Killerspin Jet 600 Review

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Killerspin is a brand that has been among the most reliable ones when it comes to Ping Pong gears. You can always go out searching for a Ping Pong gear that best suits your style, and you’ll pretty often end up selecting one from Killerspin. We have been a fan of Killerspin ever since we came across their creation for the very first time. There are absolutely no times that we have trusted on Killerspin and regretted it. You get a very wide range of Ping Pong products with them, divided as per the skill level of the players. Heartily crafted and thoroughly checked, each and every product by Killerspin is one of its kind. 

The Killerspin Jet 600 is one of the finest-crafted products by them. It is made for intermediate to pro-level players, and like any other Ping Pong gears, it is the result of premium and quality craftsmanship. 

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Features Of Killerspin Jet 600

The Jet 600 by Killerspin is known to be one of the most balanced paddles available in the market. Despite having been crafted of 5 different wooden layers, the Killerspin Jet 600 is pretty lightweight. The solid base for power and precision is the frosting on the top. 

The soft-feel rubber with extra spring makes it desirable by both intermediate as well as advanced players. As mentioned, the high power is absolutely loved by hard-hitters. Hence, there’s no harm to say that the Killerspin Jet 600 has been crafted keeping in mind the aggressive players, specifically, although, it’s still convenient for the defensive players. 

Killerspin Jet 600 is a very powerful paddle, pretty apt for players who wish to refine their skills from intermediate to pro-level. Here are the features that make it one of the most desirable paddles in the market. 


The blade of any paddle is its very base, and defines the overall strength of the paddle. The Killerspin Jet 600 has a blade of 5-layer all wood. The pure wood base is wrapped up by 4.0mm strong and spongy Nitrx-4z rubber which is completely approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. The sponge and high-quality rubber establish the fine and classy look that the paddle carries. One might think that the all-wood blade is a drawback, but actually, it’s the blade and the rubber together, that pair up to bring out this amazing speed and spin that the paddle features. 


The handle of Killerspin Jet 600 is one of its best features. Like most of the new coming Ping Pong paddles, the Jet 600 also features a flared handle. Flared means that the handle width expands towards the edge. The grip is about 3.75 inches which makes it feel pretty comfortable. The paddle has solid speed and spin, and a decent control. You can try it to see how the paddle works for you. We won’t, however, recommend the paddle to complete beginners, as they might not be able to control the fierce power that the paddle in action exerts. 


This 6.1 inches x 10 inches structure weighs about 175 grams. It is a plus point for some, while some others find the weight of the paddle weighing down their performance as well. This heavy paddle provides you with good attacks and fine spins. One of the things that we found unfavourable about the paddle is that it hits powerful but straight-out shots, and not curved ones. This gives predictability to the opponent and their rebound becomes faster. 


Killerspin often puts its buyers into a state of confusion as it doesn’t bring products that are as cheap as you might think. But, what we believe is that the fine quality that it comes at turns every odd into even. The Killerspin Jet 600 comes at about $70. You can as well hit an offer and get the paddle at a cheaper price. 

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Customer Reviews

Despite the price that bothers some, the Killerspin Jet 600 is loved by many Ping Pong enthusiasts. We got the paddle delivered about 6 months ago, and so far, we have had no complaints about it as far as the quality is concerned. The heavyweight often is disliked by my son, but well, he’s hardly reached the age of playing Ping Pong professionally. So that way, this could be one of the best catches for you when it comes to Ping Pong paddles. Well, that’s just our opinion. Let’s hear what other buyers have to say about Killerspin Jet 600. 

“I bought both paddles to see which suited my style: the JET800 because it was the top of the line with carbon, and the JET600 because the specs were nearly identical but the advertised paddle weight was significantly lighter than the JET800. I weighed both on a scale and it turns out the JET800 was actually the lighter of the two. Ironically, on playing with both, the JET800 actually felt much slower in the hand because the weight is more heavily concentrated on the blade perimeter rather than the handle. Even though both paddles use the same rubber, I have better agility and can consistently generate better spin with the JET600 because it “feels” that much lighter. You would think the weighted tip of the JET800 would translate to harder hits, but that was offset from it being slower to swing, so both paddles practically hit with close to the same ball speed. Overall, the difference between both paddles was pretty subtle, but for me, the JET600 has a slight performance edge, and for almost half the price. I do like Killer Spin because their paddles, in general, tend to be significantly lighter than any reputable brand.”

“This bat is good but the price is a little high for its quality though I believe that high price is because of import-export tax as it came from the USA. Overall it is a very good bat for advanced players, and highly recommended by me.” 

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Having read everything about the Killerspin Jet 600, it’s times you yourself try a hand on it. The paddle has brought different experiences for different levels of players. It might bring something new to your playing style as well. 

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast and keep getting amazing articles on your favorite sport.

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