Best Tips To Master Ping Pong

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There’s no substitute for hard work, and that’s pretty much the answer to the topic. You cannot expect to master a game until you begin to take it seriously. Ping Pong is a game that requires loads and loads of practice and dedication. You need to work on your focus, your speed, your movements, your grips, and even your brain functions. If it’s a sport of your choice, you must, first, get fully versed with its rules and technicalities, that’ll push you ahead in the journey of learning even more. Also, you need to make sure your practice is never at risk. You have to keep learning something every day. Let’s learn some tips right here. 

Did You Know? 

A Ping Pong ball would not flex when it strikes a hard surface.

Tips To Be A Pro At Ping Pong:

  • Know The Basics- 

Before trying to be a self-proclaimed Ping Pong gamer, we must first know the basics of the game. Ping Pong is everything about techniques, from grips to the positions, one needs to learn everything before getting into the game. This learning, when done on a regular basis becomes a habit and then, someday turns into mastery. That should be our aim. 

  • Learn The Spins- 

It’s the spin that can turn any game into yours. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to spin, but once you understand it, no one can stop you from becoming a pro at the game. Understanding a spin has very much to do with understanding the opponent. Here are some tricks that you can try- 

  • Focus on the opponent’s paddle as he/she hits the ball. That’ll give you an idea about the direction. 
  • Try n check the speed at which the logo in their paddle is moving. If it seems blurry, the spin is going to have a greater effect (vice versa).
  • Check the movement of your opponent’s paddle. If it’s going high to low, it’s going to be a backspin. If it’s left to right, it’ll be right sidespin, so and so. 

  • Serve It Right- 

Get proper training on how you are supposed to serve. We often tend to get ignore this, but the way you serve tells pretty much about how your game is going to be. If you haven’t considered it yet, do it now! 

You can check the article on ‘How to serve in Ping Pong like an expert?’ to know more about serves and how you can be a pro at serving. 

Also, try short serves, they hardly give any advantage to your opponent. Also, keep changing your serves and keep your opponent confused.

  • Try-On Heights- 

Hitting the Ping Pong ball at the right height also has a lot to do with how this game is going to turn for us. There are basically three shots that one can try for the ball at different heights. 

First, you can hit the ball as it has bounced and is yet to reach the maximum height. It requires a little of a backswing, along with a quick hit. It is sure to baffle your opponent. 

Second, you can hit the ball as it has reached the maximum height after bouncing. It’s a flat shot generally and requires a relaxed technique of hitting. 

The third one requires a large forearm swing. When the ball has bounced, reached the maximum height and is about to hit the table, that’s when you hit. Forearm loops are said to be the utmost effective here. 

  • Swing Short- 

For most racket games, we assume that the swing has to maximum. But, unlike other games, Ping Pong requires a short swing. A greater swing increases the chances of a flaw. For both, a forehand and a backhand shot, you need just a little swing, enough to hit the ball right, as well as to make you reach back to the initial position on time. It’s better to use long spins only when one is performing an offensive topspin shot. 

Did You Know? 

Although not declared formally, Ping Pong is considered to be the National Sport of China.

  • Choose Your Equipment Well- 

Do not settle for anything less than what’s perfect for your game. Having the best equipment and keeping them with utmost care shows your love for the game. Go for a basic paddle at first then move ahead towards a medium-fast blade, and keep promoting your equipment wherever and whenever possible. When you are ready, get the best paddle available and practice well with it. You do not need to switch it then. Once you are perfectly trained, use one paddle and use it exclusively. 

  • Know-How To Trick- 

You sometimes need to use some bluff in a game of Ping Pong as well. Not cheating!!!

You can fake a lot of spin and actually perform none. Likewise, you can also fake a shot or a grip to keep your opponent baffled all the time. The more you know how to hide your best shots, the better. Do not let your opponent apprehend your shots. Show something and do something completely opposite. No one can stop you from winning then. 

  • Hit It With Your Whole Body-

While performing a forehand stroke, do not hit the ball just with your arm. You need to use your whole body to ensure the maximum of the power output. You need to rotate the upper body of yours while lowering yourself a little bit on the side (right, if that’s your playing hand) with the paddle. This gives you a good full-on shot. 

  • Mastering The Footwork- 

Standing at a single place throughout a game would make you predictable for your opponent. Learn how to play with your feet as well. Keep moving throughout the game, use your foot to reach the ball and keep your focus on your opponent constantly. The movement will ensure you reach the right shot at the right time. 

  • Practice, Practice, And Practice- 

There’s no shortcut to success and no substitute to practice. Knowing the shots and tricks are not enough. Also, just getting a read of this whole article won’t be of any help to you until you perform what you learned. Perform it, practice it and watch as you move towards perfection. Make sure practicing Ping Pong is a regular habit for you. Keep rehearsing all the moves, grips, and serves, stay consistent with your intention, and keep winning. 

Did You Know? 

It’s in records that a makeshift version on Ping Pong was developed by the British military officers in India, around the 1860s or 1870s, which they brought back with them.


However much one says, it is going to cause no benefit to you until you begin taking the sport seriously and stay active on the learning, as well as the practice. There are a lot more tips beyond what you just read, like staying calm throughout the game, holding patience, being fast, and keeping one’s mind clear of thoughts, but these are not exclusive only to Ping Pong. Take any outdoor sport in the world and these are the basics that you would essentially require. 

Let us know how you liked our article and stay updated with Ping Pong Beast.


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