How To Fix A Ping Pong Ball

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A Ping Pong ball is one of the most significant equipment to play the game of Ping Pong (or, Table Tennis). Ping Pong is a racquet and ball game, so it’s almost impossible to play a game without the ball. Of course, you can always get something else into play, like the very first players of ping Pong (the Victorians) used a Champaign cork in the place of the ball. But, you won’t be getting the same effect. 

Also, it’s not a big deal to break a ball and purchase another one. But, if you’ve spent a good amount of money on the ball and haven’t even spent much time playing with it, and it breaks or cracks, you’d rather try to fix it, than going to buy another one altogether. 

So, to help you with that, we’ve made a step-to-step guide on how to fix a Ping Pong ball. 

The Hot Water Method

The hot water method is one of the easiest ways of erasing/fixing dents from balls and other things like cars. Unlike cars, with Ping Pong balls you’d have to get the air inside the ball to heat up and expand. Heat some water and pour it into a cup. Drop the ball into the cup and use a spoon to immerse the ball completely into it. Take the ball out after a while and let it dry. The relationship between temperature and pressure does the magic and your ball gets healed. 

The Hair Dryer Method

We believe that the earlier method would do the job, but if it doesn’t you can also try this one. You would need a hairdryer, a piece of cloth (towel) and a ball (obviously). You need to be careful with the dryer or you can get your hand burned. Hold the ball with the towel in one hand and the dryer pointed upwards in the other. Make sure you turn the drier on before you start this process. The air from the dryer would blow the ball up and keep it suspended in the air. The hot air here does the same effect as the hot water in the above-mentioned procedure. 

Continue this process for a while and then turn the dryer off and bring the ball out with the same towel. You’ll find your dent vanished by then! 

The Thumb Method

This method is no rocket science, and there’s a 50-50 chance of clearing the dent out of the ball with it. You’d have to push the surface around the dent with your thumb for the dent to pop back out. There’s a chance that you might end up deepening the dent, so be careful with the process. 


Here are some of the methods that you can apply when your Ping Pong ball gets damaged or dented. You can check some other techniques on We have some amazing articles and reviews about Ping Pong. We hope that your ball gets fixed and you can enjoy your game as before.

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