Ping Pong Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

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We play a game and we play it just for fun. That’s pretty much when we are allowed to make mistakes. There we can commit as many mistakes as we want, but not while we are playing it on a serious note. We often tend to assume that we are good at a game, despite all these mistakes because we basically do not really know that we are making a mistake. This leads us to pay a good amount when this recreational game of our shifts to a professional one. What you should do is (even when you are just beginner) to make sure you know all the basics, all the regulations as well as the mistakes you are prone to make and try to rectify it in this very stage itself. It’s always better to gain knowledge as much as we can before getting serious about something. 

One of the very basic mistakes that we all make aa beginner are related to the paddle. Sometimes it’s the way we grip, or the way we hit or something else. As basic as the mistake is, as important is the fact that paddle-knowledge is one of the most significant mastery that is needed in a game of Ping Pong. 

Let’s learn about these Ping Pong paddle mistakes to ensure that these don’t play hurdles in our passion for Ping Pong. 

Did You Know? 

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Ping Pong Mistakes Every Beginner Makes:

  • Holding The Paddle Too Tight– 

Ping Pong is about flexibility. As we grip the paddle tightly we tend to stiffen our forearm and our shoulder. This leads us to hit restricted and stiff shots, which ends up making our game worse. Arm movement is really essential for Ping Pong, hence, we must give some loosening to our grip (not more, not less, just the perfect amount) to play it the right way. 

It also makes it difficult for us to switch the shot angle (switching a shot from forehand to backhand or vice versa). This loses our feel and control over the game. Keep the grip just right to have a more relaxed body and to perform faster shots.

  • Stretching To Reach The Balls– 

One of the basic mistakes that we make as a beginner is to try to stretch our body to reach the ball, when we can easily take a few steps closer to the proximity of the ball and watch as our hand gets automatically into the correct position for hitting. We keep stretching ourselves and even if we manage to hit the ball, that doesn’t go really well. It’s just a matter of chance if you hit it properly even after not doing the right thing and just keep stretching your body. There’s a rule of thumb, use your feet to step towards the ball and not stretch your body unnecessarily.

  • Standing Too Close To Table- 

We sometimes assume that standing closer to the table would help our game, but that unfortunately, is not true. The closer we are to the table, the worse we are making our chance to hit the ball correctly. Standing too close literally drains our energy out really fast. Also, we are not able to take proper spins and end up giving points to our opponent. Moreover, we won’t be getting enough space for playing as well. 

We need to, rather stay at the right distance, neither too close nor too far away and keep adjusting our position as per the requirement of the game. That’s the only way to play correctly.

  • Hitting The Ball Too Hard- 

As beginners, we think that hitting the ball with our utmost strength will make us win. That’s not true. It’s not Cricket to hit the ball out of the stadium. You only need to use 70% of your strength here. This’ll allow you to stay active for more time and also help you take proper spins with your paddle. This much strength is enough to make the ball reach the other side. Hit only as hard as it’s needed, not with your 100% of hitting power. 

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It requires more than 17 Ping Pong balls to equate the weight of a single ball of Golf.

  • Loose Control Over The Paddle- 

The above point tells us to stay a bit loose, not to be completely floppy. We, as beginners often have loose or floppy control over the paddle. The grip on the handle is not consistent, which in the long run, causes harm to our game. It’s always advisable to have a constant and consistent grip on the paddle, even when it’s not your turn to hit. This helps you have a proper game power and makes your hits good. If it’s your paddle that is the reason behind your faulty grip, replace it, and if it’s your grip that is causing the trouble, try some other grips. 

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  • Front hand Overshooting- 

We often tend to swing the paddle full-on reaching the paddle to the left arm shoulder crossing the front side. There would be no fault in the game but this makes us take longer to reach back to the hitting position for the next shot. We may loose the ball from hitting the next time. What can be done is to imagine a vertical line in front of our bodies and make sure that the hand doesn’t cross that imaginary line as we take a forehand stroke. This helps in being ready for the next stroke on time.

  • Standing With The Right Leg Forward- 

The professional Ping Pong players know it well that keeping one leg ahead of the other isn’t going to make any positive difference. Rather, if it’s a backhand stroke, we may play fine, but as we need to change it to forehand, we’ll get stuffed. It’s better to keep our legs squared to the table or else keep the right one a bit back of the left one, which can help us in faster transition. 

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Ping Pong requires skills, regulations, and practice. As beginners, we may be able to commit mistakes with no one to confront us, but it won’t serve us for too long. One needs to make their game perfect with constant correction on the flaws and practice of making sure these don’t happen again. 

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