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Stiga, a European Manufacturer, happens to be the favourite brand for most of the Ping Pong players, all around the globe. The brand always manages to amaze its fans with new and innovative features that it keeps adding to its line of products. You can get a paddle for every level of playing and every style of playing with Stiga. I and my son have also enjoyed each and every product by Stiga, and have found ourselves addicted to buying every new addition that they bring to the market. Well, this addiction isn’t that harmful, after all.  Stiga Raptor is one of the newest additions to their range of best Ping Pong paddles. Made to produce fierce speed and spin, this paddle came into existence to train advance Ping Pong players. 

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“Ping Pong” is a trademarked name owned by the Parker Brothers.

Features Of Stiga Raptor

Stiga Raptor, a brand new addition to the already-brilliant paddle range by Stiga is known for its fierce speed and unbelievable spin. The ratings, as per the manufacturer are 99 for the speed, 100 for spin and 80 for control. So if you are just starting-out with Ping Pong, you dare not try to get a hand on this paddle, as you might just end up embarrassing yourself. Wait and play with paddles that are crafted for beginners or intermediate level players, train yourself enough, and then go ahead and purchase the Raptor paddle. Stepping into the world of Ping Pong might be a bit confusing. But, you need not worry as this very website makes sure that you get to know everything about the sport right under one roof. To begin with the choice of a paddle, you might try our buying guide


Like a few other professional-level paddles by Stiga, the Raptor also has 7 ply layers for the blade. It is a combination of 5 wood and 2 carbon layers that provide the paddle with that extra punch that we expect from every Stiga product. You may also like the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle that comes with almost the same composition. 

The blade is a sandwich of balsa wood covered by carbon layers on both sides. Often used as Ping Pong paddle blades, the balsa wood is extremely durable and reliable. The carbon layers enlarge the sweet spot for the paddle and add an extra pop to all the spots that the ball might touch. The carbon layers also help in reducing the vibration at the point of contact, which in turn increase the precision of the shot. 

The paddle is pretty apt for the offensive players as one can hit as many aggressive shots as they want, and the paddle would support that. With the use of carbon in blades rapidly becoming a trend, Stiga has left no stone unturned in putting its best efforts to incorporate the same in its already-brilliant craftsmanship. 


It is the Stiga S5 rubber that the manufacturer has chosen to add to its newest epitome of unparalleled art. The ACS technology has been used in the rubber that incorporates a combination of microscopic air particles in the ultra-light rubber. This technology maximizes the elasticity, which not only provides the paddle with a jet-speed, but also doesn’t let the control go completely out of hand. The rubber imparts a professional feel to the paddle with the addition of a slightly thick sponge, which brings out the best of every player. 


The Stiga Raptor features a concave handle, which basically is a flared one. Only, the Raptor doesn’t have the WRB technology, bringing a hollow handle to the play. The hollow handle balances the overall weight of the paddle, making it convenient (especially) for Shakehand grip using players. The face of the paddle gets the centre of weight, which makes the paddle uniquely powerful.


The Stiga Raptor Ping Pong paddle is a professional one, which makes the fact pretty predictable that the price would be a bit on the upper side. And, well, the paddle is actually a bit pricey. But, if you consider the amazing features that the paddle has, you might very happily like to put the price on the side. To be precise, you might get the paddle at a range of $85-$90. 

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The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed in 1926.

Customer Reviews

As we said, the paddle hardly comes with any drawbacks besides the fact that it’s a bit pricey, not convenient for beginners and a bit new to basic-paddle users. But, all in all, the Stiga Raptor is one of the best paddles that Stiga has brought to the market. We loved the speed and spin it provides. I always find myself at a tough spot whenever my kid has the Stiga Raptor in his hands. Here are the words of some users of the Stiga Raptor paddle. 

“This paddle is flat out amazing. I have tried many different paddles, but this is by far the best one so far. The spin is incredible while maintaining a decent amount of power. It is essentially the Pro Carbon, but with different handle design. it has a very high-quality feel to it. I would, however, recommend getting a nice carrying case with it to protect it, as it will deteriorate fast if you don’t.”

“Ping Pong is basically a hierarchy where I work and the paddles provided were junk compared to what some of my coworkers were using. I decided to pony up and invest in a real paddle and this is the best by far. I have a friend that use paddles worth well over $200 and this one keeps up with them amazingly. Beginners probably won’t be able to handle the paddle so I would recommend a different paddle such as the Stiga Evolution or Titan, but if you’re intermediate to advanced and want to step up your game then this is the paddle to get. The only downside is price dropped significantly only a couple of weeks after I bought it.”

“I am not expert but I play almost every day.

This rocket is a solid performer. Well balanced, easy to hold, good response and control.

I can feel improvement in my play.

You only can judge by comparison though.

My other rocket is Killerspin 700 with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo rubber.

Raptor outperforms Killerspin + DHS.

Priced appropriately.”

Did You Know?

Hungary was the first country to dominate Ping Pong until 1935.


You must have, buy now have realised that we absolutely adore Stiga Raptor paddle. But it would be unfair if we ask you to believe in just our verdict. Check out the reviews by other buyers as well, and try it out yourself. Let us know how you liked the paddle.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast and keep reading amazing articles and reviews about your favourite sport.

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