STIGA InstaPlay Review

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Stiga is one of the brands that come to our minds the very moment we think of products related to Ping Pong. It has been on the top ever since the brand came into being. With top-quality products and brilliant customer service, Stiga stands tall as a brand that can be looked up to for its reliability. The InstaPlay is one of the largest selling tables by Stiga. Being really inexpensive and best in quality, this table vanishes the moment it comes to the market. Marking its name, the Stiga InstaPlay comes very easily to an instant play position which is the star feature of this product.

Did You Know?

According to the rules by ITTF, if a ball is dropped from a 30.5 cm height, it must bounce within 24-26 cm.

Features of Stiga InstaPlay

With a 3/4″ thick tabletop added with silkscreen striping, the Stiga InstaPlay takes no time at all to get assembled. It holds 2” legs with 3” ball bearing wheels with an added lock-system which makes it even more desirable. It also has 2” steel aprons along with corner protection. Let’s see what’s more in the features of Stiga InstaPlay


The thickness of the table-top defines much about how your gaming experience is going to be. The thicker is the table-top, the better. Taking that into account, any thickness below 0.75 inches is a big no no! You cannot consider it a game if you are not getting a consistent bounce from your table.

With the Stiga InstaPlay, however, you get a ¾ inch table-top surface, which according to ITTF, is decent for a Ping Pong table. The thickness that it comes with provides it with the resistance required to warpage and the consistent bounce that your ball requires.


I am pretty sure you won’t want a table for yourself that cannot take the load even of a few games. Your Ping Pong table needs to be stiff, robust, and stable enough. For conditions as such, you need to have a Ping Pong table which has long legs and an apt number of connecting joints. Studies say that the more the number of connecting joins, the better is the durability of a Ping Pong table.

Stiga InstaPlay has 2” steel squared legs and 2’ supporting aprons for the leg that make the table reliable and sturdy.


What can be more frustrating than your Ping Pong table shifting from side to side in the midst of a game? Having wheels attached to the legs makes the table prone to drift away a lot. Luckily, the Stiga Instaplay has a lock feature for its wheels. Once the table comes to its playing position, you can simply lock the wheels and play to your heart content.


If you go around the market, you would notice that most of the Ping Pong tables have stationary net affixed to them. Stationary nets are permanently fixed to the table and cannot be removed. For indoor tables, one of the things that everybody expects is for them to be easily stored. Taking that into consideration, Stiga came up with tables that have a temporary net and posts that can be fixed and removed as per need. The Stiga Instaplay has a detachable 66” net and posts system, making it one of the best options for indoor playing.


One of the most significant features when it comes to a Ping Pong table is a sturdy undercarriage. In addition to the many connecting points in the legs, the Stiga instaplay also features a strong undercarriage that makes it dependable when it comes to longevity and performance.

Did You Know?

According to International regulations, the game’s ball must have a mass of 2.7 grams.


Considering all the amazing features, a full-size Ping Pong table with flexible net and posts set, foldable legs, corner pad for protection, natural bouncing capacity, 2” apron to support during intense-play and lock-feature for the wheels, one can estimate the price for the Stiga Instaplay to be somewhat a $1000, at least. Fortunately, the Stiga InstaPlay comes hardly at a range of $500-$700. This makes the table even more desirable.

Customer Reviews

If asked, we personally would highly recommend the Stiga InstaPlay as we have not been bothered by a single flaw ever since we bought it. This one stays permanent whenever we want to play (and not review). We also surfed through the internet to check out reviews from other buyers.

“This was ordered for our table tennis club of about 6-8 players. It shipped from San Diego to SW Oregon in 3 days, was delivered exactly when we asked them to bring it, and taken off the truck on a pallet. It took about 10 minutes to cut off the cardboard, remove the wood sides, and another 2 minutes to stand the 2 halves up and wheel them into our community center. Three more minutes to unpack the accessories, put the corner protectors in place, and unfold the table. The net that was provided is the only thing we didn’t like, but we already had our own good quality Stiga net. I removed the four “L” brackets (2 P/H screws each) that their net used, and we use our model, which has a wide clamp head that keeps the halves together well enough to move the table around without coming apart. We absolutely love the performance and quality of the table, it’s very solid, has perfect bounce, and the black top makes the ball very easy to see.”

“I was worried that setting up a table tennis table would take hours and I kept a whole weekend aside for it. I was most pleasantly surprised. I spent 10 minutes setting this up, including time to rip open the packaging and we were up and playing within 20 minutes of the box being placed in our basement.
If you want to have a table set up before a weekend party and you are ordering this as a last minute thing- then go ahead and do it! The table arrived two days earlier than stated in the confirmation email and was in good condition. Instruction for setup could be better, especially how to set up for single player play- but this is a minor quibble.
Highly recommended!!”

Did You Know?

Until 2000, Ping Pong was played for 21 points; from 2000, these were reduced to 11.


Everything, beginning from the delivery to the playing has been eventful for us with Stiga InstaPlay. Setting the table up was not at all a hassle, neither the experience with it. We won’t deny the fact that it would have been ‘perfect’ for us if it were an indoor table and a little less heavy. Leaving that aside, we have loved the table pretty much. For more such interesting reads on your favourite sport, stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast.

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