Killerspin Jet 500 Review

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Killerspin, a Chicago based Ping Pong equipment manufacturing firm has been at the top of Ping Pong enthusiast’s list when it comes to getting the best for themselves. One of their premium-quality, highly adored products is the Killerspin Jet 500 paddle. The paddle is good for beginner and intermediate players, so if you are just stepping into the Ping Pong game, you better choose a paddle that’s more at the beginner’s level. The high-quality materials amalgamated together bring a great spin, speed, and control to the players.

Did You Know?

The Ping Pong balls are rate up to 3 stars. The 3 star rated balls are used in important tournaments.

Features Of Killerspin Jet 500

The Killerspin Jet 500 is made up of high-quality wood and premium materials which end up providing a good balance of speed, spin, and control. It has a blade thickness of 6.7mm that provides extra power over your game. The 5 wood ply layers result in creating amazing bounce to the ball.

However good the quality of the blade might be, the paddle won’t be considered fine without considering the rubber. The Killerspin Jet 500 comes with Nitrx-4z rubber which is an ITTF approved rubber, providing high tension. The top-sheet of the rubber can create an amazing grip on the ball, with which the ball can create great spins. Also, this rubber guarantees a tough counter-strike to all your spinny opponents.

There’s often a fear that if you are hitting a hard-shot, the paddle may swing out of your hand. Do you have that fear too? Well, if so, you can try Killerspin Jet 500. It has a flared handle that can prevent tossing away of the paddle from your grip in the midst of a match. You can comfortably fix your grip at the top or bottom, as per your needs. Let’s talk about the paddle’s performance ratings.

Speed: If one wishes to advance from beginner to intermediate, and then to a pro-level, one must have a great speed. For that, you’d also need to have a paddle that catalyses your speed and put it into your performance. The speed rating for Killerspin Jet 500 is 8 out of 10, which is pretty good.

Spin: You cannot master Ping Pong until you know your spins. You’d have to get a paddle that doesn’t restrict your grip movements, and thus, creates great spins. The Killerspin Jet 500 has a spin rating of 9 out of 10. This means that your spins are safe with this paddle.

Control: However swift your speed and spin may be, you can’t be a pro until you have control over your paddle and your game. The control rating is a bit low, that is 7.5 for the Killerspin Jet 500. But again, this much is enough for intermediate level players.

Did You Know?

Each Ping Pong ball has to go under the tests of weight, size, composition, deformation, and rebound by ITTF to be approved for important tournaments.


For a high-end paddle, you might think the Killerspin would cost you a fortune. Well, I won’t say you are completely wrong in this part. We purchased the paddle at around $79. Check online and you might get quite a few offers for the same. It’s a bit expensive but considering the performance that it gives, we can’t really complain.

Customer Reviews

It’s been quite a few months now that we purchased the Killerspin Jet 500. So far, it’s been really fun for us. The material is on the upper side of perfection, and we haven’t seen even a paper-bit worn out of the paddle yet. As per the longevity part, we believe that the Killerspin Jet 500 is literally killing it. Here are a few reviews from the buyers of the paddle.  

“I had started playing table tennis a little while ago. My first racket was a cheap plastic racket. My second racket was a wooden racket covered with a very thin layer of rubber sponge. My third racket was a wooden racket with a thicket rubber sponge. And now recently I just purchased this Killerspin JET500. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, this is the racket for you! It’s got pretty good speed, LOTS of spins, and a great design for grip and hold. The only downfall is its weight. It’s a bit heavier than I expected, but I got used to it very quickly.”

“This is one unbelievable paddle. I am now making topspin shots that I was never able to make before. Control and spin are keys thanks to the heavier weight of the paddle as well. My game is visibly improved “overnight” and even though I am only playing recreationally, it’s well worth owning this well-made paddle knowing that your shots are actually better than you had thought! Strongly recommended!!”

“We decided to purchase a ping pong table at work so naturally, I had to get myself a decent paddle. I looked around and didn’t want a $10 paddle or a $300 paddle so I landed on this particular one. It took some getting used to because I have been using the cheap paddles that usually come in packs but now that I got the hang of it, it is AMAZING! The spin I get off this thing is out of this world! It might seem a bit pricey but it worth it. Just a warning though, the ball launches off this thing so work on your angles.”

“This paddle is a quality paddle. If you are looking for a great paddle to take you to the next level, look no further. I recently bought a Stiga Evolution and shortly returned it for the Killerspin Jet500. The Stiga was too light, not balanced, hollow-sounding, and does not have the look and feel of quality that the Jet500 has. The Jet500 is very balanced in weight and makes a very satisfying noise when you really smash the ball. I feel the Killerspin lives up to its ratings for speed, spin, and control better than the Stiga. In the future, I will stick with Killerspin and just get a more advanced edition if not the same paddle.”

Did You Know?

There’s an interesting theory that claimed that 1.498 billion Ping Pong balls can lift the Titanic!


The Killerspin Jet 500 Ping Pong paddle is an epitome of speed, spin, and control. If you are in the beginner or intermediate level, you’d find the paddle pretty adorable. Pro-players, however, won’t really find it beneficial. It features ITTF approved rubber and high-quality blades. Killerspin Jet 500 was developed to bring youth and innovation to the game of Ping Pong. This paddle brings complete justice to the claim. We’d definitely recommend it.

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