What To Eat To Improve Your Ping Pong Game

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Food is the soul of everything. So, obviously what we eat has a direct impact on how we play, may it be the healthiest of diet or the ear-to-ear smile that a bowl full of your favorite dish brings to you. For everything else in the world, listening to your heart when it comes to food is fine, but with Ping Pong, you need to listen to your mind, and perhaps a good nutritionist. It requires a lot of energy to be a sportsperson, and Ping Pong is possibly the fastest and most energy-seeking sport in the world. You cannot afford to eat anything out of your planned diet if you really wish to be a good Ping Pong player. But again, you don’t really need to go to a nutritionist either. Right here is a custom made food menu that can serve you right. 

Let’s not go into vitamins and stuff, let’s discuss food as we look into those through a sportsperson’s glasses. 

Did You Know? 

In the very recent Rio Brazil Olympics, the youngest player registered was 15 years old and the oldest one was 54 years old.

What To Eat?

Energy Enhancers- 

You can burn up to 500 cal during a standard Ping Pong match, which is way more than how much you can lose in an hour of brisk walking. It demands a lot of energy. 

You cannot get tired or feel low between a game of Ping Pong, you cannot afford even a second of diversion. You need to be fully and completely active throughout the game. This signals towards the fact that you need to have food that is storehouse of energy. 

The main source of energy, as we know, is carbohydrates. It must make about 60% of your meal. As you play, the energy that you cherish is from the stored glycogen in your muscles, which can be replenished only by carbs. If you have back to back matches, or perhaps the other day, may sure you load on your carb content 2-3 hours before you hop into the battleground. 

What all can you eat? 

You can have whole-grain cereal, like oats, wheat, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain wheat, sweet potatoes, honey, apples, and a lot more other stuff that has high amounts of carbohydrates in it. 

Here’s a quickie menu: 

Cereal with milk, pancakes with maple syrup, baked potatoes, obviously with low-fat cheese, banana roll-ups. Try and let us know how you liked it. 

Did You Know? 

A Ping Pong ball is colored white or orange in a matte finish. This helps the ball to grip well with the paddle’s surface.

Brain Boosters- 

If it’s a game of Ping Pong, your brain and your reflexes needs to be razor-sharp. You won’t be having all the time in the world to sit and decide what shot or what grip you should try next. It’s a fraction of second that decides everything for you, from your position to your serves. Besides just the techniques, it also requires abundance of patience, advance tactics and outsmarting ideas to win a game of Ping Pong. For these purposes, you need to have food that boosts your brain capability. So it’s speed amalgamated with brains; there’s a good reason why they call Ping Pong ‘chess at the speed of light’. 

What to eat? 

You need to have food rich with antioxidants like grapes and berries, food with omega 3 fatty acids like Salmon, oils like coconut and olive, and sone other brain-boosters like eggs and walnuts. 

Lean-Muscle Builders- 

Regardless of how fast or how quick you can think, you still need to have some bodily strength. You need to gain some lean muscle in order to stay active throughout the game. Playing for hours drains out your energy, having lean muscle aids that, as muscle equates hours and hours of training, and thus, fitness to the extreme level. 

For a lean muscle to build you need protein. Protein helps to boost muscle as well as re-fills the glycogen after a strenuous game. It repairs muscles, which then create new muscle fibers. 

As an athlete, it’s a must to have an apt amount of protein to keep oneself active in the game and always perform better than before. In general, 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram/body weight is ideal. That means a 60 kg athlete would need roughly 72 grams of protein per day. 

What To Eat?

What can be better than eggs when it comes to protein needs. Add as many eggs as possible to your diet; shakes, salads, or simply boiled and salted eggs would do. Poultry and fishes are also other sources of great amounts of protein. If you are going for meat, go for skinless cuts. If you prefer vegetarian options, chickpeas, lentils, and nuts are also good sources of protein. 

Stay Hydrated- 

There’s no better energy and concentration provider than water. Have you ever noticed how your long stuck brain begins to run with the speed of light in an examination hall the very moment you have a sip of water? That’s how hydration works for your brain. Water boosts the nerves! 

Apart from all the good nutrition and the prescribed diet, you must also keep your body hydrated as much as possible. Make it a point to have an ample amount of water throughout the day. If you are playing regularly, you’ll notice how sweating squeezes out water from your body. This needs to be refilled as much as possible. Fruit juices, sodas and stuff are fine, but there’s nothing better than water. As an adult, you must drink around 6 -7 glasses of water every day. Try to add this to your diet. 

Get a sipper-bottle and keep sipping whenever possible throughout the day! 

What Not To Eat? 

Athlete or not an athlete, one must always try to avoid processed food. These cause blotting in your tummy and also lead to the accumulation of fat in the body. Back to the requirements of a Ping Pong player, you must avoid food like pizza, sweets, french fries, pasta, and other food with a high amount of salt and oil. Simply said, avoid food with ‘simple carbohydrates’. These add a lot of sugar to your bloodstream. They’ll show a lot of energy in the beginning, but soon end up being unnecessary fat in your body. 

Did You Know? 

The very first balls used for Ping Pong were air-filled spheres crafted of latex. These were used in a variety of informal games like whiff-whaff and Gossima.


Food is the ultimate source of all the goodness that our body needs. For a fit body, you need to adopt some healthy habits, avoid some unnecessary junk, and keep training every day. Try the 21 days for a habit challenge for fun and see how you add one healthy habit (or more) to your life every 21 days. Choose your diet carefully if you aim to be a successful Ping Pong player. Stay updated with Ping Pong Beast to keep getting regular tips on your favorite sport.


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