Top 7 Best Ping Pong Paddle [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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If you are as crazy about Ping Pong as I am, you must already be having your own set of paddles and balls that you have kept safe to use in different matches, one exclusively for each game. Having a passion for a game makes us shower all our love on it, so much so that even our shopping list essentially has something related to that and our eyes keep continuously wandering around the supermarket to catch something that can make this gaming experience of ours even better. 

Pampering this craze of all the Ping Pong lovers, this article brings some really interesting and essential reviews of the best Ping Pong paddles available. Now you need not hover around looking for the perfect paddle, you can simply walk down this article, analyze these personal reviews, and make a decision accordingly. Also, do mention if you have come across a paddle equally amazing and not mentioned in this list. 

Best 7 Ping Pong Paddles To Improve Your Gameplay

  1. STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle 

This one is our absolute favorite (well, the choice varies from person to person). The STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle is one of the most trending ones on Amazon. Based in Sweden, STIGA is one of the most prolific brands crafting Ping Pong gadgets in the present day. They have long been known for making the best paddles and tables for Ping Pong in this whole world. Name any great Ping Pong player and you’ll see that they too have this brand in their favorite list when it comes to Ping Pong gadgets. Pro Carbon Paddle is no exception and is known to be one of the most popular Paddles of all time.

Construction of STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle: 

Before making you climb a tree of praises, it’s better that we lay some ground realities before you and let you see it for yourself why the STIGA Pro Carbon Paddles are one of the best. The blade of this Ping Pong paddle is a really powerful 7- ply and not to forget, extra lightweight. These are made up of 5 balsa wood layers and 2 layers of carbon, which are even lighter than these balsa wood layers. These prevent the Paddle from being too heavy in the hand. According to the creator, the rubbers affixed on the Pro Carbon Paddles are the STIGA S5, which have in them a Nano Composite and ACS Technology. The rubber is approved by ITTF and so, you can choose it happily for any international tournament. Also, the combination of the wood, carbon, and rubber results in amazing spin and gives a nice speed. The handle of this paddle has a hollow tube running throughout it, which spreads out the shock while striking the ball and results in better gripping. It also gives more balance. These handles are concaved flared which use WRB technology.


Performance rating – Speed: 99, Spin: 100, Control: 80

Blade – 7- Ply blade with five wood and two carbon layers

Rubber – STIGA S5 rubber of 2.0mm sponge on both the sides

ITTF Approved – It can be used for international tournaments as well. 

Our Experience: 

If you ask us, the STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle is our personal favorite. It has been ranked at the top of the list by many Ping Ping enthusiasts. Amazing grip, brilliant bounce, unbelievable speed, what more can we ask for. Also, it is one of the most trending Paddles on Amazon. You’ll be amazed to see how many people are liking it today. The high-quality build, great looking design, huge sweet spot, and thrilling performance make it a pretty amazing product at a pretty cheap price. 

I and my son have been playing with it for the last few weeks (which we never thought we would), and both of us have got a soft corner for it now. We brought several paddles but this one has been the best among all. 

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  • Awesome speed, a boon for offensive players.
  • Sticky rubber surface that holds the ball well, as well as results in a great bounce.
  • Removable rubber

(If you wish to know how you can replace the Ping Pong Paddle’s rubber, go through the article on ‘How to replace Ping Pong Rubber’). 

  • Relatively tough for a newer player to handle because of the metal rod. 
  • Rough handle
  • Control rating of 80 which can be a little too much for beginners. 

2. The Killerspin Jet 800 Paddle

The Killerspin is a relatively young company, founded by former table tennis player Richard Blackwell Jnr, who also happens to be a tech entrepreneur. He wished to help people disconnect from technology. In 2000, he began Killerspin to create a community of sports lovers. Killerspin has many Jet series paddles, all of which are awesome. 

Construction of Killerspin Jet 800 Paddle:

The blade of Killerspin Jet 800 Paddle is crafted of layers of wood, and often of carbon fibres, called plies. To be more specific, it typically has 7 layers, 5 of wood and 2 of carbon, affixed to the upper end of the Paddle. This results in a good amount of speed and power for the player. Carbon layers are designed to avoid much weight in the overall structure of the Paddle. Thus, you get to deal with aggressive shots without worrying about weight. 

For an intermediate player, the paddle with 190 gm is fine, but if you are new to the game you can try the lighter variations. Handling a heavy paddle may often lead to tiring of arms too soon in the game. 

Killerspin Jet 800 is one of the best when it comes to look and feel. Compared to STIGA Pro Carbon Paddle, this very paddle looks amazing and is loved by a number of Ping Pong players. 

