DHS A4002 Paddle Review

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The official supplier of Olympic Games 2008 and many more, DHS is one of the most reliable brands that deal with Ping Pong equipment. From balls to paddles, and to other necessary gears and accessories, DHS manages to win the hearts of Ping Pong lovers every time with its amazing range of products. DHS or Double Happiness is based in China, the home to the greatest Ping Pong champions of all times. The DHS A4002 is one of the newest additions to the vast canopy of gears coming from DHS. It is a Shakehand style Ping Pong paddle, which is cheap in price and easy to handle by beginners. It is the best value Ping Pong paddle if you aren’t planning to take it to professional Ping Pong matches. Let’s dig into the key features of the DHS A4002 to know more about it.

Did You Know?

Jan-Ove Waldner from Sweden is considered the greatest player in the modern history of Ping Pong.

Features of DHS A4002

DHS A4002 is a 7-ply pure wood paddle featuring two great pimpled rubbers. It’s a very reasonably priced paddle having the capacity to catalyze your performance-refinement from beginner to intermediate level. It comes with approval from the International Table Tennis Federation, hence, can be used for tournaments. 

7-Ply Wood

The DHS A4002 features a 7-ply pure wood blade, which aids the speed and spin that DHS promises. The paddle weighs about 200 grams which is a bit more than other paddles that come in the beginner-intermediate player level. But this weight can be considered a plus point, as it also enhances the speed and spin of smashing the ball. So, if you are just starting out, this paddle might not be apt for you. Once you’ve got yourself comfortable with a basic paddle’s weight, you can then shift to the DHS A4002. 

The Number 4002

DHS has a special connection with numbers. They have a number assigned for the features that each paddle comes with. Like the first digit in each series gets a number between 1 to 6. The quality of the paddle increases with the increase in this digit. Also, the more the number is, the more the price of the paddle would be. 

The second stands for the series number. It begins at 0, but you may find some numbers missing in between. Say, for example, the V series doesn’t have the number 4. 

The last 2 digits of it represent the paddle number as per the grip style. 

01: Shakehand Blade with one side pimpled out and the other, pimpled in. 

02: Shakehand Blade with both sides pimpled in. 

03: Shakehand Blade with one side being long pimpled and the other is pimpled in. 

04: Penhold Blade with one side being pimpled out while the other is pimpled in.

05: Penhold Blade with one side being pimpled in.

06: Penhold Blade with both sides being pimpled in.

07: Penhold Blade with one side having long pimples while the other is pimpled out. 

So, for this version, the number 4 represents the performance it would provide, 0 is for the series and 01 tells about the type of blade that you would get. 

Did You Know?

China has about 100 million Ping Pong players.


DHS is known for charging a reasonable price for its Ping Pong equipment. As mentioned above, the price increases with the quality of the paddle. You would get the #A4002 for less than $30. If you are lucky enough, you may as well get a discount or catch an offer on an e-commerce website selling the DHS products. You can check the current price below. 

Customer Reviews

The Chinese are known to be the world ruler when it comes to being the home of most of the Ping Pong champions. They make sure that their players are getting the best gear, and also that the future generation is as much geared up as the professional ones. The products that they craft, hence, are one of their kinds. Also, DHS is known for crafting the best quality Ping Pong paddles. So, you can rely on this very product. Having said that, let’s see what some other customers have to say about the DHS A4001 paddle. 

“We have a ping pong table at work for breaks and everyone started buying cheap paddles from Dicks (some of them cost more than this one). So I did some research and got this one and its way above and beyond anything you can buy in a sports store. The wood is heavy compared to other paddles but not to a point it causes any issue but the rubber is super sticky to the touch and provides lots of feel of the ball. The notes say it comes with G888 on the black and hurricane 3 on the red, but mine came with G888 on the red and hurricane 2 on the black. I don’t mind as I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and from research hurricane 2 VS 3 is just preference with some preferring 2 over 3. I use the G888 more on the backhand side so it puts a less unintentional spin on it, and I use the Hurricane 2 on my forehand so I can try to get more spin on the ball. The only downside to the rubber being so good is that it will get dust and fibers stuck to it and require regular cleaning, you probably will also want to get a case or something to put it in… It does also smell very strongly like fish, the smell is from the wood. It has started to subside some, it used to smell up the whole area around it but now you have to smell the wood to smell it, I don’t think it will ever fully go away. We all made some jokes about it when I first got it but now it doesn’t matter, it more than makes up for this with its performance.

Absolutely recommend, 10/10”

“This review is for folks who, like me, play beyond the beginner level and find themselves somewhere in the intermediate level yet want to use a decent paddle.

You’ll have to excuse me as I lack the technical knowledge and jargon of the table tennis world. That being said, the handle smells like fish like everyone else has mentioned. Thankfully, the smell has dissipated significantly. The smell of the handle shouldn’t stop you from buying this paddle. It really is a great value. From what I read on other reviews the rubber used (G888 and Hurricane III) is very good quality. I am able to generate tons of spin and carry a good amount of speed through my shots, yet still maintain control. The amount of spin I put on serves is just ridiculous. My friend who was on the other side of the table mentioned how much ball movement there was on my serve. I do find that I keep the ball in play more with the black side (G888) than the red side (H3). I guess I’m still figuring out how to approach the ball with the red side. It is head heavy, but not so much that I couldn’t make quick adjustments. The extra weight really puts some *oomph* behind my shots.” 

Did You Know?

China has about 40,000 professional Ping Pong players who are paid by the government to practice full-time.


As we said, you can always rely on the quality of products that DHS delivers. The DHS A4001 is absolutely amazing if you aren’t really bothered about the slightly heavyweight that it has. It provides decent performance and is loved by many Ping Pong enthusiasts all around the world. 

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