The 7 Best Ping Pong Robots in 2021

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The pandemic has changed various aspects of our lives, and sportspersons have had to find innovative training methods.

So, if you’re a table tennis player unable to meet your coaches, there’s no need to worry. With ping pong robots, all your troubles will go away, and you’ll be able to practice like before in the safety of your home. These robot heads send the balls out at varying speeds, allowing you to improve your technique to play the right shot.

Moreover, thanks to tutorial videos and options to share or customize your routine, coaches can help players from their homes. Also, players can alter the spin rate, trajectory, and frequency of the balls to practice according to their needs.

But how will you choose from the many premium-quality models available out there? We’ve narrowed seven ping pong robots that are making all the right noise. Without further ado, let’s hit some smashes!

Top 7 Ping Pong Robots

1) The Power Pong 5000

Power Pong has made significant strides towards developing a premium-quality table tennis training robot, and this new model certainly lives up to expectations. It’s one of the best ping pong robot units available right now, thanks to its unmatched user-experience and state-of-the-art design. Not surprisingly, table tennis players are rushing to the store to check out its functions.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

We’ll begin by discussing the amazing user-friendliness of this three-headed table tennis robot, making it stand out in the market. It’s extremely easy to use, allowing you to connect this ping pong robot to an IOS or Android device. On top of that, you can use the control box to vary the speed, spin, and ball frequency to improve your game.

Furthermore, users can choose from the 33 different pre-programmed drills to practice topspin, backspin, left sidespin, and other pro table tennis shots. In that regard, the “tags” feature of this table tennis robot proves useful, permitting coaches to alter the routine for various players.

You can buy this ping pong robot to train at home without needing a practice partner, thanks to the “share” option. This helps coaches and table tennis players send training schedules to work on ball placement and other ping pong skills.

Additionally, this ping pong robot produces no-spin balls, which is a highlight of the Robo Pong 2050 series. You can practice numerous match scenarios, like serve and movement, to make it as a professional table tennis player. Finally, it’s easy to set up the ball recycling net for uninterrupted practice sessions.

What We’d Like Improved? 

Users have reported that they faced calibration issues while inputting custom-made drills into this ping pong robot. It isn’t a major problem, but this does impact user-experience, leading to frustration among customers. Apart from that, this table tennis robot is one of the costlier units, so you need to be flexible with your budget.

  • Ball recycling net
  • Digital display
  • 33 pre-programmed drills
  • Triple-headed ping pong robot
  • Wireless remote control
  • Issues with calibration
  • Slightly pricey

2) Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+

Newgy is another well-known brand that has left a mark on customers with its latest Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ model. It has a high ball capacity along with several training schedules to help players develop different aspects of their game. Understandably, table tennis robots rarely get much better than this.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

When it comes to the best table tennis robots, the Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ is highly popular, thanks to its smooth gameplay and terrific ball capacity. It can hold over 40 balls, and they are available with the machine, meaning there’s no need for making additional purchases.

As a result, you can practice hitting against different types of spin, such as topspin and backspin, making it suitable for numerous purposes. In fact, due to its pre-programmed drills, coaches will find it easier to work on various aspects of your game. These include training schedules like practicing the chop serve counter lob, and the push chop serve counter.

Now, compared to the Newgy Robo Pong 2050, this ping pong robot is easy to set up and fits most table tennis tables. So, table tennis players will enjoy the variations they can make to spin, frequency, and ball oscillations.

Another interesting inclusion of this Newgy Robo Pong table tennis machine is its catch net and side net for continuous gameplay. What’s more, you don’t need to play professionally to enjoy the benefits of this ping pong robot. It’s great for relaxing or spending time with friends and family.

What We’d Like Improved? 

One of the things we noticed is that the ball may jam while using this table tennis robot. Consequently, first-time users will have to call customer service to fix the issue. Along with that, this ping pong robot isn’t easy to adjust, meaning you’ll need to be patient and read the instructions carefully.