This very version of the paddle by Killerspin has a flared grip, ergonomic handle, which means that the handle starts getting wider towards the edge/end of the handle. This stops the paddle from slipping out of one’s hand and also helps it sit comfortably in the palm.


Performance ratings – Speed: 9.5, Control: 8.0, Spin: 9.0

Blade – 7 ply blade crafted with 5 layers of wood + 2 layers of carbon for lightweight game level performance

Rubber – Nitrx-4Z table tennis rubbers

Sponge – 2mm high tension sponge

ITTF approved – Can be used in official and international games

Weight – 190 grams

Our Experience:

The Killerspin Jet 800 is an intermediate to advanced level shakehand style Ping Pong paddle, it has been ranked among the top-most when it comes to its usage for a spin. We have been playing with it for several matches and have found it to be highly addictive. Not just the look and feel, but also the fact that its rubber doesn’t wear off as early as the others, we have long been keeping it as backup whenever we run out of paddles. 

It is ITTF approved and hence, is highly dependable when it comes to official matches. 

The handle, although is shorter compared to other paddles, which may be a problem for some players. 

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  • Possesses a 9/10 rating of speed providing a great power in the game. 
  • 2 carbon layers out of 7 results in a deduction of the overall weight of the paddle.
  • A 2 mm high-quality rubber generates a reasonable amount of spin.
  • Can be easily used for competitive matches.
  • The overall look is good with the wooden side tape being an attraction to many. 
  • This paddle is not for complete beginners.
  • Comes only with a 30 days warranty. Check thoroughly before buying. 
  • A little expensive
  • A short handle which may be problematic for many. 
  • Weighing 190 g, it may feel quite heavy for some. 
  • Customers have complained about the handle coming off over a period of time. 

Did You Know? 

The early Ping Pong paddles were made of cork, wood, or cardboard and were covered with leather, cloth, or sandpaper.

3. Butterfly 401 Paddle

The Butterfly 401 Paddle is a Japanese Ping Pong brand founded in the 1950s providing some high-quality professional as well as recreational ping pong equipment. The dedication that this brand possesses to research and quality has made them one of the most popular Ping Pong brands in the world. Their pre-assembled paddles, tables, and rubbers are very popular among professionals. Many professional players have been sponsored by them, hence, their products are really popular in the market. 

Construction of Butterfly 401 Paddle:

The Butterfly 401 Paddle comes with 5 layers that create a great amount of bounce and power as you hit the ball. Speed rating goes about 8/10 making it highly demanded by the beginners and intermediate players. 

These paddles are equipped with Butterfly’s Yuki rubbers on either side which results in a high amount of grip as the ball touches the paddle. Its spin rating is also about 8/10 making it relatively demand. Either side of the paddle is pimpled making it usable from both sides. These rubber sheets rest upon a 2.1 mm sponge that creates a great amount of bounce. This feature makes it highly demanded among the offensive players. 

The Butterfly 401 Paddle meets the requirements of ITTF and hence, can be used for official matches. 

The Butterfly 401 paddle is a shakehand style paddle with a rounded flared handle that gets wider towards the end to stop the paddle from slipping out from your grip. 

The paddles need to be well taken care of if you want to use it for a long time. Thankfully, these ones by Butterfly come with a case that’s included in the price. 

Our Experience: 

The Butterfly 401 paddle is typically a shakehand style paddle for beginner and intermediate players. We found it quite reliable. Although the sticky rubbers accumulate dirt really soon, hence we had to make sure we kept it safe after every game. Good that it came with a protective case. My hands being slightly on the larger side, I found it a bit time taking for me to get acquainted with the small handle that it comes with, but it’s pretty comfortable once you get used to it. Overall, Butterfly 401 has been a steal deal for us.

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  • Generates a reasonably good amount of power. 
  • The Butterfly Yuki rubber on either side creates a good spin. 
  • The sponge layers can create a spring-like effect. 
  • Comes with a protective case.
  • These paddles come with good overall ratings. 
  • The rubbers are sticky, attracting dust and sweat. It also gets smelly over time. 
  • The handles are slightly shorter than the others.
  • It’s not very compatible with beginners. 

4. DHS Hurricane II Paddle

DHS is a very well known and reputed company, which also is an official supplier to world Ping Pong champions like Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia, and Wang Liqin.  It features in prestigious events and tournaments such as the Olympics. The paddles crafted by them have been ranked among the best ones available in the market, and the DHA Hurricane II is one of the best they produce. The DHS Hurricane is ideal for serious sports and has been loved by many professionals for a long time now. 

