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Stiga is one of the brands that have gained a lot of trust and respect in the world of Ping Pong. Think of any Ping Pong gear and you’ll find the best of the product-line with them. Stiga is known to be a brand that intuitively designs its products with respect to the level and playing style of the players. The Stiga Apex is one of those. There are times when we want a fairly good-quality product but we don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars on it. The Stiga Apex is the answer to situations like that when it comes to Ping Pong paddles. You get the paddle at a very affordable price, and it also comes with the reliability factor of being ITTF approved. It’s pretty easy to tell why this paddle has grabbed so much attention in the market!

Of course, none of us wants to regret spending our hard-earned cash on something that we end up disliking. Keep reading this article to know if the Stiga Apex is “the paddle” for you.

Did You Know?

The Ping Pong balls of earlier days were highly flammable. Today, these balls are not that sensitive to fire.

Features Of Stiga Apex

The Stiga Apex is particularly a beginner’s paddle. If you are just starting off, this paddle will provide you with great control over speed and spin. Stiga comes with about 5 pre-assembled paddles, and this one promises the least when it comes to performance (enough for a beginner). Taking that into consideration, these also come really light on the pocket. The paddles are crafted of 5-ply extra-light plywood which reflects the fineness of craftsmanship in the Stiga products.

Stiga Apex comes with 2 ACS technology built inverted rubbers, red on one side, black on the other, which provides a decent/moderate bounce to the ball. You get a concave, Italian Composite handle, which features an automatic-grip with the paddle.

This handle is crafted of WRB system; W, R, and B standing for Weight Balance, Rate of Recovery, and Ball Sensitivity respectively. Hence, it’s pretty comfortable to hold. The Stiga Apex is hardly 149 grams in weight, which makes it great for kids as well.

With this, let’s talk a little about what performance ratings you can expect from the Stiga Apex Ping Pong paddle. The paddle was designed solely to meet the needs of beginners and recreational players, hence it’s better that you don’t expect a great speed from it. The speed rating you’d get with the Stiga Apex Ping Pong paddle would be somewhere around 6-6.5.

Accordingly, at the cheap price that you get this paddle, you’ll only get a beginner level spin. If you have got nearer to being an intermediate level player, you’d also notice that the ball isn’t spinning well even after you’ve exerted much power with this paddle. The spin rating is 52 for it.

Unlike the speed and spin that the Stiga Apex creates, the control is a bit on the upper side. This might not be enough for pro-level players, but for recreational players, this is pretty good. For the control rating, the paddle gets 80.

But again, the performance and bounce that you would get with Stiga Apex would be no less than ten times better than other paddles at the same price range. The fact being this paddle is crafted by a much-reputed brand with a collection of high-quality materials. Also, Stiga is believed to release handmade products, mostly. Hence, you’d get a good-quality product with satisfactory performance, supposing that you aren’t a pro-player yet.

Did You Know?

Only white and orange balls are approved for important Ping Pong tournaments.


The Stiga Apex is an entry-level Ping Pong paddle with a decent performance rating. However, when it comes to the price, you’d get the paddle at a mere amount of about $30. Considering the brand, it’s pretty low. Again, if you get any other paddle at the same prize, you’d be pretty disappointed with that, which is not the case with Stiga Apex. So, cash-wise, it’s a great choice.

Customer Reviews

Knowing that the paddle was entry-level, we didn’t really expect anything extra-ordinary from the Stiga Apex. We looked at the performance from a beginner’s-view. We got the paddle about a couple of months ago and have been playing with it every now and then. My kid absolutely loves the paddle as it’s light as air. He often has issues with a paddle’s weight, but with this, he’s very comfortable. We’ve also looked on the internet for customer reviews on the Stiga Apex, and here’s what we got-

“It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new paddle, and I would say that this paddle is of moderate quality. I get a very true bounce (good speed and control, OK spin) off of the red side, but I have been getting very inconsistent bounces off of the black side. As I assume these sides should be identical, I consider this a manufacturing problem. For an intermediate or pro player, this will not be acceptable, but you are probably also not using paddles in this price range. For novice or below, you likely won’t notice. I also noticed that the handle isn’t finished as nicely (rough, chipping edges) as other paddles I’ve had in the past.

Overall, considering the price, I’ll give this paddle a B but you may consider spending more for better quality.”

“I recently got back into playing ping pong. My office has a couple of tables to play on during breaks and lunch. This paddle is a great upgrade from the standard wooden ones that the tables come with. I have elevated my game a lot. Good control, spin and feel. I am a casual player that just enjoys playing. This paddle helps me to hold my own when I play the guys that are better than me.”

“These are very good intermediate rackets. I’ve used STIGA rackets all my life and love them. For the price, you really can’t ask for more. Yes, they are not the absolute best or second-best rackets you will find, but you have to compare the performance to the price. If you want to spend in the $20’s and $30’s range, I think this is the best you can get. Nice friction on the ball and definitely surpass the baseline rackets by a landslide.”

Did You Know?

The Double Fish V40+ ball was used in London for the World Cup Championship 2018.


Stiga has always proved its excellence in manufacture with the amazing line of products that it brings into the market. It always makes products taking into consideration the level and skills of players, i.e. it has a specialized line of products for every level of players. The Stiga Apex is a beginner-level Ping Pong paddle that Stiga brought to the market. It has gathered quite a good amount of appreciation from the recreational and entry-level players. You can definitely try the paddle if you are also starting off with the game.

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