Killerspin Jet 200 Review

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Killerspin is known for its intention of crafting Ping Pong gears for every level of players having a different kind of play-style. You can expect to get almost everything related to Ping Pong with them, and that too, in the best quality possible. For Ping Pong paddles, Killerspin makes one for each category. If you are a beginner and want something affordable, they have it for you. If you are a professional and want something that enhances your style, they’ll provide one for you, so and so. You can rely on Killerspin for the best quality at an affordable price.

Getting straight to the point, this very paddle is about Killerspin Jet 200, which is known for being a highly pocket-friendly beginner’s paddle. It’s basically designed in accordance with the shakehand style grip. What makes the paddle so great is the fact that it’s amazing for beginners who might have trouble controlling the paddle. Killerspin Jet 200 has a brilliant control rating and is low in speed and spin. Here, we are going to discuss all the ups and downs that go with the Killerspin Jet 200 and try to analyze why the paddle is so popular among newbies.

Did You Know?

After the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the International Table Tennis Federation made several changes in the rules which were aimed at making Ping Pong more viable as a televised spectator sport.

Features of Killerspin Jet 200

First off, let’s see how the performance ratings for Killerpin Jet 200 are. As we said, it has a great control rating of 8.5, which aids the control-fear of the beginners. It provides a speed of about 6 and the spin is 7 which clears off the trouble of not being able to cope with the fierce speed that a paddle might take off into.

Blade And Sponge

Killerspin is a beginner, or entry-level paddle which is pretty ideal for the beginners starting-off with the journey in Ping Pong, and are looking for an upgrade from the very basic set that they began with. The Killerspin Jet 200 features a blade that is extra-light 5-ply wood that is covered with a 1.8 mm sponge layer. 1.5 mm to 1.8 mm of thickness is ideal for those starting-off and the recreational players, as the thicker, the sponge is the more it’ll speed the paddle-up, which can’t be handled by newbies. It gets pretty overwhelming when you are just a beginner and your paddle is running out of control for you.

When you are just stepping in, you’d want to have a paddle that has good control, allowing you to practice your shots with ease, and good ball placement. The Killerspin Jet 200 has it both.


If you were expecting that we’d say that Killerspin Jet 200 features an ITTF rubber, you’d be highly disappointed. The rubber that it comes with is a fair quality one but isn’t apt for tournament level playing. For a beginner, we guess, this is fine.

Killerspin didn’t design Killerspin Jet 200 with an intention of fitting the needs of professional players. These were made keeping in mind beginners and recreational players. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even bother giving the tournament colours to the paddle and rather opted to have three vibrant options, BluVanilla, Black, Mocha and Lime, which pretty much reflect their pure intention of consideration of the level of players they are designing it for.

Even though it’s not very great in quality, you can still expect a good speed and spin from the Killerspin Jet 200, which are 6.0 and 7.0 respectively. For beginners who are looking to just step-up from the noob level, this is fine. The control, as we said is great, making it really easy for players to keep the game steady.


After the disappointment of the rubber not being ITTF approved, you might have thought that “well, that’s it. I am not gonna get anything else from it”. Let us just say, that the paddle has some more to it. The handle that it has got is flared, which means it widens towards the end making it even more comfortable for you to grip it well.

For starting out, we believe there’s nothing to complain about.


As we said, this is an entry-level Ping Pong paddle, so Killerspin didn’t really bother about making it too pricey. Also, Killerspin has been known for providing affordable products, and the Killerspin Jet 200 is one such great deal. You can buy it online at a price of less than $50, which makes it even more desirable. Check out the current price below.

Did You Know?

The ball in a Ping Pong tournament must be tossed a minimum of 16 cm in the air for the opponent to know it’s a serve.

Customer Reviews

The best part of reading our reviews is to get a bonus of knowing what some other buyers are saying about a product. We have made sure that you get 100% authentic and honest reviews from us, as well as the other customers.  Check out the following comments that we got from some e-commerce websites selling Killerspin Jet 200.

“I am a passionate casual, office player. I started using the company-provided paddles that are fine at first, but hot garbage once you hit that point of anticipating spins and placements from your opponents. A rival of mine whom I beat regularly started using a pro paddle and there was simply nothing I could do to counter the heavy spins. He was beating me 80% of the time. So it was either quit or invest, but not get too crazy. So this Killerspin seemed like a great balance, and I’m happy to report that it is that and more.

The Killerspin seems to have a 100% sweet spot, I can counter any spin coming at me for a safe return over the net. It takes very minimal muscle memory to get down the right touch and the paddle does the rest. I bought this a month ago and haven’t lost a match yet. I will say at first, the handle felt a little small that took some getting used to, but it is still the easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given a product. I look forward to advancing further and maybe seeing how the upgraded Killerspin paddles do once I quit my job and join the table tennis pro circuit if that exists.”

“First time using this new paddle I was amazed at the spin and control. Having only used the paddles that came with the table these are a huge upgrade. I entered a tournament that our city puts on every year and took second place. Decided table tennis might be my future so I asked my job to only work my part-time and have been training daily hoping to make the Olympic team. Some say I am crazy but when you enter a tournament of 9 people which only 4 of them were children and you get the second place it is an obvious sign that you are a table tennis master. Look for me in Tokyo 2020”

“Great paddle for skilled players that play for fun. At this price, this paddle has exceeded all expectations. Crazy control allowed me to improve my game and my backspin. my defence too has gotten much much better. One side of the paddle has more cushion for defense (green) and backspin and the black side is harder which allows me to go on the attack with greater speed. I’ll take my paddle over any of the top 10 paddles on the internet. Lastly, the white case it comes in is great to protect the paddle, it’s not bulky but it’s strong.”

Did You Know?

The 38 mm standard ball was changed to 40 mm after the 2000 Summer Olympics.


Having known that the paddle is designed for beginners and recreational players, we have no complaints about it. It’s rather a very comfortable paddle with a flared grip and nice rubber. There might be some issues with the handle, so make sure you check thoroughly before buying the paddle from an offline store. And if you buying online make sure that you are buying from a genuine seller.

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