Construction of DHS Hurricane II:

The DHS Hurricane II is crafted with the finest material. The quality reflects well on the effectiveness and performance it provides. It also includes padding made of the finest Chinese rubber. The Hurricane II delivers great spongy effects because of the red pimple-like dots on the paddle surface. It generates great spin and control.

The spongy surfaces are painted red and black as per the ITTF, and hence, are adequate for official matches. 

The grip that the handles provide is excellent. One needs not to worry about thin grip and sweaty palms with these. 

These paddles also come with a paddle-cover that ensures the tidiness of them. Also, if grip or the paddled areas are not tempered the manufacturer warranty can be applied to a bought product. 


Performance ratings – Speed: 8.5, Control: 8, Spin: 9.3

Blade – 5-ply blades with 5.6 mm thickness

Rubber – Hurricane rubber on one side and G555 on the other. 

ITTF approved – Can be used in official and international games

Weight – 200 grams

Our Experience: 

What we liked the best about the Hurricane II by DHS is the fact that unlike other paddles this one has a different kind of rubber on each its side. On one side it affixes the Hurricane rubber which is specifically designed for the offensive players. One can produce a great amount of spin with it and it further helps in hitting the ball from the table at dizzying speeds. The other side features the G555 rubber, which also has a very tacky surface but as it focuses more on control, it is a bit slower than the other. 

We found the weight to be a bit more than the others which imply that it’s not for beginners. 

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  • The combination of Chinese rubber and wood help hitting the balls harder
  • Very stylish and fancy looking
  • Big sized paddle helping in finding the sweet spot on the home table.
  • Comes with a cover that keeps the paddle young for a long time. 
  • Its weight makes it good for professionals but not adequate for beginners. 
  • These paddles come a little more expensive than the others. 

Did You Know? 

Ping Pong is among the most popular racquet sports in the world and has been ranked second overall in terms of participation

5. STIGA Supreme Paddle

The STIGA Supreme paddle is specially crafted having a defensive player in mind. The 2 mm sponge in it provides great defensive counters as well as very strong loops and amazing control. The paddle is not for an offensive player. It is a shakehand style beginner and intermediate level Ping Pong paddle designed for utmost dexterity and comfort. Approved by the ITTF, this paddle by STIGA is made of STIGA’s ‘future’ rubber.

Construction of STIGA Supreme Paddle: 

It has a 2 mm sponge, extra-extra light 6-ply blade as well as best Tube and Crystal Tech technologies, which typically make it a beast of Ping Pong. The 2 mm sponge in this paddle provides increased cushiony-feel for a defensive game, whereas the 6-ply blade with its high elasticity is specifically designed for increased speed and control. 

The very popular STIGA Tube is an advanced technology in which the middle veneer is crafted with “micro-channels” lengthways in the center ply of the blades. These channels are filled with different enhancing materials depending on the characteristics desired by the blades. This crystal technology is known for increasing your speed. 


Performance ratings- speed: 90, control: 89, spin: 92

Blade – 6-ply extra light blade with tube technology and the Crystal Technology by STIGA to make it stiff. 

Rubber- Anatomic Italian Composite Rubber

Sponge- 2mm sponge

Weight- 158.757 grams

ITTF Approved- It features ITTF approved rubber for official matches.

Our Experience: 

We found it a bit lighter than the other paddles that we purchased. The ‘future rubber’ technology used by STIGA shows its effectiveness as you can get great spins and thrilling power experience with the STIGA Supreme paddles. Although, this paddle is not for offensive playing, yet it gives the desired results in most of the styles you can play with. 

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  • Lightweight paddles, weighing only 4.6 ounces.
  • Provides fairly nice control and defensive attributes. 
  • These are a bit overpriced as compared to others.
  • The comfortable and stylish design makes it attractive. 
  • Not designed for offensive players.
  • One cannot expect much power from it if they are professionals. 
  • These paddles come with no warranty. 

6. Palio Expert 2.0 Paddle

The Palio Expert 2.0 is a popular choice among Ping Pong players and is brought to you by a  Chinese brand named Palio and Expert Table Tennis. They have got two other paddles out in the market: the Legend 2 and the Master 2. Palio Expert 2.0 is designed for beginners to learn and develop their skills. 

Construction of Palio Expert 2.0:

The Palio Expert 2 has a control rating of 10 (the highest possible) which makes it one of the best paddles for a beginner. The CJ8000 rubbers affixed to these paddles are pretty good for a moderate game. The rubber is tacky creating a good grip while hitting the ball. It also has a soft sponge that provides more control over the ball, slowing it down a bit. 