  • 40+ ping pong balls
  • Terrific ball frequency
  • Smooth operation
  • Analog controls
  • Numerous shot options
  • May jam
  • Adjustment issues

3) iPONG Trainer Motion

Our next recommendation is the iPong Trainer Motion which has made significant upgrades compared to the iPong V300 model. This is the ideal table for professional players, making it one of the best ping pong robots. No wonder it has received positive ping pong robot reviews, taking it to the top of the charts.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

At first glance, this model from the Robot iPong original series looks like a modern-day flower vase with a tiny hole in its exterior body. But don’t be fooled as this ping pong robot comes with five different settings and adjustable frequency for the best results.

It ensures that you get accurate ball placement by generating the required right sidespin combination, spin rate, and ball speed. So, you can hit the ping pong ball with precision to outplay opponents in pro table tennis matches.

Now, if you’ve previously used the iPong V300 table tennis, you’ll be familiar with the memory button function of the robot iPong ping pong table. For those who don’t know, it allows you to save your favorite routines on top of the available drills.

You can use this battery-powered ping pong table for practicing various shots like backspin, left sidespin, right chop serve, counter lob, and others. Speaking of battery, all you need to do is twist the top and bottom funnels to add the batteries, providing a steady supply of power.

Finally, this ping pong robot comes with the iPong telescoping pickup net, another fantastic feature developed by the iPong V300 table tennis team.

What We’d Like Improved? 

Players can’t make adjustments to the ball trajectory with this ping pong robot. Learning to play balls at varying heights is an important aspect of table tennis, so the designers need to add this function in the future. Meanwhile, despite the inclusion of a wireless remote, we were slightly disappointed to find the exclusion of analog controls.

  • Five different settings for ping pong balls
  • Battery-powered
  • Memory button
  • Ideal for pro table tennis
  • iPong telescoping pickup net
  • Users can’t adjust ball trajectory
  • No analog controls

4) Butterfly Amicus Prime

We’re already at the halfway point in our guide, but the premium-quality products keep coming. Up next is the Butterfly Amicus Prime, generating substantial buzz among potential buyers, thanks to its wireless remote control and terrific frequency. As such, this product is a common occurrence on wish lists comprising top ping pong robots.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

First and foremost, you can connect this table tennis training robot to a tablet, Android, or IOS device via Bluetooth to use its several beneficial features. It allows you to practice according to the pre-programmed drills by viewing the integrated videos to improve your game. This special feature of the Butterfly Amicus professional series models proves useful for players and coaches alike.

What’s more, thanks to the Butterfly Amicus app, its firmware and software are regularly updated, permitting you to view the last updated video. Also, you can operate multiple ping pong robots through one remote control, highlighting its efficiency.

Coming to its other attributes, you’ll find that it can fire over 100 balls per minute, ensuring that you can learn to play new shots. Some of these shots like the topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right push chop serve, counter lob, and drive volley come in handy during matches. Understandably, this makes the Butterfly Amicus professional and one of the best table tennis equipment going around.

Furthermore, its cluster memory option allows you to sequence several drills randomly or in any order of your choice. All you need to do is use the remote control to input the desired functions.

What We’d Like Improved? 

There are a couple of downsides to this table tennis machine. Firstly, the poor instructions make it challenging for first-time users to assemble and understand its various functions. Also, it’s difficult to disassemble the unit for maintenance purposes or make the necessary changes if anything goes wrong.

  • Digital display 
  • Wireless remote control
  • Fires over 100 balls per minute
  • Integrated videos
  • Cluster memory
  • Poor instructions
  • Challenging to disassemble

5) Oukei TW-2700-S9

At the very outset, you’ll see that this table tennis training robot from Oukei offers terrific variety due to its intelligent dual-head. You can practice against different spin rates and develop numerous shots to counter your opponent. Hence, it has all the relevant functions to top rival ping pong robots, leading to its increasing popularity.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

The striking aspect of this ping pong robot is its dual-intelligent head, helping you learn the art of tackling ball spin. The table tennis robot head enables you to choose topspin, and bottom spin serves, making it one of the most sought-after ping pong robots in the market.

Users can alter ball speed, degree of rotations, and ball curve to develop the necessary skills for playing the best ping pong shots. It also has a high ball capacity, firing up to 100 balls per minute to improve your reflexes.

