Killerspin Diamond C Review

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Killerspin, as we all know is among the best sellers of Ping Pong gears. One can vouch on the product-quality of Killerspin with closed eyes and be amazed to be right every time. They have a wide range of products, beginning from the beginner’s to intermediate, and from pro-level to casual-playing products. Killerspin not only crafts world-class products, but also helps “build and support engaged communities of avid players with events, content, training, education and inspiration.” They believe in bringing a revolution in the Ping Pong world with their craftsmanship, and so, you can always trust and get only the best products with them. The Killerspin Diamond C, also known as RTG Diamond C is a paddle for the advanced- level players. This is one of the paddles that deserve serious consideration by any player who wishes to play Ping Pong professionally at high levels. The paddle is pretty apt for an up-tempo style of match considering that it has been made keeping in mind a fierce game-play.

Did You Know?

The European Championships for Ping Pong takes place annually.

Features Of Killerspin Diamond C

The Killerspin Diamond C is a par-excellent pro-level paddle that goes beyond the requirements of ITTF. It comes with a noted speed of 9.8, a spin of 9.4 and the control rating goes 8.4, so it’s pretty understandable why the paddle is not a child’s play. Putting a hand on the Killerspin Diamond C is like promising oneself a trophy real soon.


One of the reasons Killerspin Diamond C attains such crazy speed is due to the seven layers that it is crafted-up off. It has 2 layers of carbon, along with 5 wooden layers that ensure optimum amount of speed and a more than decent spin. The Killerspin Diamond C paddle has its own club of fans in the Ping Pong industry for its amazing speed, and half the credit for this goes to the blade.


The Killerspin Diamond C weighs about 9.6 ounces. The paddle is a bit more on the heavier side of the ideal weight for the paddles, but when it comes to performance, it fits just right to the weight-resistance level of the player. The weight ensures decent control and thrilling power with every stroke.

Special Features – Key Points

Apart from the basic features that most of the paddles come with, Killerspin Diamond C has some add-ons that make the deal even more attractive for you. Know why you should consider buying the paddle below:

– Awesome option for players who like to combine speed and power.

– Features the grip of an ergonomically designed paddle.

– Larger sweet spot on the paddle’s playing surface.

– Pre-assembled advanced-level paddle for pro-players.


Killerspin likes to price its products as per the levels they are crafted for. Higher the level, higher would be the price of the product. This paddle is for the advanced-level players, and so is the price. You would get the Killerspin Diamond C for about $260 (or, less) on online stores. It may seem a bit over-priced, but once you play with the paddle, you’ll know why it has been priced this way.

Did You Know?

For the first time ever, Portugal became European Champion in Ping Pong, in 2014 defending champion Germany in the final round.

Customer Reviews

We always find customers holding a habit of negatively rating a paddle if it costs a little bit more than what they expected. The same goes with the Diamond C. At least for us, the paddle served really great. The paddle’s quality may vary from seller to seller, so make sure that you are paying only for the authentic one and not a copy of it. I and my son have been playing with it for a while now and are amazed by the lightening-speed at which the ball shoots out every time it hits the paddle. The power it exerts is the super-star feature for us. Let’s see what some other buyers have to comment about the paddle.

“Received this paddle as a Christmas gift from my kids and man what a surprise.

I thought I would never own a paddle of this calibre. It definitely took my game to a new level.

Start with power- it’s simply amazing to see and feel the reaction of the ball coming off the paddle.

ACCURACY- I thought that with the increase of speed that I would lose accuracy, well what a surprise. It actually increased my accuracy of placement along with power.

I considered myself an advanced intermediate player having played for almost 30 years off and on.

I play with a group of approximately 30- 40 players who are very good. I played a few of the better players recently and beat 1 or 2 that I’ve never been able to beat.

If you can look past the price and really enjoy a competitive edge this paddle is for you.

I have a robot that I practice with and I’m still surprising myself with my shots and accuracy.

Get this paddle!!!!!!

This is definitely not for a beginner.

I highly recommend this for the advanced player with good technique!”

“This new paddle changed my game in the following ways: speed of the ball increased, I now hit the ball much “lower” to my opponent and I have better control over my shots. I have played with several high-end bats but this diamond TC takes the cake. A bit on the expensive end for an armature player, but it has given me a real edge with my usual group.”

“Great paddle & great customer service

The speed & spin on this thing is killer. It has a very distinct sound when you crank one too. Very satisfied. Customer service @ Killerspin is first class too. I highly recommend this paddle for anyone wanting to gain a competitive advantage & take their game to the next level.”

Did You Know?

The European Championships took place in Portugal for the first time ever in the year 2014.


The Killerspin Diamond C is a great paddle for tournament playing and is highly adored by many Ping Pong players all over the world. From awesome speed to pumping power, the paddle delivers everything it promises. One might find the price a bit expensive, but apart from that, the paddle is top-class.

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