The CJ8000 are ITTF approved, and so, can be used for official matches. However, we would not recommend it for advanced players. 

The Expert 2 paddle is a shakehand style one, with a flared handle to keep the paddle from slipping out. It also comes with a case to keep it safe from dust and dirt. 


Paddle ratings – Speed: 6.0, Control: 10.0, Spin: 9.0

Blade – All wood

Rubbers – Palio CJ8000 rubbers on both sides

Grip – Flared

ITTF Approved – Can be used for official matches. 

Did You Know? 

A modern Ping Pong match at the elite level lasts up to 30 minutes on an average.

Our Experience:

Having tried more professional paddles, the Palio Expert 2.0 felt a little basic for us. Although we didn’t aim for much with this, knowing that the paddle is designed for beginners, the experience was surprisingly good for us. The look and feel seemed nice, and also the paddle generated a good amount of speed and power, much to our amazement. We would recommend this paddle for beginners and for those who are into the act of stepping up to intermediate levels. The cover that it comes with is also moderately fine. 

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  • Perfect for learners and beginners 
  • Some really good reviews on online shopping sites. 
  • The case that it comes with is good and apt in saving it from dust. 
  • The paddles are highly affordable. 
  • It might feel a little heavy on the wrist.
  • If you are a pro in Ping Pong, this paddle is not for you. 
  • Some users have complained about the rubber peeling off real soon. 

7. STIGA Titan Paddle

STIGA has been one of the most adored Ping Pong equipment brands for the last 70 years. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to using proprietary technologies regularly and consistently to make their products the best in quality. 

Construction of STIGA Titan Paddles:

The STIGA Titan paddles are made of 5 plies of extra-light balsa wood which uses STIGA’s Crystal Technology. This composition hardens the blade surface, providing it with a boost in speed. These paddles use ITTF approved, STIGA’s custom made Triumph inverted rubber that offers a good amount of spin. The 2 mm inverted sponge permits some decent spin with the ball, but its slightly lightweight body is a found to be a hindrance for those interested more in power. It’s basically good for beginners and is highly apt for children because of its lightweight. 


Performance ratings – Speed: 80, Control: 82, Spin: 77

Blade – 5 ply extra-light blade

Sponge – 2mm thick 

Weight- 158 g

ITTF Approved – Approved for official matches

Our Experience: 

The STIGA Titan is more like a budget Ping Pong paddle than a professional one. Due to its lightweight body, it comes handy for beginners as well as kids to begin their journey towards their passion for Ping Pong. The STIGA Titan is definitely not meant for intermediate or expert players, but if someone wishes to shine up their skills with this, the STIGA Titan is perfect for that. 

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  • Lightweight, handy, perfect for beginners. 
  • Affordable pricing makes it more attractive. 
  • Offers enough spin to practice different serves. 
  • Not apt for intermediate or pro players.
  • Customers have complained about the rubber wearing off too soon. 

Ping Pong Beast Paddle Buyer’s Guide:

Having read a detailed description of all the best possible Ping Pong paddles, it’s now time to get into the decision making process. It is obvious to get confused having these many options in hand, but that doesn’t mean we have not thought it through ourselves to make sure you get as much sorted as possible before you go out buying your paddle. Choosing the right paddle needs analysis of a number of things beginning from your own level at the game of Ping Pong. A Ping pong paddle is crafted of 6 core pieces: The handle, a forehand sponge & rubber, a blade, and a set of backhand & rubber. Choosing the most suitable among these and considering your own play-style you can get an idea of which paddle you should purchase.

Core Material: 

Any Ping Pong paddle has typically a core material among these- Nomex, Aluminium or Polypropylene. 

  • The Nomex Core is a nylon-based polymer known well for its lightweight design and industrial flexibility. The Nomex cores are lightweight and handy but at the same time a little noisy as compared to other core materials due to the lack of cushioning in them. 
  • The Aluminium Core is pretty much about power, weight and heavy-hitting. These paddles are a bit heavier than the paddles with any other core materials. The weight, although, is not a disadvantage altogether. These paddles can be balanced out when used with a fibreglass face. This not only enhances the paddle’s durability but also results in more power and shot accuracy. 
  • The polypropylene core technology is presently the go-to core for a number of famous Ping Pong brands. This core is crafted taking into account both, the durability as well as lightweight properties. This material is known to be very soft providing a great bounce to the ball. 


Paddle Material: 

The paddle material decides upon the deflective attributes of the Ping Pong paddle. Some of the most popular materials are- Polymer, Wood, Graphite and Composite. 

