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People aware of Ping Pong must also be aware of a prolific brand named Stiga. Whenever it comes to choosing equipment for Ping Pong, one of the names that strike our minds is Stiga. Based in Sweden, the brand has a huge fan following and a line of customers trusting of them. Known for manufacturing amazing Ping Pong products, Stiga has always touched the peak for us when it comes to satisfaction. One of the finest materials crafted by Stiga is the Pro Carbon. We have tried and tested it in different ways, and are here to share our thoughts about it with you. 

Features of Stiga Pro Carbon

Having a performance rating of 99, 100, and 80 for speed, spin, and control respectively, the Stiga Pro Carbon is a powerful 7 ply Ping Pong blade. It is extra light when it comes to the weight, and so, gives an amazing performance every time. The paddles crafted of five balsa wood layers along with three carbon layers that are much much lighter than the wooden layers. This prevents the application of too much weight in the player’s fist. 

The rubbers affixed on the Stiga Pro Carbon are the Stiga S5 made out of one of the finest combinations for rubbers-Nano Composite and ACS Technology. There’s a use of crystal-technology in addition to the strong fibers that are inter-linked with microscopic air pockets in them which provides amazing grip and control to the player. The rubber is also approved by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) which gives the paddle another point in the score-board. We’ve been playing with the paddles by Stiga for a long and this one has particularly touched our hearts. These are swift, fine quality, and light on hands. If it’s about the rating, we wouldn’t mind giving a full score to the Stiga Pro Carbon for its rubber. 

The Stiga Pro Carbon features a concaved flared grip with WRB technology. In simple words, the paddle consists of a hollow tube running down the handle which supports by spreading the shock created by every strike and results in creating better grip as well as balance while holding the paddle. This results in the paddle being a bit heavier towards the face making it perfect for offensive players. 

Did You know?

A Ping Pong ball filled with liquid can rotate more than 10 times than the speed in which a normal Ping Pong ball does.

The Brighter Side

The best thing about the Stiga Pro Carbon is its unbelievable speed. If you are an offensive player, you would absolutely love the paddle. It’s a powerful paddle, which doesn’t sacrifice on precision either. When it comes to tackiness, it is absolutely amazing for spinny serves and forehand loops, but not so perfect for backhand loops. The paddle is capable of putting even the finest of players in a difficult position. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that in order to keep the stickiness fresh as new, you need to clean the paddle in regular intervals. The rubber of Stiga Pro Carbon is replaceable, and so can be taken out and changed when it wears off.  

The Darker Side

If you are a control-freak player, this paddle might not be that helpful for your game. You cannot really expect a paddle so powerful to also be easy to control. It’s best for the offensive players, but not that much with accordance to the defensive ones. 

You might get a rough handle with the Stiga Pro Carbon, but nothing so much that can’t be softened by a little sanding. 

Did You know?

It requires more than 17 Ping Pong balls to equate the weight of a single golf ball.


One might expect the Stiga Pro Carbon to be too heavy on the pocket looking at the amazing features that it comes with. However, you can get the paddle at a minimum range of $70-$80, which is not much. We got it for about $75.92, and as per the performance, we didn’t really feel any drawback. It’s too soon to talk about the longevity for us as we got it delivered only a month ago. 

Customer Reviews

As per the manufacturer, “The STIGA Pro Carbon is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials. The Pro Carbon will allow you to experience the extreme power and spin found in rackets of the top players around the world. This performance-level table tennis racket features ITTF approved rubber for tournament play with performance ratings of Speed: 99, Spin: 100, and Control: 80.” Talking of our experience with it, so far we have no complaints with the paddle. The speed is about 98-99, spin seems fine and control is a bit on the lower side, considering the power it exerts. We have collected a few more reviews for Stiga Pro Carbon. Check them out below!

“Wow. Was having a tough time competing against my roommates, and then I bought this bad boy. Now, it’s not even fare. I am an unstoppable force and have reasserted myself as the ALPHA MALE in the house. I can feel the power when I hold this in my hand. It’s light but heavy. Firm but flexible. And the spin…. oooooh the spin is NASTY. My serve has a BITE to it and they can’t TOUCH it. My poor roommate is away on business travel, when he returns next week I will probably update this review with more positive feedback. I seriously feel bad for them and may have to start “throwing” a few games so they will continue to play against me.”

“This racket is the one of the best racket for all intermediate players out there who aspire to enhance their table tennis game. I was looking for a bat not too heavy together with good control, speed and spin. This racket has all three attributes in proportion. The best part is the wood of this racket (light BALSA) which feels light in weight when you hold the racket. It is lighter than my previous beginner level bat and feels awesome while playing. The rubber is also good and generates a lot of spin. The only concern is the price and even at this price it doesn’t come with any cover. But if you are serious about your game and want to improve it then you must try this racket.”

Did You Know?

Ping Pong balls travel at a speed of 105.6 miles/ hour off the paddle.


The Stiga Pro Carbon has amazing speed and spin, but one needs to have very sharp training to bring out the best performance from it. It’s obviously more suitable for offensive players, so it isn’t the best you can get if you aren’t one. High quality, great performance and affordable price; it’s pretty much everything one would want from a Ping Pong paddle, and the Stiga Pro Carbon does justice to all that it promises. 

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