Killerspin Jet 400 Review

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Ping Pong is a game for speed-lovers. A single blink of eyes and you’ll find yourself missing out on an important sport, and even before you realize, you’d have lost the match. If you are serious about Ping Pong, you must as well, be serious about what equipment you choose for playing. Everything, from paddle to ball has a huge contribution to how your game is going to be. Like, for example, you cannot expect yourself to be a professional player and still be playing with the beginner’s set, would you? Someone having a passion for Ping Pong would always manage to find every single equipment that would aid their game, and so, the companies that manufacture Ping Pong gears also leave no stones unturned in bringing out products for each level of players. 

Killerspin is one such brand that puts 100% of its efforts to bring world-class Ping Pong gears to the market, and that too, for every style of playing, and every level of player. You can undoubtedly rely on Killerspin for a product, and we guarantee that you won’t regret one bit. The Jet 400 is one of the paddles from the intermediate range of Killerspin. This means the features that it comes with is apt for intermediate players.  Let’s know about some of the features of the Killerspin Jet 400.

Did You Know?

Ping Pong is one of the first sports to sell out during all the Olympics.

Features Of Killerspin Jet 400

Killerspin is an Intermediate level paddle, and so you can expect a decent performance with it. While the brand promises a really high speed and spin, you mustn’t expect it to be too much. You’re getting a speed of 7.0, a spin of 9.0 and control of about 8. So, you can estimate how much the paddle is going to perform for you. Having said that, let’s have a look at some other features of the Killerspin Jet 400. 


A passionate Ping Pong player expects his paddle to perform in the best way possible in all situations. An important part of the paddle is its blade. The blade is the very base or core of the paddle that contributes a lot to how the paddle is going to perform in real-time. The blade of Killerspin Jet 400 is constructed of 5 layers of pure wood, providing the paddle with stiffness, which then, results in creating a great speed and spin. The wooden blade of the Killerspin Jet 400 provides the blade with the perfect balance of aggression and flexibility, making it desirable for a number of Ping Pong enthusiasts. 


If you are as crazy about Ping Pong as we are, you must be aware how each part of the paddle has a special contribution to the performance that the paddle brings to the table. The Killerspin Jet 400 features the 1.8 mm high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubber which is known for its great stickiness. The rubber of the paddle is what decides the bounce that the ball is going to get, and that, in turn, speaks for the speed and spin. With the Killerspin Jet 400, you don’t have to worry about any of these, as you are sure to get what the brand promises. 


Killerspin provides what it promises, and with that, it also doesn’t hesitate in sticking price-tags as much it believes the craftsmanship deserves. You ought to check-out Killerspin products with a generous heart and pocket. This paddle comes at about $60 (or, less, if you get an offer), which might seem a bit expensive, but once you get your hands on the paddle, you’ll know why the price is so. 

Did You Know?

China has about 100 million Ping Pong players.

Customer Reviews

The Jet 400 is one of the most adored paddles in the Killerspin range. We have checked a number of e-commerce websites dealing with the Jet 400 and so far, we have hardly heard of any complaints regarding the quality of the product. We’ve got it delivered only last month, and can’t really comment on the longevity, but the performance it provides is pretty good. Let’s hear what some other customers have to say about it. 

“I went on a little buying spree of a few ping pong paddles the last few months after getting back into the game big time after a hiatus of a few years. I’ve been pleased with all my purchases, including this Killerspin Jet400.

It took me a bit longer to get used to this paddle compared to my other ones, but once I got the hang of it, I’ve started to use this paddle with better effect.

I smash a fair bit and my smashes with this paddle are quite devastating! I don’t spin a whole lot, but when I do this paddle provides decent spin. I primarily use this paddle at work (during lunch break or after work hours) but did use this at a Table Tennis Club a few times too. While it faired ok at the Table Tennis Club, given the higher level of play at the club, I now use another paddle for the club that is a bit more pricey and better suited for more advanced play.

While ultimately you’re playing style will dictate which paddle is ideal for you, in general, If you’re into ping pong and play it somewhere between more than just simple recreational play to intermediate play, this paddle should do you just fine!”

“This purchase was experimental for me as it is my first personally owned table tennis paddle. I’ve played with a variety of paddles and had a pretty good idea about what I wanted. I was bouncing back and forth between the Jet 200 and the 400 and decided that the extra spin rating was worth the extra cost.

A friend of mine bought the Jet 200, and I had a chance to do a side by side comparison with the 200 and 400 paddles. There is virtually no difference between the two paddles, and I’m not certain where the extra $20 goes for the 400. The paddle rubber seems identical, but the foam padding is a different colour. I’m assuming the padding is a slightly different material which is where the slightly different speed/control/spin ratings factor in. He still beats me at a 3/2 game ratio even with the 200 so it’s obvious that the extra $20 did not buy me any extra skill, unfortunately.

One small caveat to the super-tacky Killerspin rubber:

So yea, you can spin the ball pretty easily now, but your paddle now reacts to your opponent’s spin that much greater. Be prepared to allow some adjustment time to get used to having to be more precise in responding to oncoming spin.”

Did You Know?

Germany has close to 1 million Ping Pong players.


Killerspin is known for its reliability. You can buy any product from them and be sure of the fact that you won’t have a single hint of trouble with it. With the Killerspin Jet 400, you can refine your skills and proceed from the intermediate to the pro-level. We highly recommend it! 

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