Killerspin Jet 800 Review

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They say Ping Pong is more a game of satisfaction than of winning. But again, we can’t call it a match until there’s this craze, enthusiasm and adrenalin rush that craves for winning. When Ping Pong shifts from the zone of recreation to passion, you would then want to learn every skill, practice more than what’s required, and would wish to get all the equipment that suits your game the best. Getting the right paddle is also a hassle when you are trying to get the best-suited one for yourself. So, what do you need to do in a situation as such? The answer is simple. Check out some reviews by Ping Pong Beast.

When there are a good number of products in the market and you find yourself getting attracted towards almost everyone out there, all you need to do is to check out a buying guide that tells you pretty much everything about the kind of paddle that might suit you best, and then go for the decision of picking a paddle. You can check this article to have a look at the buying guide.

When it comes to Ping Pong paddles, Killerspin comes at the top of the most adored brands list. Killerspin comes up with durable and affordable Ping Pong gears for every level of players. The Jet 800 is one such trending product in the Killerspin paddle range.

Did You Know?

The Table Tennis Association was founded in Britain in 1921. The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) as we know today came in 1926.

Features of Killerspin Jet 800

The Killerspin Jet 800 is crafted keeping in mind serious players. It features a 7-ply composite wood alongside a high-quality blade and carbon fiber. With a decent design, elegant look, and enhanced accuracy, the Killerspin Jet 800 is designed to suit the best interest of aggressive players.


The wood blade, as mentioned above is made up of 7 different layers amalgamated with 2 layers of carbon to provide the player with unbeatable power. The construction is undertaken to hit two goals by a single arrow – to provide great speed and to keep it lightweight for the player’s wrist. While other Ping Pong paddles can tire your wrist up pretty soon, the Killerspin Jet 800 makes sure that there’s no harm to your game. And at the same time, you are able to enjoy more than one matches at one go without feeling tired.

– Rubber: 

The 2.0mm Nitrx-4Z rubbers that Killerspin Jet 800 features are one that’s crafted taking into consideration aggressive plays. Hence, with it, you can hit some amazing shots which baffle the audience with its speed and unbelievable spin. Also, the rubber provides exceptional grip to tackle really high-intensity spins from your opponent.


The Killerspin Jet 800, apart from being an amazing catch for Ping Pong enthusiasts who crave speed, also features an ergonomic handle which is specially crafted to sit comfortably in your palm. You don’t have to worry about embarrassment of it slipping away in the midst of a match.

Tournament Approved

Finding a paddle that’s both apt for one’s style as well as tournament-ready is a great deal in itself, isn’t it? Well, if you are starting off, you wouldn’t really need to get a pro-level paddle, and neither do you have to worry about that being ITTF approved. But, with Killerspin, you get it all right here. The Killerspin Jet 800 is apt as per the beginner’s need as well as ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved with its construction which meets all the regulations set.


Killerspin is known for providing great paddles at an affordable price. But, this one isn’t really what old customers of Killerspin would be really happy about. It comes at about $96 (check out the current price below), which is a bit rip-off on the pocket. But, as far as the quality is concerned, one might not have as much issue as Killerspin always comes with amazing quality products which even-out all the costs odds.

Did You Know?

London hosted the first official Ping Pong World Championships in 1926.

Customer Reviews

“The JET800 SPEED N2 is designed with the serious player in mind. Killerspin’s professional quality blade construction with 7-ply composite wood and carbon fibre means enhanced accuracy and extra pop for an aggressive play style. The design is also elegant and natural for a distinguished look”, promises Killerspin. Well, after a good amount of testing, we have come to the conclusion that the paddle isn’t really a pro-level hit, but it sure provides with a decent performance and can be just right for beginner and intermediate level players. Let’s see what other users have to say about the paddle.

“I worked my way up the Killerspin line (2 Jet 600, then 3 Jet 800s) to this paddle and loved it. I play every week full on for 4+ hours. Along the way, I have also tried Stiga’s best, Butterfly, and others. Now I have purchased this Killerspin 800 three times, and am sticking with it. The best combination of power, spins, and control for me. Absolutely no issues with the paddle part – all are in my closet and still like new. I buy a new paddle when the rubbers wear out. May switch to buying rubbers and applying myself…. Thanks, Killerspin!”

“I was completely satisfied with my first paddle. I recently bought a second paddle about 2 months ago. I played under 10 times and some pimple-like bumps started to show up on the red rubber. I contacted KillerSpin and they got me a new replacement. This is a legit company that cares about its customers. The new paddle plays awesome. Hoping it will last like the first paddle.”

“Best table tennis bat I have bought. It has increased the speed of my smashes and I get loads more spin. The blade is intuitive and has helped my technique. This is my second one. My only criticism would be that the rubbers with consistent use do not last long and replacements are more expensive than replacing the whole bat. On checking the forums this is consistent with most good rubbers though with most only lasting a year with play. I play most days for 1hr and more on the match and training nights approximately 9-10hrs per week. This new one is reserved for match days with my old one being used for leisure and training.”

Did You Know?

The United States Table Tennis Association, which is now known as USA Table Tennis was formed in 1933.


Killerspin is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to Ping Pong equipment. We’ve hardly heard complaints of mishaps with the paddles manufactured by Killerspin. The Killerspin Jet 800 paddle is yet another great product by them. Well, it might not exactly a professional level paddle as the manufacturer claims it to be, but it isn’t that bad either. It is ITTF approved, provides great performance, and comes with a case, which is sufficient if you aren’t expecting too much from it.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast for more reviews on and about your favorite sport.

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