You can change the service angle, causing the ping pong ball to land in eighteen different spots and at nine different spin rates. Therefore, it’s ideal for coaches to train budding players to develop their all-round game. In that regard, we must mention its ball collection and pickup net, delivering a smooth experience during extended practice sessions.

Other than that, this table tennis robot comes with a wired control panel so that you can change the controls manually. And it’s more convenient than using a wired remote control which restricts flexibility. Besides, we loved its caster wheels for easy set-up and movement, making it user-friendly.

What We’d Like Improved? 

We noticed that it doesn’t generate enough ball speed compared to other ping pong robots. But depending on your training program, you may find it suitable; therefore, it would be unfair to look at this as a disadvantage. However, it does take time to adjust to this model, which can be a hassle.

  • Analog controls
  • Dual-intelligent table tennis robot head
  • Fires up to 100 balls per minute
  • Adjustable spin rate
  • Easy to use
  • Ball speed needs improvement.
  • Takes time to adjust

6) Power Pong 2001 Robot

This is the second product from the Power Pong brand, so there are several similarities with the earlier model. However, to make it stand out among ping pong robots, the engineers have made some exciting additions like adjustable frequency control. As a result, it has received mostly positive ping pong robot reviews.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

If you’re looking for a realistic training experience, you’ll love what the Power Pong 2001 offers. And coming from the Power Pong series, this is one of the best ping pong robot models available out there. We loved how it allows players to practice complex training drills whereby they can change ball speed and spin rate depending on their comfort level.

Now, after buying this table tennis robot, you can upgrade it to other models from the Power Pong series. So, it’s easier to choose an affordable model and make the necessary changes with time. Plus, it can produce no-spin balls, which comes in handy for practicing various match scenarios.

Apart from that, you’ll enjoy its 22 memory slots for saving your favorite drills. While the Power Pong 3001 has over 64 pre-programmed drills, you can still enjoy a seamless experience with this ping pong robot. Moreover, thanks to its random mode setting, you can change the ball trajectory, making it one of the best ping pong robot units on the market.

Another fantastic addition is the recycling net, offering continuous experience by reducing interruptions during extended practice sessions. Lastly, the automatic frequency control permits you to hit up to five balls per drill.

What We’d Like Improved? 

If we have to nitpick, we would say that the instructions are complicated, meaning it’s challenging for first-time users to assemble this model. Hence, take your time with installation and avoid rushing for the best results. Having said that, it might not please prospective buyers that it takes time to make the required adjustments.

  • Affordable table tennis robot model
  • Random mode settings
  • Adjustable frequency control
  • 22 memory slots
  • Recycling net
  • Complicated instructions
  • Takes time to set-up

7) Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Robot

The best part about this table tennis robot is that it’s highly reliable, leading to a long line of buyers outside stores. If you’re looking for long-lasting performance, this is the table tennis robot you should try out. So, read our review to find out more about it.

Why It’s A Top Choice?

Right away, you’ll notice its digital display LCD screen, which is much better than a wired remote. As a result, you won’t face movement issues; all you need to do is touch the screen and select the desired option. Hence, this ping pong robot reduces waiting time, allowing you to choose pre-programmed sequences or to custom-make one.

Furthermore, compared to other table tennis robots in the market, this model shoots over 70 balls per minute, thanks to its new spin indicator panel. So, you can see the amount and types of spin imparted on each ball as it leaves the ping pong robot head.

The significant upgrade of the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro is that it can land ping pong balls on 22 different spots. Now, given its adjustable nature, some ping pong balls may even land on the side of the table, helping improve your reflex and shot selection.

What’s more, we liked its net collection and ball recycling system for an uninterrupted experience. You can practice for long hours, permitting coaches to analyze various aspects of your ping pong game minutely.

Also, this table tennis robot is highly durable, promising to be a valuable return on investment.

What We’d Like Improved? 

Like the Power Pong table tennis robot, this Paddle Palace model costs slightly more, which could make potential buyers think twice about the purchase. Plus, you need to conduct regular maintenance to keep this machine in prime working condition. So, try to ensure that there’s no dust or stains on its surface.

