Joola Tour 2500 Review

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Joola has always been known to be one of the best when it comes to Ping Pong gears. One can feel the popularity of Joola by the fact that it is the official sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. When it comes to the best quality Ping Pong tables at an affordable price, we bet you cannot get anything better than them. The ‘Tour’ series of Ping Pong table succeeds in quality with the rise in the number and the same goes for the popularity. So, it’s obvious now that the Jolla Tour 2500 is the most popular one as of now.

Did You Know?

When the US-China cold war was at a peak, in 1971, Ping Pong was set as a bridge between the countries’ frozen relationship.

Features of Joola Tour 2500

The Joola Tour 2500 has the regulation size dimensions of 9 ft x 5 ft and 1” thickness (25mm) crafted of MDF. The whole structure weighs about 250 lbs and the total time to get it assembled is hardly 10 to 15 mins. The Joola Tour 2500 is really popular among both, the amateurs and professionals. Let’s get a bit more into the features of Joola Tour 2500.


Ping Pong tables, as per the regulations are supposed to be 1” thick at the top end and about ½” in the lower end. The thickness of the table is pretty much decisive of how good the bounce of the Ping Pong ball is going to be. The thicker the table-top, the better the bounce is going to be.

This Ping Pong Table by Joola has a 1” table-top crafted of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) which proves its durability and reliability. The table is painted blue with layers of thin bases to make the bounce evenly all over the table-surface. You cannot, although afford to play on it in the open. The Joola Tour 2500 is more of an indoor Ping Pong table.

Metal Frame and Undercarriage

The robust 50 mm frame with a powder coating in the Joola Tour 2500 provides support to the table and makes it one of the sturdiest ones that Joola has to offer. The corners are also protected with a coating to save the table from chipping and breaking.

The table also has black powder-coated steel in the undercarriage giving the table a strong feel. Once you are done playing you can also conveniently fold the two halves of the table and the legs would adjust to the overall structure in no time. The double anti-tilting feature adds a little more protection locking the fold up.

Shifting from resting to playback position is also seamless with the foldable feature of the Joola Tour 2500 table.

Wheels and Height Adjusters

There are four caster wheels affixed to each of the legs of the table which are now 4 inches, upgraded from the 3-inch ones back in 2019. The large wheels that the table comes with make it convenient to move from one place to another as per need. To resist the wheel movement you get a lock feature with which you get the whole table stiff while playing. The ends also have rubber adjusters for making the playing surface reach a convenient height for you.

Net and Posts

The Joola tour 2500 comes with an easy net and posts set to attach it to the table with a clamp while playing. With this USATT approved net and post set you can even adjust the height and tension, making it no less than a highly-professional Ping Pong table.


Several Ping Pong tables are coming with almost the same specification as this one which takes hours to get assembled. Luckily, we didn’t have to sweat much putting the Joola Tour 2500 together. It comes almost completely pre-assembled that takes away the plight of sparing time and efforts on putting the things together. The caster ‘T’ bracketed legs are the only things that need to be put together with bolts and screws, apart from that you are free from hassle with the ‘tour’ series.

Did You Know?

Janove Walder from Sweden is considered the best player in Ping Pong.


When it comes to a Ping Pong table with such professional features as the Joola Tour 2500, you would have to rip off your pocket with no less than $1500. With Joola, you get the ease of getting a next-to-perfect Ping Pong table in a price range of $600-$800. Click on the link below to know the best offers.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned above, the Jolla Tour 2500 is a skilfully tailored professional Ping Pong table that comes with all the features that one would wish to have in their table. We looked down in the local market, asked some customers who bought it, and also analyzed some online websites to look for the reviews and the response is fairly good. Check out some of the best responses below.

“As good as advertised. Megaspin was very responsive and friendly to my inquiries. I waffled between the 2500 and a couple of “professional” models. In the end, I thought 2500 made too much sense in terms of quality, reviews, and price. Loving it so far. Easy to set up and a great playing surface.”

“The table seems well made and seems to play well. We only had one issue: The legs have adjusters to level the table, but keep in mind that they anchor into cheap plastic inserts that sit inside the steel legs. My young son practiced with one side up, and let it down too hard, which blew out the plastic anchors for the levelers. Our fault, but just be aware the levelers are NOT made to take any abuse. The company has responded quickly and I’m sure they’ll get us some new ones so I’m not worried about it. I stuck a wood block under and leveled with flooring wedges, so we’re good for now.”

Did You Know?

For any elite tournament to be conducted, the ITTF needs to approve the ball first.


So far, we haven’t really come across any flaws in the Joola Tour 2500, which is great. We have been playing on it ever since it arrived and have loved it. The bounce that the table-top creates and the fineness of the table surface is par-excellence for us.  All in all, the Joola Tour 2500 is one of the best you can get at this range. We would highly recommend it.

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