  • The Polymer paddles are crafted of a combination of resin and plastic. This material is known to be highly durable and lightweight. These are also among the most affordable paddles available in the market. 
  • When Ping Pong came into being as a sport, wood was one of the first materials to be used. These paddles were really simple having just the basic functionality of the game in mind. In the present day, these paddles are available in a more developed fashion with wrist straps, ornate grips and more. 
  • Graphite is one of the most chosen materials for a number of Ping Pong players. It is not only lightweight but also has an amazing response rate. Also, if you are into dinking, these graphite paddles would be the best suit for your desires.
  • Made up of an amalgamation of a number of materials, the Composite made paddles are the professional ones, screaming “hi-tech” with each shot. These are also one of the most expensive paddles available in the market.


Picking a Blade: 

The solid part of your paddle which determines the power rating of it is the blade. Lighter and highly rigid materials craft up a more attacking paddle, whereas a heavier paddle crafted with softer stuff would help a defensive player better. 

If you are a fast-paced player, you would choose a blade with 5 or more layers of material. The lighter your paddle is, the better it would serve you. So you need to have blades that feature rigid yet light carbon fibre or titanium carbon. 

All wood blades absorb a little part of the ball’s energy and result in slowing down of the game, and hence, are best for defensive players.



Picking a Rubber:

 The decision of rubber is made looking at two things-tackiness and firmness. Tackiness in rubber helps to produce great spin, so does a rubber with softer material. Your game would decide the rubber for you. For a defensive game, soft and tacky rubber is the best suit, while for attacking you would rather need a rubber that’s more firm.

Picking a Sponge: 

Layered between your rubber are your sponges. They come usually in three ratings- thick, medium and thin. A thick rubber in 2 mm or more width results in faster attacks. Thin ones are for defensive players.


The kind of paddle suiting you best would depend on the kind of grip that you prefer while playing. It is the shakehand grip for most of the players. There are still a number of players, mostly from Asia that prefer the penhold grip. Each grip directs towards a different kind of paddle. Let’s make it easier for you. Choose a Flared or Straight handle as per your taste. The Flared handle is considered better for players who tend to grip the paddle a little loosely, while the Straight handle is typically a bit thinner and suits players with a firm grip.

Paddle Size: 

For any Ping Pong paddle, the size must not exceed 24 inches. You need to find paddles that are 8 by 16” for short or 5 by 19” for long paddles. The size measurement defines the optimal balance of the paddle. While a wider hitting area is apt for the beginners, the longer paddle with better grip is more advisable.

Paddle Weight:

If you are a beginner, you must go with a heavier paddle, while a professional would rather choose a lighter one. This is so because the paddles with a lightweight design require the player to have a faster reaction time and swing speed.


Everyone has their own playstyle, and hence, the choice of the paddle then becomes highly personal. Whether you are a defensive player or a hard hitter, you are good at swings or believe in using techniques beyond that, in any of these circumstances the choice of your paddle would vary. Get known about your playstyle if you don’t know yet. This will help you have a better understanding of the features mentioned above, and that way you can buy the paddle that would suit your game the best.


What ping pong paddles do professionals use?

The choice of ping pong paddle varies from player to player and their play style. One of the most chosen paddle, although is the Stiga Titan.

How do I choose a ping pong paddle?

While picking a ping pong paddle, always go for a handle that suits your grip the best. The basic known rule is that the penhold grip requires a short handle, whereas the shakehand grip requires a longer handle (it can be either straight, flared or anatomical).

What are the best ping pong paddles?

Some of the best Ping Pong paddles include Stiga Pro Carbon, Butterfly 401, Stiga Titan, Killerspin JET200, DHS Hurricane II, Killerspin Jet 600, Stiga Supreme and Killerspin JET800.

What is the best ping pong paddle for beginners?

As per us, the best paddle for beginners is the Stiga Supreme paddle.

Which side of a ping pong paddle is forehand?

The red side of the paddle is supposed to be faster and provides a lesser spin. Professionals use the red side for their forehand and black for backhand.

What is the best ping pong paddle for spin?

Again, the choice of paddle may vary from player to player, yet according to us, the Killerspin JET 800 might be considered the best paddle for spin.


If you are looking for a decent Ping Pong paddle, it undoubtedly requires a good amount of research. Like any other important thing in life, purchasing the best paddles for Ping Pong is a major decision as it affects your game to a great extent. We have put together some of the best Ping Pong paddles available in the market to help you make the correct decision. 

Do check our other articles for more information on your favorite sport.


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