Joola Rally TL Review

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Joola has been a pioneer in the world of Ping Pong ever since it came into existence. It has been winning hearts for years. You can rely on them for everything that you need up and around Ping Pong. From tables to Ping Pong balls, you can get anything and everything you need, that too in a basket full of variety. We have been using their amazing products for a long time and have been in love with them ever since. Today, we are going to share our thoughts about the Joola Rally TL table, which is one of the most trending tables in their products list. We got it last month and it’s a comprehensive and detailed review of experience with Joola Rally TL table after a whole 30 days of playing on it continuously, every single day. 

Did You Know?

Table Tennis or Ping Pong has always been one of the first games to sell out during the Olympics. This includes the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as well.


Joola Rally TL table for Ping Pong has a very sturdy surface that is a 15 mm, typically thick table with a charcoal painted fibreboard. This Ping Pong table is basically for indoor use and is expected to meet the demands of a recreational player or Ping Pong enthusiast looking for improvement in their game or intending just to have fun with friends and family. The surface of the Joola Rally TL is carefully mounted on a durable 30 mm x 30 mm frame. This makes the table really sturdy. Considering the price of the Joola Rally TL before trying any other table could prove to be a really good option if you’re looking for an affordable Ping Pong table. Let’s dig in a bit more to get an extensive experience of the Joola Rally TL Ping Pong table. 

Table Surface:

The Rally TL features a 15mm thick table-top made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) which provides a reasonable bounce considering the thickness of the lower end of the table surface. The charcoaled table-top features a silk-screened white striping being printed directly on the surface to create a consistent and hard-wearing playing surface.

Now, it’s a very well-known fact that the thicker the table-top is, the higher the ball will bounce. The ideal Ping Pong tables are supposed to be 15 mm to 25 mm. This one with a 15 mm thickness is, hence, perfect for recreational purposes. We cannot expect it to excel in a professional game but it definitely can fit your everyday gaming purposes and can help you sharpen your game. 

Frame and Table Apron:

The Joola Rally TL has a 1.5″ tube apron, helping to support the surface and providing an evenly distributed bounce across the whole table-top. The undercarriage of this table by Joola has a 30mm x 30mm steel frame which makes its look and feels stiff and strong. 

The table legs of Joola Rally TL are 1.5″ thick and are crafted from durable steel to provide support. The ends of the legs come with height adjusters to bring to you the best possible and flat playing surface. This is basically an indoor table, hence comes with rubber ends resisting any scratch on the floor. 


The Joola Rally TL can very conveniently split into two halves making itself really easy to be used and stored. Taking into consideration the weight of a typical Ping Pong table (which is, really really heavy), the Joola Rally TL amazingly erases this problem with its splitting and folding feature. Also, as these tables are foldable, you can very easily store it anywhere and it would take minimal of your room’s space. 

Not to forget the mobility, the Joola Rally TL comes equipped with each half of the table having four 3” anti-tilting caster wheels. It helps to move the table easily but also makes sure to maintain enough balance for playing. 

Ball Holders And Magnetic Scoreboard: 

Adding to the glory of convenience, Joola comes with an amazing new feature of embedding the table with side ball holders. You can easily hold 3 balls on each side of the table (12 altogether), making the game even more fun for you. 

Another amazing add-on to the Joola Rally TL is the magnetic scoreboard that fits the sides of the Ping Pong table, making each game no less than professional, not letting you miss on any score. 

Did You Know?

It takes a huge 10,000 hours of serious practice time to be a potential medallist in the game of Ping Pong.


Having seen all the essential features, what matters next is the price. Joola being a renowned brand offers reliability and hence, the cost is also very reasonable. The Joola Rally TL comes at a range of $500-600, way less than any other Ping Pong table with such amazing features. Go searching for a decent Ping Pong table and you would get ripped off with no less than 1000 dollars. Considering that, the price of this Joola table is perfectly apt for everyone. 

Did You Know?

China has about 100 million Ping Pong players at the present time.

Customer Review

We never randomly go Ping Pong table shopping, do we? We ask for people’s reviews, we surf through the internet, analyse the features, compare that with other similar products and then come to a conclusion of which table we want. Here, we have it all covered for you. Plus, I am hereby jotting down some of the reviews for the Joola Rally TL table from various websites. 

“I love my Joola ping pong table! It arrived in an extremely well designed protective shipping carton. The 2 box shipment was very heavy but the corners were protected during transit with thick rubber triangle pieces. We moved it from the garage to the basement using a moving cart and the basement walk outdoor entrance. My handy and strong brother assembled the table in less than 30 minutes- just in time for our 17 people early family Christmas party.”

“After reading many reviews for all brands of tables. We decided to choose this one based on product descriptions, features, and reviews. We are very satisfied with our choice and play every day. The table was delivered earlier than scheduled which made us happy. The table is very easy to set up and came with great instructions; easy to read and follow. The craftsmanship is awesome.”


We have been playing with the Joola Rally TL table since the last few months and are extremely satisfied with it. The price is amazing and the additional features of the ball holder and magnetic scoreboard are a cherry on the top. If you are not a professional player, this table is perfect for you, but if you are, you might want to try something else. Overall, the Joola Rally TL is what it says it is.

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