Health Benefits Of Playing Ping Pong

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There’s no sound better than the clink as cash comes out of the ATM machine and no decreasing numbers joyous than watching your weight going down on a weighing machine! 

Playing, having fun, and becoming fit and healthy all at the same time seems like an awesome deal. But, as little as we know about the health benefits of playing Ping Pong, apart from just losing inches, there are a number of amazing things that this game does to our body and mind that we are still unaware of. 

Complementary to sports (not indoor ones, obviously) come to the risk of getting injured. If it was of any concern to you, you can take a sigh of relief and be all relaxed now as the risk of getting hurt in Ping Pong is really really low. So, fun, health, and no injuries. Now it seems a way better deal, doesn’t it? 

Wait, there’s more! 

Studies have found that playing Ping Pong for just 10 minutes a day boosts up functionality in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum to another level. In simple words, playing Ping Pong enhances your focus, stability, speed, and agility. 

If you are still not satisfied, walk along the article to know what all wonders Ping Pong can do to your overall health. 

Did You Know? 

Even at the Olympics, Ping Pong is a game for all ages. Rio 2016 had some interesting players like Zhiwen who was 54 years old then. Just watching him play there is a treat in itself.

Health Benefits of Playing Ping Pong:

  • Enhanced Mental Acuity: 

The game itself is synonymous with speed, accuracy, and brisk decision-making skills. A Ping Pong player has to make massive decisions that can change the game for him in a fraction of second. One wrong hit and you may be out of the game. 

Getting trained in Ping Pong helps the players not only to be prompt and sharp in the game but also in life. Ping Pong enhances one’s mental acuity and boosts the decision-making ability. 

The game not only makes you prompt and smart but also helps to create a mind-body harmony which is more than essential in today’s chaotic life.

  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination: 

Ping Pong enhances concentration, helps to build mental vigilance, attentiveness, and manages the decision making capability of the player. 

A Ping Pong player is trained with a number of postures, grips, and whatnot. These help him be more and more balanced when it comes to managing the mind, eyes, and hands. 

We act on our reflexes; training for Ping Pong helps the player turn his decisions into reflexes. This way, his hand, and eye coordination are improved and this helps him deal with real-life troubles as well.

  • Improved Reflexes 

As mentioned above, prolonged Ping Pong practice turns decisions and actions into reflexes. With this, one’s brain learns how to make important decisions in a quick time and thus makes everything easier in life. 

In a Ping Pong match, the player needs to hit, watch, apprehend the counter-strike, analyze and plan for his next move, all in that very fraction of second. These little decisions are very crucial for the game. 

Likewise, getting trained in Ping Pong helps the player work on his reflexes for real life as well. 

Did You Know? 

Ping Pong was gaining popularity by 1901, so much so that tournaments were organized, books were written on the subject, and even an unofficial world championship was conducted in 1902.

  • Burning Calories 

Ping Ping is an amazing game, both enjoyable and health-boosting. Working out is really tough for many of us. It seems no less than a boring routine that we hate to follow, but somehow have to do it, anyway! 

It would be awesome if someone says that losing weight can be fun as well, wouldn’t it be? So, your wish has been granted. It has been proven that playing Ping Pong on a regular basis works brilliantly with our bodies. It stimulates the blood flow, enhances our metabolism, and also sheds calories. As a matter of fact, we can talk numbers here. It’s been long known that Ping Pong can help losing weight, but here we have the actual estimates for you. A person with 70kg of body weight can lose up to 272 calories if he/she plays Ping Pong for an hour on a daily basis.

  • Prevents Dementia 

Dementia is something very common in the present day. With the fast-moving world, people with Dementia have been strongly lagging behind. 

“Dementia is a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform everyday activities. Although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of aging. Worldwide, around 50 million people have dementia, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year.” –WHO

For people with this problem, Ping Pong is a boon. It has been declared that playing Ping Pong can stimulate brain functionalities, boost awareness, and cure one or more brain blockages. It also prevents Dementia, and thus, is said to be magical for brain issues.

  • Helps Calming Down

Life is filled with chaos, rush, and restlessness. To find a moment of peace is like finding God himself.

In the game of Ping Pong, the player is under immense pressure throughout the match. Yet, he/she has to keep his mind calm and keep making decisions that are very crucial to the game. Ping Pong trains us to keep our calm even in high pressure, and so, the same when translated to real life, we learn how to be calm and composed in adversities. 

Apart from that, even a game of Ping Pong for an hour comes with the aftermath of tranquil self for the whole day.

  • Life Lessons 

Ping Pong is a life trainer in itself. The sport brings with it very important life lessons like ‘game spirit’, ‘balance’, ‘partnership’, ‘calmness’, ‘decision-making power’, and whatnot. While playing a game, the partnership that we show with our co-player reflects upon our own relationships as well, where we learn to give our partners equal space and choices. Likewise, winning and losing in-game is a great deal for many. Wherein a game of Ping Pong helps us accept our defeats and rejuvenate our morale to do better the next time. When it comes to our daily lives, this skill also gets imparted and we learn to be calm in difficult situations and handle it properly. If something unfortunate comes up next in life, we are then prepared to deal with it all very actively. 

Did You Know? 

Much before the debate of Ping Pong and Table Tennis came up, a number of companies tried to patent the game with unusual names like ‘Punch Ball’, ‘Flim Flam’ and ‘Whiff-Whaff’, which got into the official records only after John Jacques registered it with the name ‘Ping- Pong’ after his plea for the name ‘Gossima’ failed.


Ping Pong is a complete package of fun, thrill, excitement, and joy, wrapped in health benefits and some really important life-changing lessons. Playing Ping Pong not only pours entertainment on you but also fills your life with positivity and longevity. 

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