Palio Legend 2 Paddle Review

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Palio has been one of the most desired brands ever since it came to the market. “Palio by ETT represents a ground-breaking collaboration between the top Chinese table tennis brand Palio and the UK-based Expert Table Tennis. Together we’ve created a range of custom made table tennis bats available at unbeatable prices”, says Palio by ETT. This collaboration has created a whole new canopy for the accumulation of amazing Ping Pong equipment.

This article is solely devoted to telling you about one of the best paddles that Palio has brought into the market – The Palio Legend 2. 

Palio says that the Legend 2 “is the perfect bat for players looking to generate maximum power and spin from their strokes. The Palio Legend 2.0 is a slightly heavier bat that’s designed to put huge amounts of speed and spin into your shots. It’s recommended for advanced players that already have good feeling and control, and want to capitalise on their strengths.”

Having said that let’s try to know how far the words by the manufacturer are true, and what all can you expect from the paddle.

Did You Know?

As of 2015, the Ping Pong balls are made of polymer instead of celluloid, having a matte finish in white or orange colour.

Features of Palio Legend 2

If you check the website, you’ll see that Palio has mentioned the Legend 2 in the advanced player’s gears list. So, we might as well expect exceptional performance from the paddle. Getting to the features, it is a 5-ply premade paddle, featuring an ITTF approved rubber and provides with great spin and speed which is apt for attacking players. It’s a very powerful paddle, so if you are just starting out with Ping Pong, this paddle isn’t for you. Let’s check out what else can be expected from the Palio Legend 2 Ping Pong paddle.

Amazing Speed

The Palio Legend 2 is great with speed. It’s really powerful, and the huge size that it comes crafted into pretty much speaks for itself. The blade of Palio Legend 2 is made up of 5-ply wood layers, which makes it a bit heavier than its competitors. But, if you aren’t a newbie, this weight would bother you the least, as you’d know that the power it will exert on the ball would be absolutely amazing.

ITTF Approved Rubber

On both sides of the blade, the Palio Legend 2 features the Chinese Palio Hadou rubbers which are of the best quality, and are approved by The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). These rubbers are placed on a layer of 2 mm tough sponge, which means that your ball wouldn’t slow down even when you hit it, rather would move with a faster speed. This also means that you cannot expect much of control from the Legend 2, which gives another reason for it being not made for beginners or intermediate players.

The rubbers are really tacky, allowing you to generate great spin, which is widely popular among the Chinese players. For a good spin, you want the ball to softly brush the paddle and not make full contact with it. That’s exactly how the Legend 2 performs. These rubbers can be replaced if worn out, but if you clean your paddle regularly and keep it safe in a case, you wouldn’t need to replace the rubber so often.

Handle And Grip

The Palio Legend 2 features a handle with a flared grip, which is pretty common with western players. A flared handle means that the width of the handle would increase towards the end. A flared grip gives the player the ease of having confidence on the paddle that it won’t slip away so easily.

Having noted all the features, let’s just list out some Pros and Cons. This will make your decision easier.

  • The speed rating of 10/10
  • Palio Hadou rubber: Extra tacky, great quality
  • ITTF approved
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with a case
  • Low control rating
  • A bit heavier than other paddles

Did You Know?

The name “paddle” is common in the U.S and Canada, “bat” in Britain, and the ITTF calls the equipment you hit a ball within Ping Pong matches as “racket”.


Considering the amazing performance and the approval by ITTF, one would expect the price of Palio Legend 2 to be a rip off on the pocket. Well, it’s a relief that you won’t have to worry about that. You can get this amazing paddle at less than $55. If you are lucky enough to catch some offers, you might as well get it at an even lower cost. Total steal-deal, isn’t it? 

 Check out the current price below!

Customer Reviews

We have had an amazing time playing with the Palio Legend 2. We got it delivered to our home at a pretty great deal a couple of months ago, and we have not noted a single word of complaint about it ever since. But again, everyone might not have the same experience with it. Here are some genuine reviews that we have gathered from e-commerce websites selling the paddle.

“I’ve been looking to upgrade my paddle with something with more speed and spin. I’m not a great player, but am better than the average recreational player.

From the product descriptions and other reviews, I was expecting a very hard sponge with no control, however, it was a great surprise as the sponge is still soft enough for my style of defensive play. Working on offence right now and as long as my form is correct, the ball travels low, fast and with lots of spins! If you are playing with a premade bat and are looking to up your game, concentrating on offence, I would highly recommend this paddle, especially for the price! The clear plastic sticks to the paddle when in the case. I don’t know if this will affect the rubbers after time.”

“Oh boy……this paddle IS FAST, be careful when receiving because you may send the ball out of the table. Perfect for fast loops and if you control it it’s also good for chops near and far from the table. Also, this paddle generates so much spin!!

This racket is very fast, I do not recommend it unless you are an intermediate player.

Another piece of info: this paddle, unlike other preassembled ones, is made of parts you can buy separate (hadou rubbers, and legend II blade), it is like a custom paddle for the price of a preassembled.

Price: for this price you get a paddle that is on par with any $100 paddle here on amazon.”

“I’ve generally only used the ping pong paddles that come with the table. Or the cheap sets. The kind with the little rubber nubs that get old and hard and don’t work anymore. This one is thicker and more substantial. It has smooth rubber on both sides, but the rubber actually grips and spins the ball — unlike my crappy, old paddles.”

Did You Know?

According to the International Table Tennis Federation regulations, at least 85% of the blade shall be made of natural wood.


A great collaboration between two amazing companies indeed came up with a par-excellent product. The Palio Legend 2 is an absolutely crazy paddle with unbelievable speed and spin. You’d have to be extra careful with it, or you would literally see the ball fly out of the table and into the bushes. So, it’s not for beginners. We personally had a great experience with it and also would happily recommend the Palio Legend 2. 

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