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Palio and Expert Table Tennis (ETT) are two world-renowned brands that have managed to win a million hearts with the amazing Ping Pong products that they bring to the market. It’s an exclusive collaboration between these two that has created a revolution in the world of Ping Pong. When we step out of the newbie-zone we are thrilled with the excitement of getting the chance to try a hand on the most brilliant equipment available in the market. With this partnership of Palio and ETT, one can surely vouch on the fact that the products which would be launched by them would be one of their kind. Truly enough, all the three products that they brought out bagged millions of positive comments from fans all around the world. The Master 2 is one of the 3 products that have succeeded in becoming the world’s favorite. The other two products by Palio and ETT are Palio Legend 2 and Palio Expert 2. You can choose any of these paddles. The reviews are right here on this website.

The Palio Master 2 is crafted for the intermediate level players who want to play with speed and spin, but at the same time do not want to let go of the control. Check out the features to know if the paddle suits your style. The manufacturer has assigned 8 for the speed, 9 for a spin, and 8 again for the control that Master 2 exerts.

Did You Know?

It takes about 15 years of serious training, according to ITTF coaching education, to reach the level of the North American Olympic Team.

Features of Palio Master 2

Starting out at any game requires the very primary equipment. Begin with a basic paddle until you are ready for a specialised one. Once your skills advance from recreational to beginner-level, try out a paddle like the Palio Expert 2. It’s pretty good for beginning the journey towards professional Ping Pong playing. After a while, every player gets tired with the beginner’s paddle and wants to try out a better spin and spin exerting paddle, but doesn’t really want to give up on the control. Here, you get the intermediate level paddle. The Palio Master 2 is the one can get in this level.


Either side of the Palio Master 2 paddle has a CJ8000 rubber, which is known for being exceptionally tacky, and also has a sponge of 2.0mm. This feature allows the paddle to exert exceptional speed and spin in the match. The rubbers are approved by ITTF, which means you can take it to any official tournament. The approval also speaks for the optimum quality of the rubber.

Grip And Handle

The Palio Master 2 features a great flared handle that gets widened towards the end. This helps you save yourself from the embarrassment of your paddle slipping away in the midst of an important match. This one is favorable basically for the Penhold Grip.

Paddle Case Included

The paddle’s health depends on how well we take care of it. Cleaning the paddle at regular intervals does half the trick, and the other half depends on whether or not we cover it when it is not in use. Fortunately, Master 2 comes with a case of its own. It’s not the absolute best one, but it’s better than not having a case at all.

Did You Know?

The International Table Tennis Federation has a total of 226 member associations.


Palio and ETT have always ensured that their products come at a range that suits everybody’s pocket. You can expect the price to increase as the level for which it has been crafted advances. This very paddle would be available to you in less than $50, which isn’t a bad deal at all. If you are at luck, you might as well catch an offer at amazon that would get you the Palio Master 2 in an even lesser price.

Customer Reviews

Palio and ETT, both are brands known for their best in quality products. The Palio Master 2 is one of the finest paddles in their range of intermediate level paddles. We have however heard complaints regarding the wearing off of the rubber too soon. This could be the seller fault, or sometimes even our carelessness in handling causes the products to age real soon. Some products might as well have come faulty from the manufacturer’s end, which is not common when it comes to such renowned brands. As per our experience, we have suffered from no such problem so far. Customers must make sure that they are getting only an authentic product and not some fake one. Let’s hear what other buyers have to say about the Palio Master 2.

“There are a lot of terrible premade rackets. I’ve used several different rackets from Stiga and Joola and they were all really bad. The thing that really sets the Palio rackets apart is the high quality CJ8000 rubber. The grip and durability are just so much better than what you would normally get from a premade racket. I would also like to point out that the rubber lasts a LOT longer than the cheap garbage that they normally put on premade rackets. I’ve been using this paddle for about 35-40 hours of gameplay and there is almost no loss in the grip.

Overall the racket has a nice crisp response and pretty good speed. It’s a little bit faster than the average racket and has good control. The feedback (feel) from the blade is good and I haven’t noticed any dead spots when striking the ball.

The interesting thing about this racket is that the rubbers are designed to peel off easily so that they can be replaced. (Almost all premade rackets have non-removable rubber) A lot of Amazon customers seem to be complaining about the rubbers coming loose. ITS SUPPOSED TO PEEL OFF EASILY! If it’s a little loose on the edge just glue it. I plan to eventually peel off the forehand rubber and replace it with something more aggressive when I get better at looping.

The only complaint I have is that the wood finish on the handle is a little rough. Some people like that, but I prefer a smoother grip.”

“I consider myself a pretty advanced (non-competition level) ping pong player. But I’ve never had a “nice” paddle before. Stickiness was important to me because I do play with heavy spin. This is by far the stickiest paddle I have ever seen. My friends are also very impressed by it. The one thing I was not accounting for was the “bounce” that this paddle exemplifies. The first few games I played with this paddle I was sending almost every ball off the table and long. I even thought about returning it for a lower level paddle with less speed. Boy, am I glad I did not. About 5 games later I am playing better than I have ever played with lots of room to still grow within this paddle.”

“Love this bat. It’s a workhorse. It’s not super elegant or refined, it’s actually quite brusque and heavy, but that suits my style well. Good control, nice tacky rubbers, and plenty of heft for thundering a ball past you opponent with some nice tricksy spin when the opportunity arises. Been playing with it (quite a lot) for a few weeks now and the quality seems very good. Doubt the rubber will last forever, but happy to replace that at a later date Just as long as the paddle lasts then I’ll stick with it.”

Did You Know?

China has 100 million Ping Pong players.


The Palio Master 2 is a great pre-made intermediate level paddle. Intermediate, because it’s a bit more equipped with speed and spin than the beginner’s level, and not as fierce as a pro-level paddle. You get good control with the Master 2 along with decent speed and spin. As far as the quality and performance are concerned, we didn’t have any trouble with the paddle. You can check out the reviews by other customers as well before making your decision.

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