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Killerspin came into being when Robert Blackwell Jr., in 2000 came up with the idea of sponsoring the Ping Pong festival in Chicago. He was highly fascinated by the crowd that gathered there and came up with a thought of how Ping Pong was a great way of pulling people out of the web of technology and putting them into the real world. Having that in mind Blackwell, in 2001 brought out a whole firm dedicated to Ping Pong equipment.

“Bring style and intensity to table tennis.

Hundreds of millions of people play table tennis. They play in their basements, clubs, parks, even on their dining table. Killerspin carefully designed table tennis equipment in order to bring excitement to the sport”. That is the mission of Killerspin.

Having said that, let’s move ahead to one of the most attention-grabbing Ping Pong tables by Killerspin, the Killerspin MyT-O. It is a rather flexible table when it comes to the question of where you can place it. MyT-O can be set up both, indoors as well as outdoors.

Did You Know?

From 1988 until 2004, in Ping Pong, there were men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, and women’s doubles. Only after 2008, a team event has been played instead of the doubles.

Features of Killerspin MyT-O

The Killerspin MyT- O is a weather-resistant Ping Pong table having a robust structure that can withstand all weather conditions making it favorable for playing anytime you wish. It wraps a solid steel band around the edges of the table to prevent it from warping. With Killerspin MyT-O you can be sure of being able to play with it for a long time. Let’s have an extensive look at the features that this table by Killerspin has to offer.


One of the things that we liked the most about this table is its easy assembly feature. The Killerspin MyT-O comes almost pre-assembled. You simply have to fit 8 nuts and bolts and you are good to go. It hardly takes a quarter of an hour to unpack and assemble the whole thing. You might have a little trouble with the weight it possesses. It weighs around 68 kg, making the fact pretty obvious that one would be needing more than just themselves to carry it around.


The Killerspin MyT-O is crafted out of an aluminum-plastic amalgamation, making it resistant to weather and winds. The material used is added up to make the table safe from warping in every playing condition.

The table can be a good outdoor partner for you, considering how carefully it has been designed to withstand the adversities of mother-nature. Well, we cannot expect it to be ever-lasting. It’s a material world, after all. But, you can vouch on its longevity, at least till you get bored of the table.

The Killerspin MyT-O is one of the best quality outdoor Ping Pong tables that you can get, considering the 6 mm table-top of aluminum-plastic. The all-metal skirt is again, a cherry on the top. The table-top is 50% thicker than most of the tables you can get from the market at this range. With such thickness, the Killerspin MyT-O gives a decent bounce alongside a smooth playing surface.

The table comes with really sturdy 1.5” steel metal support legs that can be locked for a tremble-free game. The table can be folded in halves and can be stored away conveniently. With the 3/8″ wheels, the portability of the table becomes really easy. Playing solo is not at all a problem with the Killerspin MyT-O. You can simply fold any one of the halves and play on the other. The side folded up can create a great bounce with which you can practice your grips and moves.


The Killerspin MyT-O features a 1.4” steel frame design which is enough to keep the table in a stiff position while playing. Who can tolerate a wobbly table, after all? This table by Killerspin being an outdoor one, the sturdiness while playing on an uneven ground matter a lot.

You can expect almost a professional-feel from the Killerspin MyT-O because of the bounce that it creates and the lock-feature that it features. One can always refine their skills and hit the professional grounds with this Ping Pong table.  

With the Repeat Roller Coating and 16 layers of protective resilience, the Killerspin MyT-O is made to last for years together.  

Net And Post

The Killerspin MyT-O comes with a weather-resistant net and post set that can be clipped on with ease. You can remove the whole set after your game or keep it affixed, either way, the net or posts are not going to wear away any sooner than you expect.


Like any other Killerspin Ping Pong essentials, you can rely on the brand for an affordable yet pro-quality Ping Pong table. The Killerspin MyT-O would cost you less than $800, which is way less than the professional feel that playing on it provides.

Did You Know?

Ping Pong was originated in Victorian England, where it was played by the upper-class as an after-dinner parlor game.

Customer Reviews

It might be pretty obvious reading the article so far that we have personally loved the table ever since we got it. My son and I play on it all the time. It has been one of our best picks so far. But, you shouldn’t just rely on us. We have assembled some of the honest reviews from the buyers of Killerspin MyT-O that might help you frame your decision even better.

“I’m glad I chose this table. Its main advantage is that the table is split into two independent halves. Why is that an advantage? Because each half is light, easy to maneuver, and easy to assemble. You just have to line them up and lock the wheels in place so that they make a complete table. The fold-up mechanism is smooth, and when practicing solo against one side folded up, there is no gap between the net and the backboard for the ball to escape through.

I assembled it in about 30 minutes in the dark, with only a few minutes of assistance from my wife. Both halves come in the same box, making it heavy, but you can open the box and start working on each half independently. I hear it is lighter than other outdoor tables too. Amazon’s freight delivery guys did a good job and nicely carried the box to our backyard when in theory they didn’t have to.

The only downside is that, as an outdoor table, the bounce isn’t as high as a normal table. As far as I know, you can’t avoid that, so if you need an outdoor table, you don’t have a choice. It’s still playable and you get used to it fairly quickly, but if you switch back and forth to an indoor table it might get confusing.”

“This is the best ping-pong table I’ve found for the backyard, and it serves the purpose very well. Looks great, and the construction promises decent longevity. Unlike other products reviewed on Amazon, this table was extremely easy to assemble – less than 15 minutes, which could be halved if I didn’t do it alone. The only problem that I experience is that the bounce is mediocre at best. This stems from using aluminum as the material for the top – perhaps an inevitable sacrifice to make it weather-resistant. By reviews, it looks like all outdoor tables have this problem, so I’m simply adjusting playing style to it… Feels a bit like clay court in tennis after a hard court – but hey, people play it and actually like it!”

Did You Know?

Ping Pong had several different names, including ‘Pang Pang’ and ‘whiff-whaff’.


Easy assembly, decent bounce, sturdy footing, and seamless portability are some of the features we put special attention on while buying a Ping Pong table. With the Killerspin MyT-O we got it all, and in a form that’s better than what we expected. All in all, we would highly recommend the table.

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