  • Shoots over 70 balls per minute
  • Net collection system
  • Spin indicator panel
  • Durable
  • Digital display
  • Slightly costly
  • Needs maintenance

Best Ping Pong Robot Buyer’s Guide

Now, let’s progress to the buyer’s guide, where we’ll be highlighting the essential characteristics of ping pong robots. It’ll help you distinguish between two similar products to pick the unit most suited to your needs. So, note the following points for future reference, and let’s get started.

1. Adjustability 

The first thing you need to consider is the adjustable nature of the unit. It must impart different types of spin on the balls while changing their trajectory and depth. This will improve your overall game, permitting you to alter the drills according to your requirement. In fact, as seen with many products in our guide, users can also make custom drills for the best results.

2. Ease of Use 

Secondly, ping pong robots must be easy to use, and even first-time users should understand its instructions. In that regard, the engineers must provide the detailed steps in an uncomplicated manner for easy assembly and maintenance. Also, a combination of diagrams and written descriptions will further aid the process.

3. Price 

Another important factor for potential buyers is the price. If the price of a table tennis robot is too high, users will most likely look at other options given the variety of choices on offer. Having said that, premium-quality ping pong robots tend to be priced higher, meaning you need to be flexible with your budget.

4. Durability 

Lastly, we come to durability, but it’s as important as the other attributes in the buyer’s guide. When looking at ping pong robots, you need to check whether or not the model is made from the best materials, ensuring that it’ll last a long time. This will guarantee a fantastic return on investment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new machine.

Maintaining Table Tennis Robots

Another important aspect of using table tennis robot heads is knowing how to maintain them. To get the desired results, you’ll have to check its various parts and components regularly. It’s essential to strike the right balance since too much maintenance can prove detrimental, just like negligence.

You’ll need to clean all adjoining areas and block off any space where you might lose ping pong balls. Plus, you must remove dust, carpet fibers, and hair since they block the chute, preventing the machine from pushing balls out.

Now, the frequency at which you need to clean the device depends on whether you keep the house clean or have pets. In some cases, users may need to clean the transfer gears once a week, while others may need to clean it once or twice a year.

Also, users with thin fingers need not disassemble the machine. All you need to do is use a wet cloth dipped in a cleaning solution to remove dirt from inside the discharge wheel and friction-block.

What’s more, you may even clean table tennis balls in lukewarm water but remember to dry them properly before placing them back in the tray. However, there’s a chance that the robot head may function erratically with clean balls since they tend to be slightly wet. Hence, it’ll take a few hours to get better.


Those were our picks of the top ping pong robots; hopefully now you can make an informed decision.

We’ve tried to cover all the different aspects of ping pong robots in our guide, but there’s one more thing left to discuss. For those who are still unsure about the right model, we’ve decided to highlight our favorite unit in different categories.

After a lot of thought, we’ve picked the Power Pong 5000 as the best model, thanks to its numerous training schedules and professional set-up. Apart from that, the Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ offers unmatched capacity and varying spin rates, making it one of the top buys for customers.

That’s it from our side; we’ll be back soon with more exciting product reviews. Till then, enjoy the practice session with your new table tennis robot, and we assure that it’ll help you stay dedicated in your professional training.


Is A Wired-Remote Better Than A Wireless Control?

Both sets of remotes have their advantages and disadvantages. While wireless remotes offer greater movement, there is a chance that you might misplace them. However, a wired remote restricts movement since it's connected to the machine, meaning you've to operate it from a fixed distance.

How Do Table Tennis Robots Work?

Table tennis robots feature cameras on either sides, providing them with a 3D view of the surroundings, much like a human eye. This allows the machine to gauge the depth, speed, spin, and trajectory of the balls, permitting you to make the necessary changes.

Is It Possible To Custom-Make Table Tennis Robots?

Yes, users can custom-make table tennis robots, but it requires many components and the necessary skills to get the mechanism right. While DIY users might have fun building a table tennis robot, it may not be the best option for professional or local players. Plus, given the cost of components, a custom-made unit may prove pricey compared to ready-made models from trusted brands.

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