stiga STS 420 comes with a 1” table-top, 2 ½” powder-coated steel-apron, corner protectors, balls storage facility, wheel locks, self-opening legs many such excellent features that you’ll read below.

Playing Surface

The playing surface of the Stiga STS 420 is supported with a 2.5” steel apron in order to keep an even-bounce throughout the table. In addition to the basics, the Stiga STS 420 also uses a silk-screen stripping to draw the playing lines. This is done to ensure a great and consistent playing surface. The quality and craftsmanship of the playing surface would be clear to you the very first time you play on it. The table eliminates the troubles of “dead areas” that are a problem with tables made of cheaper table material. With a weight of over 300 pounds, this table is one of the most solid ones you’d get.

Self-opening Legs

It’s always a hassle to open the legs of a Ping Pong table whenever you are alone. Well, Stiga makes it easy for you now. The Stiga STS 420 comes with a feature of self-opening legs that fit exactly to the right position. Also, when you move the table from one place to another, the Stiga STS 420 stands back into the perfect position every time.

Mag Wheels

The Stiga STS 420 features 5” large Mag wheels that make it extra-convenient to be shifted from one place to another. You can drag it through uneven surfaces (even through carpet-texture) with ease. The weight becomes absolutely no issue when the table has wheels like these.

Ball Storage

Didn’t you always want that you don’t have to go around searching for balls whenever you wanted to play? We, I do! Thankfully, the Stiga STS 420 comes with the convenience of ball storage, integrated into both ends of the Ping Pong table apron as a full-length ball-caddy.


Is assembling a Ping Pong table a problem for you?

Well, not any more. You would be amazed to find that the Stiga STS 420 is really-really easy to assemble. You only need 4 screws to put it all together, and it would be ready in no time. I and my son got it assembled in hardly 15-20 minutes, and we suppose it would take almost the same amount of time for anybody else.

Table Legs

The 2.5” heavy-gauge steel legs are able to be independently levelled. This makes it a hard-base, even surfaced Ping Pong table-even if the floor isn’t even.

Did You Know?

An average Ping Pong match between two experienced players can last up to 30 minutes.


Like any other Stiga product, the Stiga STS 420 is also easy on the pocket. As mentioned above, Stiga STS 420 is a high-end Ping Pong table that is pretty good for beginner to intermediate level players. With the features that this table comes with, any other table would cost no less than $2000, but Stiga STS 420 is a mere $1000. We absolutely love playing on the Stiga STS 420, and so far, it has been one of our favourites.

Customer Reviews

Stiga has always proved excellence in manufacturing amazing Ping Pong products. Ever since we got the Stiga STS 420 home, we have got nothing but an amazing performance from it. We checked a number of websites and also asked a few people who bought the table and the reactions that we got were all similar.

“This is a very nice table to play on, we opted to not go the usual route (buy a cheap table, throw it away, and then get a good one). We decided to spend the few dollars more for the 1-Inch Top, which turns out to have been a great decision.

This is a very heavy table, but the set-up was easy, I did it with just my 12-year-old daughter. The entire family highly recommends this table.”

“LOVE the table!!! SUPER easy to put together…only required 4 bolts, screw in the leg levellers and three people to slide the table halves onto the base…voila…it was done! We could play within minutes of unpacking this table! The table did have a metal side piece (that had the Stiga logo on it) that came in bent. Called the seller, Escalade Sports, who had AWESOME customer service!!! They had a new piece shipped out right away and it was an easy fix…just a few screws to deal with. Overall the table is sturdy, has a great playing surface, convenient ball storage trays on either end and has easy fold up for storage or single play. I highly recommend this table!”

“Indoor table tennis tables are a great way to get the family together and have some fun connecting with each other. It beats watching TV in the evenings and you might get a little fitter in the process.

I always used to take great pleasure in smashing my Dad at table tennis and loved having our indoor table tennis table in a shed at the end of the garden.

Best Table Tennis Tables have reviewed a range of indoor table tennis tables, and you can check out the different models on our site.”

Did You Know?

Over 140 countries are affiliated with the International Table Tennis Federation.


Even though the Stiga STS 420 is not ITTF approved, it is still great for competitive playing. Also, it is stylish enough to be placed in your hall or a club. The QuickPlay chassis is proof that you won’t have to put much effort into putting this together. All in all, the Stiga STS 420 is best of its kind, and we would highly recommend it.

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