Butterfly 603 Paddle Review

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When it comes to Ping Pong gears, Butterfly always has some amazing collections to offer. From Ping Pong tables to paddles (and some more), you can find almost everything related to your favorite sport with them, and that too, in the best quality possible. This article has its soul focus on the Butterfly 603, which is a Shakehand style Ping Pong paddle. It’s a 5-ply all-wood blade, designed for beginners (not for complete beginners, though) and intermediate players. We can’t say this one is the best paddle in the Butterfly range, but well, this isn’t the worst one either. You can play with it in tournaments as the paddle is ITTF approved.

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Features of Butterfly 603

The Butterfly 603 paddle, as mentioned above, is crafted in favor of Shakehand style players. It is a pre-made paddle, which, according to some people, isn’t professional enough. Well, they can’t be blamed. Serious Ping Pong players prefer purchasing the blade first, and then add the rubber as per their need. But again, this doesn’t mean that the pre-made paddles aren’t good enough. You get some amazing line of pre-made paddles with Butterfly.

Getting back to 603, this paddle was crafted keeping in mind beginners and intermediate players, so it would be better if you consider this before framing any judgments about it. The paddle helps learners pick up the game right away, and gradually contributes to refining their skills.


One of the most interesting features of the Butterfly 603 paddle is the fact that it has rubbers of two different thicknesses on both sides. The red side features the Wakaba 2.1 mm rubber (making it more powerful for shots), and the black side has Wakaba 1.9mm rubber. This means that you can decide the power you’d need for a particular shot and choose the side accordingly. We aren’t saying this would make a revolutionary difference, but even a little difference can contribute a lot to the kind of game you want to play. It has got speed and spin ratings of 82 and 90 respectively, which speaks pretty much about how well the paddle can perform. But, as said, you must never forget that this isn’t really a pro-level paddle, so the performance rating is also in accordance with that.

One of the things that draw a fine line of NOT recommending it for COMPLETE beginners is the fact that it has a fine speed rating but lesser control (about 85), which is not apt for people who are just stepping into the fierce game of Ping Pong. Also, the thick rubber makes the paddle heavy and your arm might feel worn out after a little time of playing.


The arylate carbon in the 5-ply wooden blade makes it extra powerful. We have checked a number of websites and people all around the world have given special mention to this. The material contributes to increasing the “sweet spot” in the total area of the paddle.

Handle and Grip

The Butterfly 603 comes with a flared handle, which resists undesired slipping away from the paddle. My little kid has found the grip to be pretty comfortable, though the weight bothers him a tad. The flared paddle is an advantage, but the handle size is relatively short, making it uncomfortable for players with large hands to play with.

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The Butterfly 603 costs less than $80, which isn’t really cheap but isn’t really expensive either. You can compare the paddle with the ones by other brands, and you’d notice that the Butterfly 603 is one of the best paddles that you can get at this price range. We’d remind you again that this paddle isn’t for pro players, so try not to have high expectations set on it. You’d, however, get a fair deal if you are an intermediate player.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned, we’ve found some strong reviews about the power that Butterfly 603 provides. We have also seen people having a good time with the paddle, and so did we. The heavy weight could turn the liking-meter down to 60-70, but the low price can level that up. Here are a few of the reviews that we collected from some popular online sellers of Killerspin 603. You’d also find some disappointment penned down below, but always keep in mind that paddles need to be purchased taking into account the manufacturer’s intention of making it. If you aren’t at the targeted skill level, the paddle may let you down.

“I have played a lot growing up. But I’ve decided that I wanted to play again and invest in something better than a $20 paddle. I think this was a great purchase to get my feet wet again and get a feel of all my shots. I tried the ones that were provided at the center and it was like using a plain board. I was able to get a lot more spin on the paddle. I will probably use this until the rubber wears out and before I invest in a custom set up for myself.”

“If you are starting to enjoy and be serious with table tennis, this racket is great for starters. It seems expensive for just a rubber racket but actually, it is a steal for its quality and dependability. High-end rackets and rubber usually cost a few hundred dollars with very specific qualities. But if you just want to get used with the speed the game and fundamental of technique then these rackets are perfect for that.”

“This bat has no speed, no bounce, and no spin. The ball was bouncing in an acceptable manner until the shrink wrap and plastic covers were on, the moment I took those off, the ball just stuck to the surface, no stroke, no spin.

I am very disappointed with Butterfly 603, and now I cannot even trust the reviews for Stiga Pro.

I went to play at a local club and got the shock of my life, no stroke, no spin. I was so looking forward to playing with this bat. I am so disappointed.”

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Having jotted down anything and everything that you need to know about the Killerspin 603 paddle, it’s time now to bring a little gist of all the points for you. From the top…the paddle features great features, good performance rating, amazing rubber, reasonable price and come with a 1-month warranty. Now, on the other hand, it weighs a bit more than its competitors, has a short handle and isn’t suitable for complete beginners. With this, you can very well decide if the Butterfly 603 is apt for you or not.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast, and enjoy reading amazing reviews about your favorite sport.

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