How To Play Against Choppers?

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The presence of choppers at all levels of table tennis is becoming increasingly rare in today’s times. Although top-level players have several opportunities to train with these types of players, beginning or intermediate players may not have the same possibilities and, as a consequence, struggle to play against choppers, even if they are at or below their own level.

So today we’re going to look at some efficient strategies and tactics to employ when playing against a chopper. But, before we do that, it’s important to first have a better grasp of what a chopper is attempting to do while playing you.

The Goal Of A Chopper

While more proficient choppers may play offensive strokes, choppers typically win matches by pressuring their opponents to make mistakes. A chopper’s goal is to consistently get the ball on the table while simultaneously altering the amount of spin on each stroke. This is done to cause the opponent to misunderstand the spin on the ball or mistime their stroke, which typically ends in the opponent losing their shot.

Tips And Tricks Against Choppers

If At All Possible, Analyse Your Opponent Before Playing Them.

If you can see your opponent play a different match or even practise, you can get a basic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses before you face them. For example, you could observe that your opponent is stronger chopping on their forehand side than on their backhand side. Remember that these are broad suggestions that may be applied to all choppers and that you should eventually create your own methods to exploit the flaws that you may discover in any chopper you play.

Try To See Your Competitor’s Paddle Once.

It is critical to recognise what sort of rubbers your opponent is using, as choppers frequently utilise short or long pimples on each side of their bat. More skilled choppers may even try to fool you in the warm-up by not using the rubber with the pimples on it, hoping to catch you off guard when you start playing. Only realising what equipment they are using mid-game and modifying your strategies appropriately may be the difference between you winning or losing that match, so always inspect your opponent’s bat before playing.

Be Patient With Your Play.

If you consistently hit a chopper with the same tempo, spin, and placement, they will be able to develop into a routine and will almost certainly win the point. As a result, it is critical that you vary your shots as often as possible in order to disturb your opponent. As a result, you may observe that your opponent has more difficulties when you apply more spin to the ball or put it in a specific region, and you may continue to utilise these methods to score points. It is not necessary to continue playing offensive shots once you have done so initially since it is just as useful to vary the play by adding a quick push during a rally. This is due to the fact that choppers often play far back from the table and must travel a great distance to reach the ball.

Don’t Get Upset If You Lose A Point.

This is true while playing against any player, but it is especially true when playing against a chopper. As previously said, the primary objective of a chopper is to drive you to make mistakes. When playing against a chopper, it is certain that you may miss some shots, but it is critical that you remain cool and adhere to your game plan. The more upset you become, the more probable it is that you will make mistakes by taking reckless or needless shots. Remember that if you’re in a tournament, you or your coach can call a timeout to help you refocus and relax.

So there you have it, my advice for playing against choppers that, when implemented into your game, can help you feel more secure while facing a chopper. Try to take advantage of all possibilities to play with choppers, as the more experience you can gather against these types of players, the more prepared you will be for suitable match conditions.

Final Words

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