Joola Midsize Table Review

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Ruling the sports world for the last 60 years, Joola is one of the leading companies known for quality products and essentials related to Ping Pong. It had sponsored and supplied to multiple Olympic games plus many regional, national, and international tournaments in the past.

This very product, as the name hints pretty well, is something made keeping in mind the space that it requires to be set up. Not many people can spare a whole room for a Ping Pong table. For situations as such, the Joola Midsize is a boon. 

We brought it home as we were very curious about how it would feel playing at almost a half-sized Ping Pong table. This article is a detailed overview of how the product is and how far it can be your dream table. 

Features of Joola Midsize Table 

The dimensions are interestingly L72″ x W36″ H30″, with a zero assembly duration, as it comes preassembled, also the weight is a mere 62 lbs which makes it convenient and flexible. Overall, through a bird-eye view, the Joola Midsize table gives justice to what the brand speaks of it. Let’s zoom-in to get a better outline. 


With an intention to make it fit in almost any room, this table by Joola has been crafted of two halves of a table which measure 36″ x 36″ each, that you can easily join together to make it a playing surface of 72″ x 36″. The Joola Midsize table for Ping Pong is adequate for kids as well as fun between adults. Singles or doubles, this table is perfect for either. As it’s compact size is what Joola Midsize is known for, neither the brand has left any stone unturned to provide so, not would we vouch for any less for the reliability. 

Did You Know? 

The first Ping Pong/Table Tennis World Cup was held in 1980 which was won by Guo Yuehua of China worth an amount of $12,500.

Lightweight And Compact Design:

Each half of the table is easily foldable and is light as air. The whole structure is a mere 62 lbs, which makes it understandable why Joola promotes and promises convenience. The Joola Midsize table can be thus, held and moved easily. This table is a boon for a city lifestyle where space is a luxury. You can easily fold the whole table and store it under a bed or in a cozy closet; it takes so less a space with a dimension of 36″ x 36″. 

Pre-assembled Frame: 

Walk around the market or order the most expensive Ping Pong table, you are sure to get stuck in a long long process of assembling the whole thing. It will take hours and hours, but complete satisfaction is still not guaranteed. You may still find yourself losing a screw or something. Thankfully, the Joola Midsize table comes completely pre-assembled. It saves us from all those hours of assembling which we can now invest in having fun in our Ping Pong table. Simply unfold each half of the Ping Pong table, attach the net and get your game going. 

Net and Posts: 

The Joola Midsize table comes with a convenient net and post set included in the pack which marks an easy-peasy process to stick it all together. It has a classic screw clamp that makes it all possible. Joola makes it pocket friendly for the Ping Pong lovers, as now we don’t have to pay extra for the net and posts. Also, if you break anything there it’s can get repaired or replaced at a very cheap price.


The Joola Midsize Ping Pong table comes at a really pocket-friendly price of $ 100-200 range. You need not spend thousands of dollars to get a Ping Pong table that doesn’t even fit in your home. Joola brings an adjustment-friendly product that can fit in any room and can be stored at any space, and that too at a price no one can complain about. Try any other Ping Pong table and you’ll find yourself coming back to Joola Midsize table over and over again. It’s convenience at its best. 

Did You Know?

The Finger spin in a Ping Pong game was universally banned in 1937.

Customer Review

We have been using the Joola Midsize table for a long time now and have got some good as well as some bad news for everyone who has come here to decide whether they want to bring this table home or not. Firstly, apart from all the convenience that it comes within an amazing price, there still are some drawbacks of it. Like a number of complaints on numerous websites, we also found some acquaintances of ours having trouble with a missing screw. They had to re-order the missing part which became a hassle for them. Also, this table isn’t as tough. You cannot just leave it on your lawn. It may get destroyed by rain and rust really soon. 

Having considered these, we still won’t say that this Joola product isn’t good. We have been playing on it for a long time and we are loving it. Let’s hear what some other customers have to say about Joola Midsize table. 

“My wife and I (soon to be 68) haven’t owned our own table for over 25 years and recently moved into a smaller home that has no room for a full-size ping pong table so we took a chance with this JOOLA Midsize and, within minutes, had it standing firmly on a carpeted floor in our basement family room where we have plenty of space all around it to play a lively game and get a good workout to boot. It arrived a week ago and we haven’t been able to stop playing on it since. I am amazed at how quickly both my wife and I adjusted our playing styles to this smaller table. We absolutely love it and can’t wait to teach our two grandkids (ages 5 and 8) to learn the game. It’s perfect for young and old.” 

“Living in South Florida, you just can’t play ping pong in your garage like I used to as a kid growing up in the Northwest. Everything is pretty much indoors down here, but where to put a full-size ping pong table indoors? Nowhere. That’s why we got this midsize table. It’s awesome. It takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to playing on a full-sized table. But you can’t beat the convenience of folding it up and propping it against the wall, ready to set up in under 4 minutes, and play again later.” 

Did You Know?

Slow or defensive play was so dominant at a time that in the 1936 world championships held in Prague, an hour was required to decide a single point.


I won’t be bragging if I say that both I and my son have been loving this table ever since we got it delivered. It’s tiny enough to be just left open and ready in our living room without it being a total eyesore. We did get some strange looks as people entered our home but they get used to it, and the fun it lets us have is worth all these stares. The table is sturdy, easy to set up, and store away. It has a moderately fine top that has a nice bounce. All in all, we are happy with the Joola Midsize table and would totally recommend it. 

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