Killerspin MyT5 Table Review

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Killerspin, a brand based in Chicago is one of the most renowned when it comes to Ping Pong equipment and sports apparel. The products that they bring into the market are crafted by the finest material and undergo the best manufacturing process before they go for a thorough checking for quality.

Killerspin MyT5 is one of the indoor Ping Pong tables in their range of Ping Pong equipment. This elegant-looking table can be placed very conveniently in offices and clubs. This isn’t a professional table, but one can use it for recreational purposes and for refining their skills.

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A decent playing position in Ping Pong is your feel being 1.5 or more shoulder widths apart from each other.


Features of Killerspin MyT5

One of the best-selling indoor Ping Pong tables by Killerspin, the Myt5 is an excellent amalgamation of elegance, quality, and convenience. The heavy-duty steel frame, the fibreboard, and some other features that we would discuss ahead make it really desirable among Ping Pong lovers.


The Killerspin MyT5 features a 16 mm medium density fibreboard table-top surface. The thick playing surface creates an even bounce throughout the table. One cannot really expect it to produce a professional-level bounce like other ITTF level thick tables, but the bounce created by the Killerspin MyT5 is decent for learners and beginners. You can also enjoy unlimited recreational matches on the Killerspin MyT5. It is durable and dependable.

Net And Post

One of the things that we loved about the Killerspin MyT5 is the net and post set it comes with. It is a pretty looking black net and bright red post support. The whole thing looks really elegant and becomes the center of attraction where ever we place it. The table folds into half and is conjoined by this net and post set. The set clamps perfectly on the table, holding the two halves of the table together firmly. It features a tension adjusting system that gives it the feel of a professional net set.

Undercarriage and Frame

The whole playing surface is supported by heavy-duty steel frames running down to the legs that are painted with bright and attractive white paint. This makes the table really durable and long-lasting. The whole structure is also rust-resistant and can withstand many fierce games. Towards the end of the frame are the 75 mm wheels along with casters for ease in portability. The casters have their independent locks to keep the table stiff throughout the matches, and to keep the table from sliding off during storage.


Getting the whole structure of a Ping Pong table together is one of the most difficult things for Pong lovers. You spend your pocket out and when you get the table delivered, you are not able to figure out what needs to be done next. Well, with the Killerspin MyT5 there is no such problem. There are only 8 numbers of nuts and bolts that, with instructions can be fixed very easily to make the table come into its form.  You can easily assemble the whole thing in half an hour and then have lots of fun. Also, the Killerspin MyT5 comes with a warranty of 1 year which ensures an easy replacement/repairing whenever you get any trouble with it.

Did You Know?

The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) currently includes 226 member associations.


Killerspin MyT5 is an entry-level Ping Pong table, and hence, you cannot expect it to give you a high-end performance. Likewise, we expected the table to be a little cheaper than the price we got it at. We checked several websites, the price ranges from $800 – $900. Killerspin usually comes up with amazing prices. This one, although was a bit disappointing. But the good news is, it’s been almost 6 months now that we bought it and we haven’t even seen a minute fault in it. Also, the warranty evens all the odds out.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned above, we are pretty happy with the longevity that the table has shown for us. Also, we are satisfied with the performance that it provides. It’s just the price that bothered us a bit, but over time, we got okay with it. The performance has beaten it all. We checked some websites for reviews, and have mentioned it below. Check out what other buyers have to say before you frame a decision about getting Killerspin MyT5 home. As per our views, we loved it!

“The table arrived in a timely fashion typical of Amazon. The truckers helped unload and put the box in our garage. It weighs a “ton” and my son and I could not get a decent hold on the box to carry it into the basement. Fortunately, opening the box and taking the table one-half at a time was relatively simple. Setting up the table was also simple and I did it by myself in about 15 minutes, including leveling. It is just as I expected, solid, and well constructed. When the wheels are locked the table is firmly grounded. We’ve been playing on it for a couple of weeks now, my wife and I, my kids and grandkids, and the table is holding up well. We are all very pleased, with no regrets.”

“I’ve had this table for over two years and it’s still playing great. It is indeed very easy to set up, move, and store and one side can be turned into a backboard for practicing in about 5 seconds. The build is solid. I don’t have any idea if it’s “tournament quality,” but it’s definitely a great table to learn on, and powerfully better than the tables we all used to have back in the day. I recommend this table without a reservation.”

“The table is great as expected. However, shipping was a nightmare. It had to be rescheduled 3x. The first time the driver called and said that he couldn’t find a place to park, the second time they said that they would only bring the item into my building and not to my actual address (this was a delivery to my office building, I am on the 18th floor). After calling the carrier’s main office they said that they had to get approval to bring it up to my office suite. Approval was given by someone, but please be aware! If you live in a high rise or anything other than a typical house, they may refuse to bring it to you.”

Did You Know?

The United States Table Tennis Association, now known as USA Table Tennis was formed in 1933.


Killerspin has always made us happy with its products. This table or a few more that we bought earlier, we have mostly been satisfied with the performances that they provided. The Killerspin MyT5 is one good Ping Pong table. We didn’t get any tournament level bounce or performance with it, but we didn’t expect that either. It’s great for refining one’s skills, and for recreational purposes.

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