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Stiga comes with these amazing lines of products that suit every play style and every player. Since years it has been twinkling eyes with the fineness of craftsmanship that it brings to the market. If you surf through this website, you’ll find some products that have been dearly loved by Ping Pong lovers all around the world. It’s the Stiga Evolution Ping Pong paddle that we are talking about here. This paddle has literally grabbed thousands of reviews and 5-star ratings in almost all of the online sites that sell it. The Stiga Evolution is basically a shake-handle style paddle that could prove to be really good for advanced beginners in the game of Ping Pong who wishes to refine their skills even more.

Did You Know?

According to ITTF, the first person to try to patent the parlor game (Ping Pong) was an Englishman named James Devonshire, who later abandoned it.

Features of Stiga Evolution

Beginning from the blade, the Stiga Evolution features six piles of light wood giving it a pretty sturdy finish while keeping its weight really light. This feature makes the paddle pretty apt for the intermediate players who’ve been playing for a long time and want to advance to a pro-level really soon. To talk of it, the magic of Stiga Evolution is more on the rubber and handle than the blade.

Moving ahead, the blade is padded with 2mm thick rubber on both sides. The rubber features microscopic air bubbles that stick the rubber particle together making the rubber create amazing shots and conserve the reverb effect that the shots create. Stiga uses a premium quality rubber modified in order to create better spin while also maintaining the player’s control over the paddle.

It’s the handle that has the STIGA’s proprietary Shock Dispersion Tube technology which creates all the difference to the Ping Pong paddle world. The blade collects tension from the shot and distributes it all around the paddle surface. This helps to improve the shot power of the player’s stroke.

All in all, the Stiga Evolution is not meant for aggressive players. One should rather conserve the energy thrown at them and put 100% momentum at a particular time when they get a chance and strike back the opponent with doubled-force. Talking of the performance rating, you get a speed of 96 rates, a spin of 94 and control is about 90. Looking at the ratings you must have got a fair idea of how good the paddle could be for your game.

Did You Know?

It was during the early 20s that the craze for Ping Pong swept across Central Europe which faded pretty soon. The game again experienced a revival in England in the 1920s.


Having read about the amazing features you must have literally counted dollars in your mind, haven’t you? Well, we believe you have gone one step too far. We can’t call the price range of Stiga Evolution really cheap, but it isn’t very expensive either. It would cost you around 48-50 bucks, but the features that it comes with bring justice to that as well.

Customer Reviews

It’s been a couple of months now that a kind man delivered this much-awaited packet to us. We’ve talked to a local shop-owner and had read reviews about the Stiga Evolution paddle, and have been excited to play with it ever since. We have really enjoyed playing with it. It creates amazing bounce and the look and feel that it brings out is also really nice. We might be biased considering the lucky experience we’ve got with the paddle, but we would make sure that you get fair and honest reviews from some other customers as well, right below. One thing that we might consider as a drawback is a fact that the paddle would feel a little slow to offensive players. But if you aren’t one, you are good to go.

Note: Make sure you save yourself from a fake Stiga Evolution paddle. You’d get no good results from that.

“Recently I have been playing ping pong at work while on breaks. I had not played in years, but we started to get competitive, so I bought this paddle because of the great reviews. And it is for sure a great paddle. Has given me a great advantage and made the games much more fun. I highly recommend you buy one…unless you work with me, then no, you don’t want it.”

“I did my research on these all across the internet. Was looking for the best bats for recreational use, but could also step up into competition. I’m based in New Zealand but these were the ones that sounded the best for what I was searching for. Couldn’t get them in NZ and so I ordered a couple through Amazon. Well, I haven’t looked back. The Stiga Evolutions have been perfect for everyone. They have the perfect balance of control, grip, spin and even somehow allow an incredibly high number of miss-hits to still somehow get back on the table, so very forgiving. I am very pleased with these and would totally recommend them to anyone else who has a table tennis table at home. They suit everyone from the beginner through to the advanced.”

“Overall I’m very happy with this bat/paddle. I hadn’t played since the late 80’s early 90’s and just started again and I think this is a solid rig. I don’t have E.T. long fingers but I did find the handle to be thin, but I used a couple of layers of vet wrap and that made the handle the thickness that felt right, and is soft to the touch and didn’t really add weight.

I’m not a great player, probably just borderline decent, but I wish the head was a little bit heavier. It feels great but I tend to like the more ‘top heavy’ blades.

The rubbers… I oiled them but they just don’t feel tacky. I’m going to try my old golf trick of Pine Sol and detergent but not feeling confident. Even with that said bang for the buck; this is a solid buy.

The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because I’m looking for a new blade; I don’t know that I’ll get one, but I’m looking… and again… bang for the buck this is a solid choice.”

Did You Know?

China won its first World Ping Pong Championship in 1959.


Now that you’ve reached the bottom, we assume that you’ve been thorough with the whole article. The Stiga Evolution Ping Pong paddle is a great deal for those who want to advance their skills and wish to be known as pro-players in the future. Make sure you consider most of the customer reviews from the website you’re going to purchase it from. If you are getting it offline, well, for that we can be your witnesses; you’d absolutely love the paddle!

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