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Stiga, a world-renowned sports brand has been known for manufacturing the best Ping Pong essentials in the world. They have a wide range of Ping Pong gears, beginning from a beginner’s level to the professional ones. Ever since 1994, Stiga has been putting light into the lives of Ping Pong enthusiasts with its amazing collection of Ping Pong gears. “No matter your playing style or how often you play, we believe we have what you need to develop your skills as a table tennis player, and start (or continue) to show off your skills at the table tennis table. Here you’ll find everything from Ping Pong blades, Ping Pong rubbers and ready-made bats to Ping Pong tables, clothing and shoes, balls and accessories to protect your bats”, states Stiga as its philosophy.

Here’s a product by Stiga that has touched great heights of demand in the market – The Stiga Legacy Ping Pong Table. It is an entry-level table, so we must stick our expectations to that. Also, it is one of Stiga’s least expensive ones.

Did You Know? 

Janove Walder is commonly referred to as the “Mozart of table tennis (or, Ping Pong).”

Features of Stiga Legacy Table 

The Stiga Legacy is an entry-level indoor Ping Pong table featuring a ½” table-top, 1 ¼” (round) steel legs, steel apron of 1 ¼” and corner protectors. It comes with a net and post set and 2” double wheels, meaning, it is complete in itself. What’s more? Check out the features of Stiga Legacy here!

Surface Thickness

Considering the price, which by the way is extremely affordable, the Stiga Legacy gives a decent overall structure with a ½” playing surface with perfect and consistent bounce. We might not want to consider it for a professionally ferocious match, but the Stiga Legacy is quite adequate for beginners, intermediate players, learners and recreational players. Kids love the table equally. It has been crafted with an aim of keeping it long-lasting and secure.


The Stiga Legacy features a 1 ¼” steel apron as a frame that wraps the whole table. Corner protectors add some extra strength and durability, added with a little flare. It also has a wooden bottom board running along the width and meeting 2 metal cross braces connecting the four inner legs of the table. This provides a decent strength and sturdiness to the Ping Pong table.


The four inner legs feature a 2” double caster each, which seem a bit small. We had expected a bit larger wheel structure considering the heavyweight that the table possesses. But, as per the price is looked into, these features are not bothersome. Also, the legs are not adjustable, which might be disappointing for some people who want their table to be a bit more customizable. But a good thing is that they have rubber caps to the wheels that keep the ground from scratches. Also, the outer legs are self-opening deploying the perfect position while opening and closing.


The assembly of Stiga Legacy is one of the most tiresome things of the whole package. A number of customers have complained about having troubles in assembling the whole thing and even for us, it took hours to be set into a single piece. You might as well want to have some wood glue and drills and stuff handy while assembling it.


As mentioned, Stiga always is very easy on the pocket when it comes to its products. They offer a great deal of dependability at a very inexpensive sum. The same goes for the Stiga Legacy table. It hardly demands a price at the range of $300-$500 and promises an amazing experience. This being an entry-level table, it serves exactly as you can expect from a Ping Pong table somewhat of this range.

Did You Know?

The ‘art of footwork’ is one of the very vital components for Ping Pong players.

Customer Review

We did come across some customers having real problems with the Stiga Legacy table on the matter of its sturdiness, missing screws and more, but so far it has been good to us (fortunately). We got it home only a few months ago, at a steal deal of hardly $400 and it serves us as it promises-decent! Here are the words from some customers of Stiga Legacy from the online websites that offer the table.

“Love this table. Bought it for my husband for Xmas and so far the whole family loves it. My kids, their friends, my husband, and our adult friends have all been playing on it, almost every day, and really enjoy it. I ended up having it delivered a week before and then having to hide a 200-pound ping pong table from my husband. Needless to say, he suspected something, ruining what could have been a complete surprise UGH! The delivery man said that Amazon made the mistake by putting a 3 – 6-time frame on their delivery page. Besides that the table is great.”

“Top shelf-Easy, although tedious, to put together. My only complaint is how bits of the assembly were stapled into the pressboard of the table, weakening its structure. It should be taped or else stapled to the box, not to the table-tops.”

“Ordered this before reading reviews, after reading reviews I got scared and tried to cancel the order but couldn’t stop it. I decided to keep it upon arrival. It was a pain to put together but was not that hard it took me an hour and a half. It would have been nice to have the hardware labelled. I keep this in my garage and have had a blast playing with my family and friends. I don’t know why people complain about the material it’s like any other ping pong table I’ve seen. This is NOT an outdoor table, but works great inside like it is intended too.”

Did You Know?

A Ping Pong ball is not hollow. It is pressurized with some amount of gas.


The Stiga Legacy is pretty good for beginners and recreational players but not adequate for professional and serious players. You might have some problems with the assembling and some grudges over the imbalance that it sometimes falls into, but the deal here is quite how it is supposed to be at the given price. For that matter, this Ping Pong table does its job pretty good.

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