Joola Tour 1800 Review

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Joola is a pioneer in sports essentials since time immemorial (metaphorically). Whenever it comes to a paddle, a table, or anything about Ping Pong, Joola is one of the names that would undoubtedly come to your mind. It leads the market of the US and is a top picked manufacturer all over the world. The Joola Tour 1800 is a mid-tier Ping Pong table, possibly for the people who wish to have a good quality table but that doesn’t need to be ITTF approved.

Did You Know?

A Ping Pong player needs to involve his full body to create a powerful shot.

Features of Joola Tour 1800 

The Joola Tour series is one of the most popular Ping Pong tables in their whole range. These are affordable and near to high-end tables that fulfill pretty much all the demands that a Ping Pong table buyer might have at an affordable price. It is an 18 mm painted surface with a black powder-coated, 40 mm undercarriage. It features easy automatic folding legs with locking casters. The Joola Tour 1800 is a low-budget, almost-professional Ping Pong table that has been awesome ever since we got it home. The table is ideal for playing at home or recreational clubs. Also, it has a net and posts approved by USATT. One of the best things about this table by Joola is that it comes with a 1-year warranty, that speaks of its reliability.


The table-top of Joola Tour 1800 is crafted with 18mm MDF painted surface. It isn’t a professional table so let’s not spoil the thrill of this product by expecting it to be of the ITTF approved specifications. When it comes to the fineness and performance, we bet you won’t be disappointed at all. The wood-work is proper and flawless.

Net and Post

Even after getting the best table available in the market, we fall into the plight of having to fetch a net and post set for it. This sometimes becomes tiresome as you never know what new trouble an assembled net and post set may cause. It is always better to get the whole set together. Luckily, you get the net and post set along with the Joola Tour 1800. The net is premium quality and gives the output as promised.

You can put the set out when not in use and easily put it back when you wish to play. The process is very easy!


The Joola Tour 1800 features 4 locking casters. Having this, you can easily move the table around and place it in the location of your desire. You can lock the casters to keep the table sturdy on the floor. Also, you can rely on it for having a great Ping Pong experience, as the table also comes with a leveling feature with which you can level the legs to your requirement on uneven surfaces. It saves a lot of hassle, doesn’t it?

Ease of Use

We often get into trouble when we have less space to fit in a Ping Pong table that is way too big for us. Well, you need not worry. The Joola Tour 1800 comes with a foldable feature with which you can fold one half of the table and use just the other half. This way your table can fit into any kind of match you want. We often use just one half of the table and it’s fun even then.

Did You Know?

There are about 350 sanctioned tournaments conducted every year.


It is well known by now that the products by Joola come at very affordable prices. This table would cost you hardly around $600 and give you a performance of a professional-level Ping Pong table. Again, the 1-year warranty that it comes with is the cherry on the top.

Customer Reviews

We’d consider ourselves first if it’s about customer reviews. We got the table delivered 3 months ago. We were expecting some troubles assembling it, but surprisingly, the whole assembly process took less than 30 minutes. Most of the parts came pre-assembled. We only had to fix the caster wheels and some trivial works here and there, and the table was ready to go. When we looked for reviews from other buyers and their views were not very varied from ours.

“This table is awesome. I’m a casual ping pong player in that I’m only playing every so often, but when I do, I want the table to perform well. The main things I was looking for was high quality, reasonable price, and simple installation. This easily checked off all those boxes. Setup took 25 min. It looks great and performs well. If I had some more free cash lying around, I would have sprung for the Joola 2500 just because why not. But nothing about this 1800 model makes me feel like I am missing out on an excellent ping pong experience. Would highly recommend it.”

“Table arrived within 2 days of ordering and came in perfect condition. I had the driver assemble which took him about 30 minutes. Aesthetically, it is a beautiful table. Very easy to fold and store and has a great playing surface. Was not sure what to expect ordering a table online, but very glad we went with this table. In reviewing Megaspin, very pleased with their price, communication, and delivery time.”

“Our family is very satisfied with our purchase. This is an awesome table. It was incredibly easy to assemble and is very sturdy and holds up well to play by numerous people at different levels of play. Delivery also went well – it arrived as scheduled and in excellent condition.”

Did You Know?

Foam rubber rackets were introduced by Japan in 1952.


It’s been four months now since we came across the Joola Tour 1800 and it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that this is one of the best tables that we have got. We didn’t hope for it to be anything like a tournament table, but to our surprise, it gives a performance no less than that. The only thing that bothered us is its heavy-weight. It sometimes becomes difficult to move it around when the wheels are not being used (where wheels can’t be used). Still, performance-wise, we are really happy with the Joola Tour 1800 and would highly recommend it.

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