How To Replace Ping Pong Rubber?

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Ping Pong requires a lot of dedication and care for the game as well as the equipment. The more you pamper your gears, the better they will serve you. Being a Ping Pong enthusiast, you must be pretty much aware of the conditions of your equipment, and must be repairing and replacing them from time to time. Here’s another set of tips to ensure the longevity of your Ping Pong paddles. The paddles come with a rubber that can be cut out when it’s dying. It can then be replaced with a new rubber surface. There are a number of stores out there that can do it for you at a low price, but what’s best it to learn this trick by oneself and be able to mend your paddle whenever required. 

Did You Know? 

In 1971, a Ping Pong game restored the amicable relations between the US and China, which had been tense a year ago. 

Why Should We Replace The Rubber? 

There can be a number of reasons that tell you that your paddle needs a rubber-replacement. Sometimes it’s just because the old one has is not been serving your purpose anymore, or, sometimes we just want to pamper our paddle a little with a better substance, that requires replacing the rubber. The reason could be anything like- 

  • Degrading Rubber – 

Over-use of a Ping Pong paddle leads to the degrading of rubber stuck to it. It’s the same for every materialistic thing present in the world, they begin to wear up after some time and then need a replacement. When you begin noticing spots on the rubber surface which is not as firm, or the expected bounce and spin are not proper it’s a sign to replace your rubbers.

  • You Want An Upgrade – 

The rubber in a Ping Pong paddle is a huge part of the game. It participates equally on our spin, power and control. Often we come across a rubber quality that is sure to improve the condition of our paddles. Here’s another reason to replace the older one. Upgraded rubber gives better results in a Ping Pong game. 

  • You Have A New Ping Pong Blade – 

Some of us trust only the paddle that we ourselves have crafted. So, if you are planning to prepare your own custom made Ping Pong paddle, and you already have a blade ready, you can simply go out and buy some rubber plates of your choice and fix it to the blade. Only here, you don’t have to really bring out the older one. 

When Should You Replace Your Ping Pong Rubber? 

The frequency of replacing the rubber of a Ping Pong paddle pretty much depends on what conditions it is kept in. The fact is, however much you take care of the paddle, someday it has to wear off (even if you are not using it at all, the climate will still do its job). So, you need to keep replacing and repairing your paddle’s rubber. How often you need to replace the rubber depends on the following: 

  1. How frequently you play with it- The more you use it, the faster it is going to wear out, and then you would have to fetch a new rubber for it. 
  2. Under what conditions you keep it- The Ping Pong paddles need to be kept away from the sun and moisture. Also, they must be kept in a box or covered when not in use. In either conditions, the rubber and also the handles are going to get worn off. 
  3. How experimental you are- If you are a pro at Ping Pong, you might love to keep experimenting with the paddle. You must also like to try on different rubbers to see which one serves the best for you. Here again, you would be replacing frequently, until you find the one perfect for you. While most of the players prefer replacing it once a year, some also need to replace it every season. It depends pretty much on the use. 

Did You Know? 

It’s a mandatory rule for the players in a sanctioned game of Ping Pong to cover their paddles with rubber coverings.

What Are The Equipment Needed? 

Firstly, you’d need to have a paddle to try on the replacing experiment. Honestly, it is a very easy task. You only need to be aware of the kind of equipment you would be needed, the rubber of your choice, and the place to buy it all. Making it simpler for you, here are the things you’d be needing:

  • The piece of new rubber 
  • A glue made especially for sticking Ping Pong rubber 
  • An applicator 
  • A hard brayer or rolling pin
  • Scissors or knife 
  • Edge tape 

Removing The Old Rubber: 

Removing the rubber is both easy and tricky. You need to do it patiently. Gently peel off the old rubber from the surface of the blade. Be careful as you peel as you must not rip it off. Doing it fast may lead to improper taking off, and some of the old rubber may still remain which would need extra effort to bring out. Once the rubber has been cleanly removed, see if the blade is clean. If not, use a sponge or scrub to take off the residual glue and rubber. If this doesn’t help, use sandpaper instead. 

Applying The New Rubber: 

As you clean the blade properly after taking off the old rubber, now you can prepare to stick the new one. Make sure you have all the equipment ready that has been mentioned earlier and also see if the blade is fine and ready to go. Once you are ready, just follow these points to apply your new rubber- 

  • Apply glue to the back of your rubber in a thin consistency. Use a sponge or something to make sure the glue is evenly spread. 
  • Take the blade and follow the same process for it. 
  • Again, make sure the glue is applied on both, the blade and rubber are even throughout the surfaces. Oddly placed or clotted glue can make the paddle uneven. 
  • Keep both of the things to rest and wait till the glue comes to the proper shape. It needs to get a little stickier and not runny. It usually would take 4-5 minutes on the blade and a little lesser for the rubber. Make sure the glue doesn’t dry out completely. 
  • Bring together the glued-sides’ edges of both, the rubber as well as the blade together, curl the rubber and allow them to come together evenly. Begin from the top, unroll it down slowly, not letting any bubbles to form. 
  • Take the roller pin or brayer and smoothen the surface of the newly sticked rubber. 
  • Trim the edges with a craft knife to make the paddle look smooth. 
  • Repeat the process on the other side. 
  • Stick the Ping Pong edge tape to give it a nice finish, and you are done! 

Did You Know? 

About 34 million viewers watched the 2012 London Olympics men’s singles match. It’s a popular sport!


Replacing and repairing the Ping Pong paddle rubber ensures a good game for you all the time. If you do this frequently, use water-based glue. That’ll make the whole process easier for you the next time. Also, make sure the paddle you are going to replace the rubber of isn’t a permanent one. Yes, some rubbers on the paddle are not meant to be taken off. Keep this in mind before trying any experiment with it. 

Keep pampering your equipment and they’ll keep serving the best way possible for you. Also, stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast to get daily updates on your favorite sport.


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