Heya Players!

I am Michael John Williamson.

I am a personal trainer at a Gym in Charleston, West Virginia.

While fitness is my wife, Ping Pong is the love of my life. I do health counseling by virtue of my profession and Ping Pong advising by that of my passion.

I have been crazy about it ever since my childhood. I wished to follow my passion into the Ping Pong land but my family wasn’t really sure about it. It’s always acceptable to romanticize about breaking the boundaries and pursuing something that pleases our hearts and not just the society, but it’s a whole other story when it comes to doing it for real.

I couldn’t be a ‘great Ping Pong player’ as I always dreamt of, but that didn’t keep me from following the game. It’s been 23 odd years after the first time my heartbeat for the game, and today I can certainly say that I am immensely drunk on every drop of Ping Pong and it’s peripheral grounds. I have watched every game, national, international, or even little recreational ones played at our club. I have been following the game ever since my boyhood and the aroma of it has still not left my mind.

I am a father now and it’s been a while that I could see the same passion for Ping Pong in my little one as I had in me once. He keeps asking me questions and makes me train him into it. I have began to reframe my dream, only this time it’s through my kid’s eyes.

It was one Sunday in summer when my kid sprang this idea on me about ‘writing’ on Ping Pong. He said that people love to hear it from someone who’s equally crazy about a game. There are a number of websites which are dedicated to Ping Pong. I am pretty much impressed by every single one that I came across. With every page that I visited, the idea of writing for my own website got a little more concrete.

Ping Pong Beast is the saga of my dream and I would love to share my views and knowledge with you on the sport.

Every blog would be a promise of enlightening you with something new and amazing. From facts to reviews, you’ll get a canopy of it all right here!

Let’s serve the first ball then! & For any queries, you can contact me here any day or else mail me at [email protected]. Cheers!

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