Butterfly 401 Paddle Review

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Ping Pong demands loads and loads of training, as well as the perfect set of equipment for each level that a player keeps advancing to. Some keep their game as well as their weapons (you know what I mean!) ever-ready and up-to-date, while some just spend their time procrastinating, and having absolutely no movement whatsoever in the journey of their passion for Ping Pong. If you really wish to see yourself playing in tournament level matches, you’d have to have complete dedication toward the game as well as keep your equipment changed and modified with the advancement in your level of playing. If you are fairly new to Ping Pong (better than complete beginners and nearer to intermediate players) you would really enjoy playing with the Butterfly 401. This one is a Shakehand style paddle that suits the beginners and intermediate players the best. Founded in the 1950s, in Japan, Butterfly is a world-renowned brand that is dedicated to bringing high-quality professional as well as recreational Ping Pong gears to the market. The pre-assembled paddles, tables, and durable rubbers are highly popular among newbies and professional players alike. Butterfly sponsors some really famous Ping Pong players, and you mustn’t hesitate one bit before buying any product from them.

Did You Know?

The world’s longest Ping Pong rally recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record is 8 hours and 40 minutes, done by Peter and Daniel Ives of England who happen to be father and son.

Features Of Butterfly 401

Having come this far, you must already be knowing that the author of this blog is a huge fan of Butterfly, and well, you are absolutely right in thinking so. Both I and my son are in awe every time we get a Butterfly product delivered home. The 401 paddle has also kept up to our expectation pretty much. It provides a speed of 8.0, a spin of 8.0 and control of 8.5. The moderately high control tells us that the paddle is crafted keeping in mind beginners and intermediate players (to some extent). Let’s see what other features the Butterfly 401 possesses.


The Butterfly 401 features a 5-Ply wooden blade that provides the paddle with the required amount of speed and power. The speed is 8/10, which tells us that the paddle is apt for beginners who are looking up to get a paddle that’s better than the basic one, but not overwhelming for them at the same time.


As we move beyond the complete beginner’s level, one thing that we look for more than anything else is whether the paddle we are choosing is ITTF approved or not. Luckily, the Butterfly 401 features the Yuki rubbers, which are as per the regulations of ITTF. The most attractive characteristic about this rubber is that the ball would grip the paddle more than the actual contact. This extra-tacky feature makes the Yuki rubbers highly demanded by all levels of players. The rubber sits atop of 2.1mm sponge-sheet which ensures that the ball is smashed out with extra-power every single time.

Grip And Handle

The Butterfly 401, as mentioned, is a Shakehand style paddle. This means that you need to hold the paddle’s handle in the same way you shake hands with someone. You get a rounded flared handle with the paddle which increases in width towards the end to resist slipping away of it from your grip. The handle is a bit shorter than some other paddles in the same range, so it might not suit people with large hands. But, other than that, we believe you’d hardly have to face any problem with the 401 paddle.

  • ITTF approved
  • 5-Ply wood blade
  • Thick sponge
  • Tacky rubbers
  • Case included
  • Decent ratings
  • Accumulates dust very easily
  • Short handle


Butterfly is a highly affordable brand that always comes up with high quality, yet pocket-friendly Ping Pong products. This little advancement in Ping Pong won’t cost you too much as you can get the Butterfly 401 from a number of sellers at a price less than $35.

Did You Know?

The world’s longest Ping Pong rally lasted for 32,000 total hits.

Customer Reviews

We’ve hardly heard of any dissatisfaction from any customer who has bought any Butterfly product. The 401 paddle is no different. Ever since we got it home, we have spent not even a single day not playing with it. We love how balanced the speed and control ratio for the paddle is. Even if I am not in the beginner’s level anymore, but the 401 paddle is something I have no regret playing with. Here are some words by other customers who have bought the Butterfly 401 paddle.

“Nothing to complain about this racket! Comes with its little carrying case as well.

Compared to a $300+ professional Butterfly made in Japan, I had no problem adjusting to and playing against someone with the more expensive one. It lacks the cushion the more expensive one has, so technically you’d have to put more strength to get the ball to move as far, but in practice, you don’t even feel it. I’d think that once you get into more advanced techniques the differences would matter more… but since I ain’t trying to be a pro, it’s totally fine with me! Highly recommended to anyone who’s playing recreationally!”

“I am an intermediate player. Not tournament but I beat most of me friends who play other racquet sports. I found the racket to have a great weight to it. It seems smaller than other rackets but that makes it very manoeuvrable which is good if you don’t play all that often. It also seems to have a high level of spin compared to other racquets for the same price. Also, the power is a nice somewhere in the middle as it is light it does not plough through or push through the ball too much. From a control perspective again a decent amount of control, somewhere in the middle. Overall great buy for the money.”

“Just started playing recreational ping pong and the rackets they have for us to use are in poor condition (i.e., rubber coming off, etc), so we decided to buy our own. We looked on-line at a number of different reviews of different rackets and decided on these based on high reviews on most sites and a lower price (didn’t want to break the bank being novice players). So far, they are excellent rackets for the money and the fact that they come with a case is a definite plus. We’ve used them for about a month, twice a week, for a few hours each day with no issues yet. Nice to know we have rackets that are in good shape each time we play.”

Did You Know?

Ping Pong has been called the best brain sport on some famous news outlets, including KQED and CBS.


The market is filled with modern ping Pong equipment, each trying to be better than the other, but there are only a few that tough the heart of every single customer it reaches to. The Butterfly 401 is one such paddle that has absolutely no haters. We highly recommend the paddle for beginners and intermediate players.

Stay tuned with Ping Pong Beast and keep getting amazing reviews about your favorite sport.

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